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On long road trips, you might get bored of listening to music for hours on end. You have a growing headache, sore throat from attempting to sing along, and loneliness is starting to set in if you’re a lone driver.

Social interaction sounds like a great idea, but you’re too wise to pick up your cell phone to call friends and family. 

You’re also too wise to scroll through your cell phone to find updates on potential accidents and new routes. If only there was a way to safely talk to other Jeep drivers to keep you updated on the road ahead. 

That’s where CB radios come in. Most people look at a CB radio and assume they’re for police officers, but they can be used in Jeeps as well!

They come with around 40 channels to allow you to talk to other Jeep drivers to make your road trip less lonely. Plus, it means you can safely be aware of accidents, distractions, and new routes without taking your eyes off the road. 

Our Best CB Radio For Jeep Reviews

Midland 75-822 CB-Way Radio

Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

If you’re new to the CB radio world, you’re going to want something that is convenient, small, and easy to use. This Midland product is the ideal CB radio for beginners and those wanting to reacquaint themselves with a good-quality, easy-to-use radio. 

This 40-channel CB radio comes with an additional 10 NOAA channels to keep you updated on the weather.

Most importantly, this CB radio has access to channels 9 and 19, which is essential for any CB radio as they alert Jeep drivers of traffic, accidents, and emergencies. 

Something that some CB radios often lack is an LCD monitor. This product comes with a large backlit LCD monitor that allows you to use the radio at any time of the day or night, so you can see and control the channels and volume accordingly.

Speaking of the volume, this CB radio comes with an automatic noise limiter which works to minimize surrounding radio conversations. 

This CB radio requires 6AA batteries or a connection with a cigarette lighter adaptor to work. It has a flexible antenna and can be connected with a headset for hands-free use.

This is a fairly small and compact model that can fit comfortably in any Jeep. Sure, this isn’t the world’s greatest CB radio, but it does the job pretty well. 


  • Access to essential channels – 40 channels, 10 weather channels, and access to 9 and 19 channels for ultimate safety and communication
  • LCD monitor – Backlit display is good for usage in day and night
  • Easy to use – Ideal for those who want an all-rounder, simple-to-use product


  • Does the job, but not at the highest quality compared to other models

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Uniden PRO505XL CB Radio

Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio. Pro-Series, Compact Design. Public Address (PA) Function....

If you’re a Jeep driver who wants a bog-standard, compact, and affordable CB radio – this is the product for you. The radio itself is only 12.88” long and 6” wide, so it can comfortably fit in pretty much any vehicle. 

Despite its compact size and affordability, this CB radio is equipped with 40 channels as well as an instant channel 9 emergency button to keep yourself and others updated on accidents and emergencies.

The radio itself has an LCD monitor that is easy to read at night with its large font. 

As well as the LCD screen, this is an incredibly easy-to-use product as there are minimal buttons and knobs to obsess over. Simply change the channel on one rotating knob, adjust the volume on another, and press the channel 9 button when necessary. 

This CB radio comes with a detachable microphone as well as an external speaker jack if you prefer to attach the radio to external speakers.

The speaker also has squelch control to prevent other surrounding radio conversations from affecting the audio quality of your radio. 


  • Compact – Fits into virtually any vehicle
  • Affordable – Ideal for those on a budget
  • Easy to use – LCD monitor is easy to read and minimal buttons allows for simple adjustability


  • Speaker isn’t long-lasting, so you should consider external speakers for the long run

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Midland MicroMobile Radio

Midland – MXT275 MicroMobile GMRS Radio – 15 watts Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control...

Surprisingly, not all CB radios come with clear audio quality. Try to imagine the amount of Jeep drivers who are also using CB radios to communicate with one another and channels to prepare for traffic and weather conditions – you’re hardly going to find a crisp audio quality that won’t squelch and crack. 

Whilst this Midland product only reaches 15 channels, the quality outshines its reach. This CB radio has an impressive 50-mile range that provides users with a great audio experience regardless of distance.

It also has access to 8 repeater channels and 10 NOAA weather channels. The weather alert will also create an alarm if there is a risk of severe weather.

The standout feature of this CB radio is the privacy codes. Jeep drivers are so used to trying to mentally block out conversations through the radio from other drivers, but this product comes with privacy codes to keep your conversations private without disruption. 

This CB radio has a compact design that fits easily into any Jeep, creating a minimalist appearance that blends into the front of the car. It can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or hardwired into the vehicle. 


  • Great audio quality – 50-mile radius allows for a brilliant audio quality regardless of distance
  • Privacy codes – Blocks out other conversations to enhance audio quality
  • Compact – Fits seamlessly into any Jeep


  • Less channels available compared to other models

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President Electronics BILL CB Radio

President Electronics BILL CB Radio, 40 Channels AM, 12 Volts, USB 5V/2.1A, Up/Down Channel...

If you’re looking for a compact CB radio that fits into small compartments in your Jeep, you should consider this President Electronics product. 

Don’t let its small size deceive you – this CB radio is equipped with access to 40 channels, weather channels with an alert system, and a surprisingly loud speaker.

All of these features can be adjusted easily with the simple-to-use rotating knobs and buttons on the radio. It is also equipped with an LCD monitor (comes in different colors) to view the radio easily at night. 

Though you might assume the loud speaker can be distracting, this is an ideal feature for driving through harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms. 

Despite its size, this is a durable and hardcore CB radio with a brilliant build quality. This is ideal for driving with the roof down, as it means you’d have to be really careless to try and break it. 


  • Small design – Compact size fits anywhere in a Jeep
  • Excellent build quality – Metal build will take a lot of impact to break
  • Loud speaker – Despite its size, the speaker quality is loud and clear


  • Limited mile range at 3 miles

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President Johnny III CB Radio

President Johnny III USA 40 Channel CB Radio 12 or 24V, Black

When you’re traveling on the road and communicating with other Jeep drivers, you want to find a CB radio with an excellent audio squelch quality.

Audio noise limiters, or audio squelchers, work to minimize the sounds from other surrounding radio conversations to allow you to listen to your channels without distraction. 

This President Johnny CB radio features an excellent audio noise limiter through its ANL filter that allows you to listen to what you choose to. The optional squelch works to automatically erase static noise. 

It is equipped with access to 40 channels including a weather alert system and 9/19 channels. 

This radio comes with an LCD monitor that isn’t as bright as other models, but still provides enough light to see it in the dark. This product works with either a 12 or 24 volt Jeep, so you don’t have to worry about finding a power converter. 


  • Excellent audio quality – Automatic squelch and noise limiter allows for a clear audio experience
  • Access to necessary channels – Weather alert, 40 channels, and 9/19 emergency channels
  • Easy set up – Can be set up and taken down quickly


  • The LCD monitor isn’t as bright as other products

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Best CB Radio For Jeep Buyer’s Guide

Why you should have a CB radio in a Jeep

Jeepers are well-experienced with long road trips and driving in secluded trails where a signal is non-existent.

Sure, you get out in the wilderness to avoid social interaction, but what happens if you encounter an accident or if you’re worried about harsh weather conditions from ruining your trip? 

CB radios are a Jeep driver’s best friend when on the road. They are easy to install, come with a variety of channels, and they provide a safe way to communicate with other Jeepers.

CB stands for Citizen Band, and the radios were originally used in the 1940s for short-range communication. Models will range from 1 to 50 miles of communication, and are very handy for campers. You can take the CB radio from your Jeep to explore the wilderness. 

What to look for in a CB radio

Channel access

Most CB radios will offer 40 channels. The best CB radios will also offer access to channel 9/19, as well as NOAA channels. 

Channel 9/19 is essential for CB radios as it is the emergency channel. Emergency response units in America and Canada monitor channel 9 on CB radios, so in the event of an accident or emergency, this feature can alert the appropriate emergency services.

This channel also works to alert drivers of accidents on the road that they should avoid to prevent traffic and create more accidents. 

NOAA channels are essential for keeping Jeep drivers updated on the weather. Sure, a little light rain won’t hurt anybody, but all drivers should be aware of potential harsh weather conditions that could affect their driving when they are battling through secluded trails.

Some CB radios will come with a Weather Alert system that will emit a sound to alert the driver of dangerous weather ahead. 

Noise limiter

Automatic noise limiters are an essential feature for CB radios. Whilst it’s impossible to block out every noise from surrounding radio conversations, the automatic noise limiters (ANLs) work to minimize the sound disruption.

This means you can listen to accidents and traffic warnings without being distracted by other conversations. The ANL feature is optional and can be started with the simple touch of a button. 

Detachable microphone

Some CB radios will only offer a detachable microphone, whilst others will also offer attachment to speakers. Detachable microphones are a brilliant accessory for providing a clear audio quality for other listeners.

Whilst the microphone attached to the radio itself will do the job, this won’t provide the best sound quality when it comes to shouting through harsh weather or driving conditions. 

Some CB radios will come with a detachable microphone in the bundle, but you should check this upon purchase. You may have to buy a separate microphone that is compatible with the radio. 


Of course, you’re going to want a CB radio that is durable and long-lasting. Some CB radios are made from plastic, which is great for providing a lightweight product. However, the metal models are best for durability. 

Picture this: you’re driving down a secluded trail with the roof down, and it suddenly starts raining. You don’t want a CB radio that breaks upon impact from water or debris, so look for one that has a hardy build quality to prevent breakages. 


Fortunately, CB radios are small devices that can fit into any vehicle easily. Some CB radios are smaller than others, which means they can fit into crevices and compartments easier.

It all mostly comes down to personal preference, because the size of a CB radio won’t necessarily determine the quality of the speaker. Some small CB radios have an impressively loud speaker, whilst others are slightly quieter. 

LCD monitor

When you’re driving around at night, you don’t want to have to squint to find the right channel on your CB radio. LCD monitors provide a backlight that illuminates the screen automatically, so you can look at the radio regardless of the time of day.

Some CB radios even come with different light options, such as a blue or orange backlight, which is ideal for those who find white lights too straining on their eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CB antenna for a Jeep Wrangler?

The best CB antenna for a Jeep Wrangler is one that is made of fiberglass. As Jeep Wranglers are designed for off-road use in secluded trails, you’re going to want an antenna that resists breakage upon impact from harsh weather conditions, rocks, trees, and more. 

Center-load antennas are more flimsy and prone to breakage, whereas magnet mount antennas are great for Jeep Wranglers with a metal top. However, they aren’t suitable for soft tops or fiberglass tops. 

Your CB antenna should be at least 4” long for maximum range. It can be attached either mounted to the roof or either side of your car depending on preference. 

You also need to be aware of the antenna spring, which must be installed to protect the antenna and your Jeep Wrangler. Whilst you might hear the occasional bang of the spring-mounted antenna against your Jeep, this is a makeshift insurance policy that works to keep your Jeep safe from installing the antenna directly to it. 

Why do Jeeps use CB radios?

Jeep drivers will be aware of the struggles when it comes to trying to communicate with other drivers when you’re off the road. Many Jeep drivers will take their car into secluded trails and into the wilderness, where regular cell phone signal is non-existent.

It’s also not recommended to communicate with others with a cell phone whilst driving anyway, so a CB radio is the safest option. 

CB radios are equipped with up to 40 different channels, various distance ranges, and access to weather channels and emergency services. CB radios are a Jeeper’s ideal form of communication as they are small and easy to install and use.

They work to alert the driver of potential accidents, traffic, and harsh weather conditions to prevent them from driving into situations that might be dangerous. 

These devices are also a great way to communicate with other Jeepers. You could be lost on a trail or hanging off the edge of a cliff, and you only need to hop onto a channel for someone nearby to find you.

Of course, CB radios are equipped with access to channel 9, which will alert the nearby authorities in the case of an emergency. 

Will a CB radio drain car battery?

A CB radio won’t drain your battery as long as you turn it off whenever you don’t need to use it. If you keep it on for several days at a time, it is likely to drain your car battery.

However, most CB radios can be charged and work with AA batteries, which will spare your car battery from unnecessary draining. If you’re planning on keeping your CB radio on at night, it’s not likely to drain your entire car battery. 

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