Are Jeeps Cheap or Expensive? (Explained!)

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Jeeps are very popular and well known for their style and being a great outdoorsy car. Does the popularity make their cars so expensive?

Jeep vehicles are more expensive than other brands and hold their value longer. Their starting prices for the eight different vehicles they sell range from $24,000 to $50,000, and it goes up from there. With more features or a higher trim package on the Jeep, it can cost up to $70,000.

Jeeps are expensive, but what makes them so pricey and why is the price point justified? Find out why it will cost you more to get a Jeep below!

Expensive Features on Jeeps

The most expensive feature on Jeep vehicles is their customization. Owners can design their Jeep to match their personal tastes and styles. You can choose the color of the interior and exterior, if you want a hardtop or not, the doors you want, if you want interior ambient LED lighting, and more.

After adding all of the available features for the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the price can jump from $30,000 to more than $80,000. The Rubicon even allows you to customize the grille color, add graphics to the side of the Jeep, alter the tires and wheels, and pick between roof types.

The most expensive rooftop is the sky one-touch power top for $2,000. The other roofs you can get are the Dual-Top Group, the Mesh Sunbonnet Top, the Solid Sunbonnet Top, or a classic soft-top or hard-top. Since the roof is so large, upgrading it can cost a fortune. This is one of the most expensive features on a Jeep.

Another expensive feature on a Jeep is the Hardtop Headliner which is over $500. This is part of the interior design of the roof on the car. If you decided to get a white Jeep, then you could add this feature and get a white and black interior design on the ceiling of the car. You can also add a cargo compartment floor mat that costs an additional $200.

Some expensive packages you can get are Xtreme Recon 35-inch Tire Package. This costs $3,995 and is a very expensive Jeep upgrade. If you want to be able to tow with your Jeep, you’ll need to purchase the towing package. This package costs more than $300.

Are Jeeps Cheap or Expensive? (Explained!)

Overall, there are some pricey Jeep features you can upgrade that other cars don’t have or don’t need to offer. Other companies do not need you to pick out a rooftop that you like best, you just get the roof the car was made with.

But, these things are what Jeep allows you to customize and it draws a lot of potential customers in because it is fun to customize your car.

Expensive Jeep Vehicles

When comparing the 2021 Jeep vehicle starting prices, the most expensive car is the Jeep Wrangler 4xe costing $51,225. The second most expensive model is the Grand Cherokee L, which costs $39,220. Once you start adding some of the features listed above, the price will only increase from there.

The most expensive Jeep vehicle is no longer in production nor for sale, but it costs 2 million dollars. In 2005, the Jeep Hurricane was shown to an audience at the North America International Auto Show. This concept car has an extremely unique look.

No other Jeep looks quite like it. More so, the Jeep Hurricane has more power than any other model the company produces. For these reasons, the price is extremely high. and the amount of power it has makes the price so high.

Jeeps tend to be so expensive because of the additional features they have. The most popular Jeep model is the Wrangler, so it makes sense that it is one of the more expensive Jeep models.

The Grand Cherokee L is a luxury SUV made with premium quality. With this vehicle, you’re paying for the luxury label. Like other Jeep models, as you pick out a different trim package or as you add features, the price will go up.

Are Jeeps Cheap or Expensive? (Explained!)

The Jeep Gladiator is also an expensive Jeep vehicle. The Gladiator is Jeep’s only truck. With this car being the only truck that Jeep makes, you can understand the price point. Since the Gladiator was only released in 2019, there are still few models on the market, driving up the price.

The 2021 Jeep Gladiator costs $34,645 for its standard trim package, but the more you want the truck to do, the more it will cost. When purchasing this truck, you can customize its roof and even the bed of the truck. Bed upgrades include a bed cover, a Trail Rail Management System, and more. That’s one of the best parts about Jeep is the unique and specific upgrades you can choose from to make your car more personalized for you.

Why are Jeeps Expensive?

Jeep currently sells eight different vehicles to choose from. Each vehicle model has a variety of trim packages to choose between. After picking out a trim you can customize your Jeep even further from there. One reason Jeeps are so expensive is because every aspect of the vehicle is customized to individual buyers. But apart from the actual vehicle itself, other factors play into why Jeeps are expensive.

Jeeps hold their value really well. They resale at a higher cost compared to other cars from different brands. Jeeps also have a popular aesthetic and community of drivers. You can purchase a simple vehicle from almost any vehicle manufacturer. Because Jeep has a reputation for a unique look, drivers pay for the Jeep label on the vehicle and the style.

People love and trust the Jeep company. When you have loyal customers who buy your cars year after year, a community forms. People with Jeeps have a relationship with other Jeep drivers on the road simply because they own a car from the same company.

The higher price tag associated with Jeeps shouldn’t turn you away from the brand. Since Jeeps hold their value extremely well, you’ll be able to resell the Jeep later on for a decent price.