Does Toyota Make Reliable Trucks?

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There are a lot of car brands out there that compete to have the most powerful, durable, and reliable truck on the market. Toyota has been putting trucks on the road for decades and has brought their trademark reliability to the market.

Toyota is known for selling reliable trucks. Many consider the Toyota Tacoma the most reliable truck on the market today. Toyota Tacoma owners report that their average annual maintenance costs are less than other truck owners’. Additionally, Toyotas are known for their longevity and versatility.

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle, then a Toyota truck is an excellent choice. Let’s look at why Toyota is such an esteemed brand when it comes to truck reliability.

The Reliability of Toyota

Of all the car brands that compete to sell vehicles, Toyota has a reputation for having the most reliable cars. From sedans to SUVs to trucks, Toyota makes long-lasting cars that retain their value, even after several years of driving. Toyota earned a reputation for reliable vehicles after years of consistently producing durable vehicles.

According to Toyota, their dedication to reliability comes from their company philosophy. This philosophy is known as “Kaizen.” Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement. Toyota has sought to improve each facet of manufacturing and development continuously.

Toyota asks each employee to contribute toward the improvement of one aspect of their job every day. Through continuous improvement, Toyota has developed high standards and great habits. These habits and high standards have resulted in long-lasting vehicles.

Toyota Tacoma 3 Does Toyota Make Reliable Trucks?

While all car manufacturers occasionally produce a reliable vehicle Toyota is known for producing reliable vehicles every time. Each vehicle is trusted to last for dozens of years and thousands of miles. 

In general, Toyota receives high-reliability ratings. For example, Repair Pal gives Toyota a 4 out of 5 stars in terms of reliability. Here is a quick look at Toyota’s two types of trucks and their reliability.

Toyota Tacoma Reliability

The Toyota Tacoma is a fairly popular truck on the market, best known for retaining its value years after purchasing. Although most trucks lose around 60% of their value during the five years, the Toyota Tacoma loses only about half that amount in that timeframe. One reason Tacoma trucks retain their value so well is that consumers trust them.

In addition to holding a lot of value, the Toyota Tacoma received a reliability score of 3.5/5.0 from Repair Pal, a high score for a truck. Furthermore, an average Tacoma will only cost about 478 dollars to maintain every year. This is much less than the average cost for other trucks.

Popular trucks like the Chevy Silverado or the Ford F-150 cost over 700 dollars every year to service and maintain, so such a low cost is remarkable for the Toyota Tacoma.

The low maintenance costs likely stem from the fact that Toyota Tacomas rarely experience mechanical problems. The average Tacoma has issues that occur only every five years or less, and the costs to repair those issues are generally low.

If anything, a Tacoma will have problems with the ball joints or the transmission. Luckily, transmission problems rarely occur before the vehicle has driven 200,000 miles.

Apart from their reliability, Toyota Tacomas can tow up to 6,800 pounds. Their gas mileage is lower than the average at a combined average of 23 miles per gallon. If you want to buy a Tacoma, the best years to buy are those manufactured after 2017 or before 2006.

Toyota Tundra Reliability

The Toyota Tundra is another excellent truck for your needs. Larger than the Toyota Tacoma, the Tundra is a full-size pickup that has been popular for a long time. It has the same reputation for reliability as the Toyota Tacoma.

Because of this reliability, a Tundra will lose only 39% of its value after five years. Though the Tundra’s value doesn’t keep as well as the Tacoma’s, this is still impressive. 

The Toyota Tundra placed 6th on the list of most reliable full-size trucks because of the low number of repairs that it will need during its lifetime.

According to Repair Pal, the average yearly maintenance cost for the Toyota Tundra is just over 600 dollars, which makes it a desirable truck to own. Most owners of the Toyota Tundra don’t face problems for several years after purchasing the vehicle.

The Toyota Tundra can haul up to 10,200 pounds thanks to its beefy engine. Unfortunately, this engine only gets 13 miles per gallon of gas in the city (increases to 17 miles per gallon on the highway). All in all, the Tundra is a reliable and long-lasting car that needs little maintenance.

Does Toyota Make Reliable Trucks?

Keeping Your Truck Running

While Toyota makes reliable vehicles, the owner determines how long the truck will last. If a vehicle is taken care of, it will last for decades; however, if that same vehicle isn’t maintained, it will not run as long. How a car is treated will also determine how much value an owner can get out of it.

For Toyota trucks, the most important thing that you can do to extend the lifespan is to keep a regular maintenance schedule for the car. Frequently check and service the vehicle’s fluids to ensure that it runs properly.

You can also help make your car last longer by protecting it from the weather. Keep it protected from snow and rain, and avoid driving in areas where the undercarriage can be damaged (such as off-road). Drive conservatively and avoid doing anything that will wear out your vehicle unnecessarily.

That said, Toyota trucks are tough enough to withstand many of the circumstances you drive them into.

Both the Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota Tundra are excellent trucks considered to be among the most reliable vehicles on the market. They retain their value extremely well, making them a great investment. Because of their extremely low yearly maintenance costs, they are a very affordable vehicle to own. Toyota trucks are a great choice for anyone looking to get a truck that they can keep for the next 100,000 miles or more.

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