Do Jeep Wrangler Have A Lot Of Problems?

Wranglers are the face of rugged off-roading. They can handle any obstacle and can take on the toughest roads, but there are more problems than what meets the eye.

The Jeep Wrangler has an average amount of problems compared to other vehicles, but it has more issues when compared to other Jeep models. Some of the most commonly reported complications with the Wrangler are the “death wobble,” TIPM failure, and head replacement.

Although the Wrangler has some serious issues, there are still undeniable benefits. Read on to learn about the Jeep Wrangler reliability.

Jeep Wrangler Reliability

Jeep seems to offer a practically invincible utility vehicle with the Wrangler, but, in reality, Wranglers are not the most reliable vehicle out there. Wranglers offer an experience unlike any other vehicle, but they do not provide a high level of reliability.

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler received a JD Power reliability rating of 83 out of 100, which is considered a great rating. Anything 80 or less is considered average. In other words, the 2021 Wrangler has a near-average lifespan and wears out slightly slower than the average vehicle.

The Wrangler also has 1,987 complaints on Car Complaints which is high compared to other Jeep models. Each complaint outlines one of the problems this model deals with. Most Wrangler owners go through many repairs and replacements. 

Common Problems with the Wrangler

Death wobble

The death wobble is exactly what it sounds like. The Wrangler exhibits severe wobbling or shaking while driving. The death wobble forces the steering wheel to turn from side to side. As the Wrangler turns back and forth, it feels as if the vehicle is falling apart. The death wobble can be dangerous and cause severe damage.

The death wobble occurs in vehicles other than Jeeps. It also affects large, heavy trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. However, the death wobble is more common in Jeeps than in other vehicles. The death wobble results from a poor suspension system and loose or damaged steering components. 

Do Jeep Wrangler Have A Lot Of Problems?

The Wrangler is an off-roading, rock climbing vehicle. For this reason, many owners upgrade their suspension for better handling while off-road. When the suspension system is installed incorrectly or when suspension parts become loose or damaged, you have a greater risk of experiencing the death wobble.

It is much less common for a stock Jeep to experience the death wobble, but it is still a risk to be aware of. 

Poor quality or broken steering components can also cause the death wobble. Driving the Wrangler on uneven surfaces may shake some parts loose or damage other parts. If you go off-roading, check your steering component frequently. 

To prevent the death wobble, you should regularly check your suspension and steering to ensure they are both working. Also, check your tire pressure frequently and regularly get your tires aligned.

TIPM Failure

The TIPM, or the totally integrated power module, is the computer and fuse system in your vehicle. The TIPM runs all of the electronic components in your Wrangler. As vehicle manufacturers progress towards electric power, this module becomes more and more important. 

Symptoms of a failing TIPM are similar to those of a poltergeist. If you have a failing TIPM, your electrical components will show it. Your windshield wipers may turn on or off at random, doors may lock or unlock on their own, and headlights will turn themselves off or on. In addition to the ghost-like symptoms, you may also experience the following:

  • Stalling
  • Difficulty turning over
  • Battery drawing quickly

When replacing the TIPM, you should expect to pay a mechanic anywhere from $700 to $1,500 for parts and labor. 

Cylinder head replacement

The Jeep Wrangler also has high reports of problems with the cylinder heads in the engine. The heads control the air intake to the cylinders. An engine needs a proper balance of air and fuel to work efficiently. If there is too much air, the Wrangler engine will burn hot and offer less power. If there is too little air, the fuel will not burn well, and the engine will strain to increase the air intake. 

When the cylinder heads are not working properly your vehicle will experience these symptoms:

  • Overheating
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Low performance
  • Oil leaks
  • Rough running
  • Misfiring
  • High coolant consumption

The cost to replace the cylinder heads ranges widely. However, you can expect to pay something between $2,000 and $3,500.

Poor on-road ability

While the Wrangler can handle rugged roads, it does not handle on-road excursions as well as other vehicles do.

The design was made for rugged adventures, not whipping speeds. The boxy Jeep design is not aerodynamic and makes for a loud ride on faster roads. It is also not built to be the most comfortable ride. Like the exterior, the interior of a Wrangler is built for durability.

Its design also leaves it with some safety flaws. Because the Wrangler’s top and doors are removable for a more immersive experience while off-roading, they do not offer much safety. The doors and top primarily serve to protect from the elements, not to protect passengers in the event of a crash.

Benefits of the Wrangler

The Jeep is American-made and maintains a classic appearance and performance suited for rugged terrain. In addition to having a classic look that is enviable, the Wrangler has a removable top and removable doors to complete the adventure experience. 

Although Jeep does not rate very high in reliability and you can anticipate some somewhat major repairs, it still takes the cake for adventure cars. Jeep never intended for the Wrangler to be a commuter car. It was built to be a beast off-road. The Jeep Wrangler can take you nearly anywhere without too much trouble. It is the vehicle to own if you want to do any rock climbing or off-roading.

It has nice cargo space and a decent towing capacity of 2,000 to 3,500 lbs. While the gas mileage is not stunning, the newer Wranglers are not too bad, considering the heavy-duty power output. The 2022 Jeep Wrangler gets 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on highways.

Do Jeep Wrangler Have A Lot Of Problems?

Years to Avoid


Car Complaints rates 2012 as the worst model year for the Wrangler. So far, this model has received 200 customer complaints. The 2008 Wrangler received 391 complaints, but the repair costs and early problems are worse for the 2012 Wrangler. 

Most of the issues in the 2012 Wrangler are directly related to the electrical system, which is likely due to the high likelihood of the TIPM going bad.


The 2008 Wrangler is another one to avoid. Its problems are also mostly surrounding the electrical system. The TIPM is the most commonly reported issue and likely causes other electrical problems frequently reported for this model year. 

Other years with high amounts of complaints

The 2007, 2014, and 2013 Wranglers received the next highest number of complaints on Car Complaints. The 2007 Wrangler’s worst issue is with the suspension system. The year 2014 has problems concentrated on the engine, specifically oil leaks. The year 2013 also has its main issues in the engine, the greatest of those being a stalling engine. 

These years are the highest complained about by consumers and should be avoided if possible. The newer Jeep Wranglers boast fewer problems on Car Complaints, but they have yet to withstand the test of time. Overall, Jeep is improving the Wrangler design to increase durability and performance, so purchasing a newer Wrangler is a pretty safe bet. 

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