Are Hyundais Good Cars? A 3-Point Assessment

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When you are thinking about buying a Hyundai for your next car purchase, there are plenty of factors to consider when making this decision. Any large purchase can be a stressful one, and buying a car is one of the biggest. Hyundais are often suggested as a sound and solid car to buy, but you may have also heard some things about them that make you hesitant. Figuring out if a Hyundai is a good car for you is not that difficult and can be done pretty quickly.

Are Hyundais Good Cars 1 Are Hyundais Good Cars? A 3-Point Assessment

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Are Hyundais Good Cars?

A Hyundai is a good car to purchase because it is a cost-effective choice, its safety rankings are extremely high, and it has excellent reliability compared to other vehicles in each of the different classes.

There are a few things that can be more exciting and more frustrating than deciding if a car you are considering is a good one. Most of us aren’t car experts, and these expensive machines can really throw us for a loop when we are trying to determine which features are important, what priorities we are looking for, and how much is a reasonable amount to spend. 

Learning our way around a “good car” can be highly anxiety-provoking, but luckily, I’ve done the guesswork for you and put together some reasons why a Hyundai would be a good option for your next car purchase. 

Recently, I helped a close family member buy a car.  In trying to decide which car would work best for her budget and lifestyle, she settled on a Hyundai and is super glad she did. After doing lots of research, she was able to determine that the Hyundai met all of her needs. Let’s see if it will meet yours as well.

Are Hyundais Good Cars?

When Hyundai first began manufacturing automobiles, there were plenty of skeptics. 

The company opened in 1967 in Seoul, Korea, and quickly gained popularity in America. These cars were built to be inexpensive, utilitarian, and easy to repair without having to take them to a dealership. 

But some of the things that people liked about the Hyundai vehicles they also began to criticize. 

The utilitarian feature of the car meant it had little to no bells and whistles. Though it was never meant to be a luxury car, critics began pointing out that some upgraded features would be nice. These critics were instrumental in Hyundai beginning to revamp its branding and its cars’ overall looks.

Today, Hyundai has come up with a fantastic formula for mixing cost-effectiveness with high-end features, which allows for a great driving experience.

Hyundai has also been able to keep its price lower than most competitors in many of its various car and truck classes without compromising on safety features, leading it to be highly ranked in national polls for its safety features.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into some of the benefits of buying a Hyundai and what makes it a good car to consider for you and your needs.

Are Hyundais Good Cars 1 1 Are Hyundais Good Cars? A 3-Point Assessment

1. Hyundai Are A Cost-Effective Choice

Within the automotive industry, all classes of cars and other vehicles will have certain price points, based on the company and what types of features are being offered on each automobile.

In Hyundai’s class of cars, these Korean-made vehicles often have a lower MSRP than many of its competitors.

MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price and tends to be the industry standard that most car manufacturers use to determine each new car’s price point.

For example, at the low end of their manufactured cars, Hyundai offers the Accent starting at around $16,600.

On the other hand, Honda – one of Hyundai’s leading competitors – offers their most affordable car, the Fit, at $19,300 to start.

Both are great, reliable cars with high rankings. But Hyundai continues to be able to make a vehicle for less money, which means consumers get to keep more of it in their wallets.

2. Its Safety Rankings Are Extremely High

It’s hard to know which is more important to most Americans – cost or safety.

Both rank high on most of our lists of priorities. Knowing that the precious cargo we are carrying around on a daily basis is safe will always be a leading determinant when we are purchasing a car in which we will be transporting our children, other family members, and even pets. 

But our budgets are important too. Staying on track financially is also a way of staying safe…financially safe, that is.

So many of us find that we have to weigh these two factors when purchasing a new car.

We want safety. But we also want to be able to afford it.

Luckily, this is another area where Hyundai vehicles shine.

Not only are they cost-effective, as I pointed out earlier, but Hyundai has consistently been ranked by IIHS as having some of the best safety measures on its vehicles.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is our nation’s leading voice for ranking cars and other vehicles against the current industry standards for road safety. It looks at everything from a vehicle’s braking system, to airbag placement to physical characteristics of the car that will protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Hyundai has consistently had vehicles chosen as top safety picks in most of its various classes.

Of course, not every model that Hyundai manufacturers have received this coveted ranking. You should always check the IIHS website to find out if the make, model, and year of Hyundai you are considering has had any safety issues.

But overall, Hyundai has created quite a reputation for itself as being an industry leader when it comes to safety features in most of its models and consistently wins awards for the above-and-beyond features it places in its cars, making this line of vehicles one that you can trust is going to give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to safety.

3. It Has Excellent Reliability

Not far down the list from cost and safety is the need for a car that is also reliable.

There are few things most of us dread more than the idea of finding ourselves stranded on the side of a road because we are having car trouble. Even worse, is imagining one of our family members in that same situation, with little to no way to help them.

Reliability is similar to vehicle safety when it comes right down to it. We want to know that the car we are driving is going to get us from Point A to Point B with no issues. It brings us an enormous amount of peace of mind to be able to rely on our cars to safely and effectively transport us and those that we love.

As with safety standards, Hyundai has been commended many times by industry leaders for its reliability and the company’s attention to high-quality detail that makes that reliability possible.

Most sources that are responsible for ranking a vehicle’s reliability base this score on several factors, such as how often it needs professional repairs, what it costs to repair compared to other cars in the same class, and how severe those repairs tend to be. 

The average Hyundai spends less time in the mechanic’s shop than most cars in its class. And – when it does need unscheduled maintenance – the cost to repair your Hyundai is going to be lower than that of many of its competitors.