Are 4runners Expensive To Maintain?

Just like any other car, the Toyota 4Runner will need maintenance. All maintenance comes with costs, and 4Runners have their amount. To know whether it is expensive or not, you only need to know how the maintenance expenses stack up against your budget.

Are 4runners Expensive To Maintain?

According to research, maintaining a 4Runner costs approximately $595 annually. For both maintenance and repair, you can expect to pay as low as $80 to as high as $5,612, depending on the service type.

Different 4Runner models have additional maintenance costs and the prices vary depending on several factors including your service provider, cost of parts across the country, and the age of your 4Runner

Below is essential information that will give you a clear understanding of what the 4Runner will cost you to maintain and so you will know if it is too expensive for your budget.

With this, you can settle on a decision to buy one or not. These are the standard repairs that are needed to keep your 4Runner running as effectively and as possible.

1. Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

First of all, you may never have heard about this part and, considering a replacement for a 4Runner’s Windshield Motor will cost you roughly $254, you may be wondering if it is necessary to replace it or not.

The answer is an undoubted yes. Here is why:

What is the function of the windshield wiper motor?

As a small electric motor, the windshield wiper motor is mainly necessary to control the windshield wipers when it is raining or essential to clear off anything stuck to have a clear view when driving. It initiates the back-and-forth motion of the wiper through a linear motion from its transmission assembly.

The process also applies to the rear window’s wiper motor on the tailgate for 4Runners who have them. 

When should you maintain the windshield wiper motor?

You need to immediately replace the motor if there are no wiper functions at all. It would be best to get the power supply checked for the engine before replacing the whole system. It would help if you also replaced them when the wipers don’t seem to be packing in the down position.

The wipers should always pack in the right spot when you shut off the internal switch that powers the wiper’s motor. If this doesn’t happen, immediate replacement is necessary.

If the wipers are operating slowly, it may mean that the electric motor is overused and worn out. To avoid the lag, replace the whole system before it gets worse.

Also, listen for any grinding noises coming from the wipers during use as this is a clear sign that there is a problem that needs your attention. Check the reason for the noise with your mechanic and replace the motor if necessary.

Your 4runner needs to have the wipers working correctly to operate safely. It may seem safe to drive with the problem if the weather is clear, but you never know when it will start raining or snowing and end up stuck on the road due to unclear vision.

You may be prone to road accidents if you have one of the stated issues, so replacing it is more than necessary. The cost may seem steep, but it’s worth keeping your 4Runner on the road with no glitches. 

2. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Even though the 4Runner is exceptionally durable, you will likely still need to replace the valve cover gasket at some point.. It has a critical function: it is in charge of preventing engine oil leakages. And, even though

The cover retains the gasket’s compression, so the oil remains intact until it starts loosening the bolts due to the engine’s heat. On average, a 4Runner’s Valve Cover Gasket replacement will cost you up to $309.

You can tell a few signs when you need to replace this part on your 4Runner. One of these could be any form of oil spillage or dripping when driving or even when your 4Runner is stationary. Another is if the oil is accumulating in the spark plug too or the rubber grommets have oil leakages.

It may only be safe to drive with a problematic valve cover gasket if the oil leakage is very minimal. It is also okay to drive for a limited time if the leakage doesn’t appear on engine parts like the exhaust manifold.

But once you notice this problem, fix it as soon as possible before the damage accumulates and you end up with with much more costs than the initial cost of just replacing it.

3. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Replacement

Also known as an EGR valve, this is a vital element that reduces the 4Runner’s exhaust gases by diverting some of them into the intake manifold. Replacing this valve is not as expensive as you may have thought. It only costs an average of $285.

The emissions into the atmosphere lower as the exhausts transfer to the engine for more burning. If the EGR is malfunctioning then excess emissions are escaping from the from you 4Runner, and 4Runner engines have to follow emission regulations depending on where they are operating.

It is recommended for your 4Runner to get an air induction done whenever you hit the 50,000-mile mark. This service also helps increase the useful life of the EGR valve so you can drive longer \before needing to replace it. 

To avoid fines and inspection fails, you will need to replace the EGR valve if you notice the car is not running smoothly, there is a loss of power, or you get an indicator on the engine light.

4. Oil Change

An oil change is necessary to keep your engine functional and your 4Runner operational. Getting an oil change is an essential service for your 4Runner, and it is relatively inexpensive, averaging up to $102.

There is a set mileage indicated for your 4runner when you need an oil change. You might get a reminder of this when you see the maintenance light on the dashboard. 

Oil changes often go hand in hand with replacing the oil filter, which can sometimes be done as part of changing the oil, so don’t miss out on such offers when visiting your service shop.

5. Car Battery Replacement Service

You may not think a lot about the battery until you get stranded somewhere with a weak battery. The battery controls all the electrical systems in your 4Runner, so if your battery completely dies, you may not even be able to start your car to take it to the nearest service station.

The battery for your 4Runner can cost on average $241. Your 4Runner’s battery can last up to four years or even longer, depending on your car usage.

Always remember to check your 4Runner’s battery whenever you are servicing your car to avoid inconvenient surprises on the road.

6. Spark Plug Replacement

If your spark plugs are faulty, you will undoubtedly notice it since they will affect your engine’s performance. They can make it very hard to start your 4Runner since they are crucial to your vehicle’s ignition system and even reduce the fuel economy.

Replacing all your spark plugs on the 4Runner can cost you about $164. It is essential to follow the maintenance schedule of your 4Runner to keep the costs down.

Always avoid driving if you know your 4Runner’s spark plugs are worn out. They might end up causing a lot of engine damage and overheating of the entire vehicle. 

7. Power Steering Pump Replacement

For you to drive efficiently, your steering wheel has a hydraulic system that provides power for you to control the movement of the 4Runner. The 4Runner has a hydraulic pump in charge of generating the necessary hydraulic pressure for more comfortable steering.

The pressure power might sometimes reduce, making it much harder to steer your 4Runner. This is one of the pricier parts to replace. The cost for replacement is on the higher side, costing you about $428 on average.

You can make the pump’s replacement when you realize you have fluid leaks for your power steering, you hear a groaning noise when turning, you have difficulty when steering, or you have a pump pully damage.

8. Cooling System Flush

Cooling system flushing is necessary to keep any contaminants from your 4Runner’s cooling system, which keeps the car from overheating. This service replaces the contaminated coolant with cleaner coolant and water too.

The average cost for this service is only $191. The service is a vital step of the preventative maintenance to keep your 4Runner running with no hitches. You can know when it is ready to perform a cooling system flush if the engine is overheating or see the engine warning or low coolant light.

Are 4runners Expensive To Maintain?

Other 4Runner parts are likely to require replacement over time. Below lists some common parts that also may need to be replaced, but they cost less than $100 on average each:

  • Air conditioner
  • Brake caliper
  • CV Axle
  • Brake light switch
  • Ball joint
  • Control arm assembly . 

What are the Labor costs for maintaining 4Runners?

Labor costs for your 4Runner generally depend on the maintenance service. The more complex the part replacement is, the more the costs.

For a simple oil change, you can expect labor to be minimum of $60. You can expect to spend as much as $99 for your mechanic for the spark plug replacement.


With all these replacements necessary to keep your 4Runner on the road and maintain its value, it is expensive for the average consumer. It is possible to minimize the cost by taking good care of your 4Runnner, but you will eventually spend everything necessary to maintain it.

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