Are Jeep Cherokee Parts Expensive?

The Jeep Cherokee is a U.S. car model renowned for its impressive design and durability. Like any other car, a Jeep Cherokee requires regular maintenance, which may involve buying and replacing old or worn Jeep Cherokee parts.

Are Jeep Cherokee Parts Expensive?

Are Jeep Cherokee parts expensive? In short, no. Jeep Cherokee parts are not expensive. Specifically, The cost of Cherokee parts is determined by where you buy them. Be sure to check for quality instead of price when shopping for Jeep Cherokee parts. Jeep parts are known for their durability; therefore, they are worth the cost.

Jeep Cherokee parts hold up exceptionally well in different terrain. It is essential to know where to find affordable Jeep parts and the standard maintenance services for Jeep vehicles.

How Expensive Are Jeep Cherokee Parts?

The Jeep Cherokee combines excellent craftsmanship, durability, and incredible handling to allow users to drive confidently in any condition. However, many people avoid buying the car due to its relatively costly parts and accessories.

Considering the durability of Jeep parts, they are not expensive. You are better off with a $50 part that lasts for one or two months, than a $20 part that lasts for two weeks.

The new Jeep Cherokee or the classic Cherokee XJ is a perfect car for driving in rocky or mountainous terrain as well as city streets. This Jeep has gained a reputation for being incredibly versatile.

The designers of the Jeep Cherokee had in mind the driving needs of traditional off-road travelers as well as people who simply appreciate vehicle endurance and performance.

Cherokee Accessories and Parts that a Jeep Driver May Require

The Jeep Cherokee is known for many things, including:

  • Lots of Horsepower
  • Versatility
  • Reliability

However, the car can only maintain its excellent performance and reliability through regular maintenance. Replacing and repairing worn parts will ensure your jeep will last for many years to come.

Many drivers today require specific parts and Cherokee accessories to spruce up their Jeep Cherokees. Some of the vehicle accessories you may need for your Jeep include:

These parts and accessories have different prices depending on the specifications. Although optional, many drivers prefer to have these vehicle accessories in their SUVs because they improve handling, performance, or driving experience.

Charge Case

The primary function of a charging case is to keep your phone charged, especially if you use it for location or communication when driving. This vehicle accessory can come in handy when you need to keep your phone on while driving off-road.

An excellent charge case should have various features, including:

  • Crushproof and water-resistant exterior
  • IP67 rated to protect your phone from dust and water
  • Wireless charging
  • Micro USBs

Jeep Cherokee Lift

The Jeep Cherokee XJ lift can fit both two and four-wheel drive vehicles and accommodate tires up to 32 inches in diameter. The lift kit features front and rear spacers and is designed and manufactured in the U.S.

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Photo – Lifted Jeep Cherokee XJ with LED headlights and custom front bumper

Hybrid Lights

Consider getting hybrid lights, which feature long-range and close-range beams. Hybrid lights with aluminum housing provide better heat management and protection against moisture and contaminants.

Some hybrid lights can be independently switched to provide multiple mode operations and better visibility. Hybrid light kits often come with reversible mount hardware, harness adaptors, 12v or 24v hybrid lights, and user instructions.

Heat Blocker

Some drivers prefer to have the floor and tunnel shields in their Jeep Cherokees. Vehicle heat blockers usually feature thermal coating to protect interior components and keep the vehicle cooler.

Heat blocker installers can shape the accessory to match your vehicle’s floor lines. Heat blockers can be used in various locations in a Jeep Cherokee including:

  • Transmission tunnels
  • Fuel cells
  • Floorboards
  • Firewalls

Installing the heat blocker involves trimming it to fit before peeling and sticking on the desired location. Heat blockers feature a high-temperature adhesive coating, which is not affected by wind, water, or weather condition.

Soundproofing - adding sound dampening material to a Jeep

BONUS TIP: I added sound deading and heat shield to my Jeep Grand Wagoneer when I replaced the carpets.


Earlier, Cherokees were not so easy on the pocket despite their incredible performance, handling, and durability. However, the 2002 design is a relatively affordable version partly due to its lower fuel consumption.

The turbo-diesel engines of modern Cherokees make them significantly economical. Although the parts of the contemporary Cherokee are relatively costly, they are incredibly durable, which makes them economical in the long run.

New Cherokee

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2020 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk

Unlike older counterparts, the new Jeep Cherokee is more of a crossover than an off-roader. Although it boasts most of the features of the old Cherokee, the latest version looks like a simpler version of the urban variants.

The new Jeep Cherokee is a bulky car designed to be a passenger vehicle. Although it does not have the best fuel efficiency, it has relatively low maintenance and repair costs than its heavy-duty predecessors.

Jeep Maintenance Requirements

A Jeep Cherokee is not one of those cars that you buy simply to blend in with the crowd. It is a vehicle that stands out in looks and performance.

Unique vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee require appropriate levels of care. The right care can make your Cherokee last for many years.

Regular Maintenance

Some vehicle maintenance is unique to Jeep Cherokee, while others are the same for all vehicles. Regular maintenance for your Jeep Cherokee include:

  • Check the front and rear lights at least once per month
  • Check the tire pressure monthly
  • Inspect the belts under the hood and consider lubricating the chassis
  • Perform wheel balancing after every 6000 miles
  • Replace the air filter after every 20000 miles or after putting on new wheels
  • Flush and refill the cooling system every 50000 miles
  • Check the drive and engine timing belt after every 20000 miles and replace them after 50000 miles

Jeep-Specific Maintenance

Some people use their Jeep Cherokees for urban travel, as they would with their sedans. However, if you want to use your Jeep for off-road traveling, you will have to perform higher levels of maintenance.

In addition to the checks you perform on a monthly schedule, you will need to check your tires before and after every off-road activity. Consider replacing the fluids in your differentials after driving through off-road, water-filled surfaces.

Apart from the usual wheel balancing, be sure to check the wheel weights after driving it off-road. In addition, clean out the drum brakes of your jeep after every off-road travel.

Mud and other off-road materials can cause the brakes of a Jeep Cherokee to stop functioning normally, which is why the drum brakes should be cleaned after each off-road drive. In addition, be sure to check your air filters regularly.

Off-road driving may take a hard toll on your car’s air filter, which may shorten its lifespan. Consider replacing the air filter after every 12000 miles if you travel off-road often.

Driving off-road makes your car prone to wheel alignment problems. Therefore, get your car’s wheels aligned after every three months.

Jeep Cherokee Repair

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2020 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk

Regular maintenance of your Jeep Cherokee does not negate the need for repairs. Your vehicle may require repair at some point, especially if you usually work it hard on the off-road.

Avoid trying to repair your Jeep Cherokee on your own, especially if they involve the brakes, drivetrain, and handling components. Instead, hire a professional to do the repairs.

Although some Jeep Cherokee maintenance may be done at home, be sure to use the right tools and parts. Newer Cherokee parts and components can be quite costly when compare to XJ Parts and XJ Cherokee accessories.

However, when you get a new Jeep Cherokee you have the benefit of the factory warranty to help cover many of the costs early on.

When in doubt, use genuine OEM Jeep parts and accessories. Talk to an experienced mechanic to do the repairs for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.