Flag Mounts for Jeep

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You are not alone if you have always wanted to mount a flag to your Jeep. Many other drivers have flag mounts on their vehicles for various reasons. 

Do you attend car shows or participate in local parades? Do you like to go off-roading in your Jeep, or do you want to add some character to your ride? Mounting a flag can give your Jeep a nice touch, whether it is the American flag or your favorite sports team. 

Before you rush out to purchase a flag mount and pole, there are a few things you should know, from respectfully mounting flags on vehicles to doing it safely. Always check with your owner’s manual and the local authorities for the guidelines on flag mounts before installing a flag to your Jeep. 

Respectfully Mounting Flags on Vehicles

Although it is not against the law to attach a flag to your vehicle, it should be on correctly and respectfully. There are guidelines for displaying flags, especially the American flag. 

You will not have to worry about receiving a violation ticket when you install a flag on your Jeep correctly and according to your local laws. After spending money on a proper flag mount and taking the time to install it, the last thing you want is to have to remove it because it does not adhere to your local regulations. 

If you choose to install the American flag to your Jeep, placement is critical. An improper flag can not only be disrespectful, but it could bring you a fine. 

Safely Mounting Flags on Vehicles

When you attach anything to your Jeep, it mustn’t be a hazard while driving. For example, flagpoles and the mounts should be secure and not wobble or move while the vehicle is operating. In addition, all associated pieces should not come loose or fall off during your drive, so proper mounting is critical. 

There should be no chance of the flagpole coming loose and falling off your Jeep, causing damage to your vehicle or others on the road. Therefore, the flagpole mount should consist of high-quality materials resistant to rust or corrosion. 

Alternatively, the flag you choose to mount on your Jeep should also use materials that can withstand high speeds without tearing or sustaining damage. Not all flag materials are for attaching to a moving vehicle, so be careful when deciding on one for your Jeep.  

Types of Flag Mounts for Jeeps

Attaching a flag to your Jeep can be tricky if you are unsure what style you want. Thankfully, we include all types of flag mounts that will work with your Jeep to give you the best variety of options to choose from in the market. 

Once you settle on a flag style and where you want to install it on your vehicle, you can find the correct mounting hardware. Many of these flag mount options need simple tools you may already have in your garage and do not need you to drill into the body panels of your Jeep. 

Some of the popular flag mounts you can find for Jeep vehicles include: 

  • Rear Flag Mounts: Spare Tire, Tailgate, and Hitch Accessories
  • Sand Flags: Whip-Pole Accessories
  • Single Flags: Window Attachments, Suction Cups, or CB Antenna Options

Rear Flag Mounts

Rear flags are one of the more popular choices for many Jeep owners. Installing a flag to the back of your vehicle gives you the choice of having a larger or full-sized flag that will proudly fly as you drive around. 

You may then wonder, where should I mount my flag pole? Rear flags should never drag or touch the ground below or behind the Jeep when stationary or in motion. Thankfully, you have two options for a flag pole mount for Jeeps when sporting a large or full-size flag. 

Jeep owners can sport a rear flag pole mount on the spare tire, the tailgate, or a tow hitch accessory. Each of these models requires a unique installation and may be more suitable for one Jeep model than others. 

Spare Tire Attachments

This flag mount option will attach to the spare tire at the rear and use a solid mount with a broomstick-like pole to hold the flag securely. This option is a terrific way to include a flagpole without worrying about attaching it to the side of your vehicle. 

ROX YJ-JK Flag Mount Kit

This rear flagpole mount kit model is unique. It allows you to attach a flagpole to the spare tire at the rear of your Jeep. It comes with everything you need to attach a full-size flag to a pole without worrying about it dragging on the ground behind you. 

Tailgate Flagpole Mount

Some Jeep owners prefer to use the tailgate for their flagpole mount. These styles are easy to install, remain stable during driving, and are versatile to fit many Jeep models. This way, you can open and close the tailgate without worrying about the flag getting in the way. 

Samman Tailgate Single Flagpole Mounting Bracket for Jeep

This product from Samman uses your Jeep’s factory tailgate hinge mounting locations to help make installation easy without modifying the body panels. In addition, using aluminum alloy materials, you do not have to worry about this flag mount rusting or corroding over time, even in severe weather conditions. 

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Hitch Attachments

Some Jeep owners will prefer to use their tow hitch as an easy way to install a rear flag. This option is terrific for models that do not have a rear spare tire, or the model of Jeep makes it difficult for other mounts. 

Hitch flag mounts are available in one, two, and three-flag models, giving you additional variety. With two-flag mounts, if one is the American flag, it must be on your left side when facing the flag. If you install a three-flag mount option, with one being the American flag, it must sit in the center spot.

Hitch flag mounts are ideal for Jeep owners who do not want to permanently have a flag on the vehicle. It is easy to remove the hitch attachment and store it away until the next time you want to use it. 

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Sand Flags

If you are a regular to the sand dunes with your Jeep, a sand flag is a critical piece of safety equipment. These brightly-colored flags attach to a thin whip-like pole at the front of the vehicle and extend upward to be visible even in dusty or cloudy terrains. 

Sand flags are typically not large, but they are big enough to see over a cloud of dust, indicating the vehicle’s position for safety reasons. You can find them in triangle or rectangle shapes, ranging in colors and designs. The most popular choices are bright orange or red, while some owners prefer novelty graphics. 

Single Flags

If sporting a large flag at the rear of your Jeep is not your style, thankfully, there are other options. These flag styles are less expensive, and you can quickly put them on and take them off without much effort. 

Many Jeep owners will purchase a smaller novelty flag and attach it using either a window attachment, a suction cup model, or a CB antenna. 

RCRBT Universal Flagpole Holder with Suction Cups

If you prefer not to use permanent hardware on your Jeep, this suction cup model from RCRBT is the perfect solution. It contains aluminum alloy materials resistant to rust and is exceptionally stable and portable. 

EAG CB Antenna and Flag Whip Mount Bracket for Jeep Wranglers 2018-2021

This versatile flag mount from EAG is ideal for attaching your CB antenna or a flag whip mount to the rear of your Jeep Wrangler. It is easy to install without needing to drill into the body panels, giving you a place for your new flag. 

Last update on 2023-09-29 / If you click this affiliate link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Wrapping Up

Having a flag on your Jeep can help give your vehicle a bit of character or show your patriotism. In addition, flags can let people know who your favorite sports team is or if you are participating in a parade or car show. 

Finding the best flag mounts for your Jeep model can be tricky. Not all mounting options will fit every Jeep, so it’s critical that you read through the manufacturer’s information to ensure it will suit your vehicle. Once you determine the right mount for your Jeep, installing your favorite flag is simple.