Can you Have Heated Cloth Seats in a Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wranglers are known for their ability to be easily customized. When it comes to seats, can Jeep Wranglers have heated cloth seats? We are here to tell you that!

All new Jeep Wranglers come with heated leather seats, but cloth seats are available for used models or for outside purchases. Leather and cloth heated seats perform at the same quality but are hard to customize. Cloth-heated seats are possible but it is costly to change.

If you are unsure if you want to replace your seat entirely, we have answers. To understand the other benefits of heated seats, pricing options, where to get them installed, or how to exchange them yourself, continue reading below!

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Why do you Want Heated Seats?

Heated seats are simply the best for the cold and abrasive winters. They are the object that heats up the quickest in your vehicle and keeps you warm the longest.

For college students in a cold location to families with little ones, it’s a good idea to have heated seats if you live in a climate where the cold weather is a perspective threat. Additionally, heated seats in your Jeep Wrangler have a higher resale value.

Heated seats are just the best! Especially if you live in cold areas of the world, heated seats are what you should think about. Consider getting heated seats if any of these circumstances sound like you!

Do Jeep Wranglers Come With Heated Cloth Seats?

Jeep Wranglers, as well as all of Jeep’s new vehicles, come with heated seats. In our era of car purchasing, heated seats are seen as a minimum requirement as opposed to a luxury. The majority of Jeep’s stock seats are leather bound and cloth seats for most new vehicles are hard to come by these days.

However, older or used models of Jeep Wranglers tend to have the heated cloth seats that you may desire. Unless you ordered your Jeep Wrangler specifically with heated cloth seats, chances are you will receive one with leather. These vehicles are priced in the $30,000 to $40,000 price range.

Can I Get Heated Cloth Seats Installed Instead?

You have the ability to replace the seats in your Jeep Wrangler from your local Jeep dealership, but it is costly.

The lowest cost for one whole car seat is $170, but prices average around the $500 price range. And again, that’s just for one standard seat! Heated seats start at about $300 dollars, but prices will increase based on year and model.

Heated Cloth Seats in a Jeep Wrangler

Are Leather or Cloth Heated Seats Better?

Leather seats traditionally last longer than cloth seats. This is because if there is a stain or a spill, it will come out easier. Additionally, cloth seats retain smells better. Leather is considered the fancier option, as it will last longer, and wears great with young kids, as well as other daily messes. However, leather is your worst nightmare if you live in hot locations. It is also much more expensive than their cloth seated counterparts.

So why get cloth seats if the leather is much better? As mentioned before, cloth seats are a lifesaver for those who live in hot climate states, such as Arizona, Nevada, California, and so on.

While cloth seats retain scent and stains much better than leather seats, annual car detail and weekly cleaning will do the trick to keep your cloth seats in working shape. As I mentioned before, cloth seats are cheaper which is a great selling point.

How to Get Heated Cloth Seats in My Jeep Wrangler

If you are unhappy with the seats you have in your vehicle, you can get them changed! Automobile dealerships are the most convenient option but can be quite pricey as mentioned before.

You can also change them yourself or with the help of a friend. You can also purchase car seat covers, which are the most convenient, and my personal favorite answer.

Seat Covers

The easiest way to get heated cloth seats in your Jeep is to purchase heated cloth covers. If you already have heated leather seats, to keep fire hazards low, do not purchase heated cloth covers. Instead, it is important to purchase a high-quality and fire-resistant cloth seat cover.

This way, the already heated leather can still work through your new cloth surfaces. It’s the best of both worlds! The new cloth seat can act as a protectant against hot weather but can be taken off in the winter for a warmer ride.

If you are purchasing heated cloth covers, make sure that the seat you are putting them on is not heated as explained before. Prices for heated seat covers are about $200 per seat, much less expensive than an entire car seat.

If you decided heated seats aren’t for you after all but are looking for a cloth cover, they are much more budget-friendly. In short, there are many more options than just replacing an entire seat. Doing so is costly and dangerous to the equipment of your car. Purchasing a seat cover is the easiest bet.

How To Change Jeep Wrangler Seats on Your Own

To remove the seats in your Jeep Wrangler, you will need a Rachet, T 50 Torx Bit for the inside part of the seat, and a 13mm or 12″ Socket for the other 3 parts of the seat. Use the rachet and corresponding attachments to loosen the bolts.

Sometimes penetrating oil may be needed if the seats have never been removed. After the bolts are detached, you can easily remove the Jeep Wrangler seat. Putting a new seat back in is the same process with the same bolts.

However, if the car seat is heated, it may be more difficult to install or reinstall and may best be done by a professional. Heated seats have an electric current that runs through a heating element under your seat. Because of an extra set of electronics, there are fire risks to removing the heated seat if you do not have experience. There is also the unfortunate circumstance where the seat is completely damaged.

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