Everyone loves gifts, and what better gift to get someone who loves cars than a car? While it might be hard to find that perfect Toyota model, there are plenty of other ways you can express your love for the brand without actually buying them an entire vehicle.

There’s always something fun, quirky, or useful available from Toyota dealerships in any state.

What Are Some Fun Gifts for Toyota Lovers?

so, what are some fun gifts for Toyota lovers? Toyota enthusiasts will enjoy something they can utilize in their vehicles. They could want new floor mats, seat covers, or even an upgraded radio system.

That’s not all; what else could be a fun gift for Toyota lovers? A new phone case or wallet, what about some really lovely luggage to take their belongings on the road in style. Read on to learn what are some fun gifts for Toyota lovers.

What To Get Someone Who Loves Cars?

After hours of research and testing, we picked some of the coolest and best-selling gifts for car lovers.

#1 A Purse or Wallet

Every woman needs one; what better way to celebrate their love of cars than with something that shows off her interests at the same time.

The vast number of designs means there is sure to be one which suits any style and taste. It can even act as an accessory when they go out without it being too obvious what they are showing off!

#2 ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

Anyone who loves cars is bound to have a car. And what are you going for when it comes to the inside of any vehicle? A mess!

This vacuum attaches right onto your keychain, making sure that crumbs and dirt don’t make their way into your beloved Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4runner.

#3 Toyota Tacoma

Every Toyota lover should own one of these. You can get them many different versions but what everyone needs in their lives is another truck (or maybe even two)!

From small ones like this scale model, to larger, more expensive options such as this replica made from Lego. Everyone has room for toys and what better toy than an actual toy version of an awesome pickup?

#4 CHOETECH Fast Wireless Car Charger

For the Toyota lover who loves to charge their phone in their car, what better way than by wireless? This is an awesome gift if they have a Qi-compatible device (and who doesn’t these days).

It’s also a great backup plan when your battery starts running low and you need that extra boost to make it home safely! And what makes this charger even more unique is its sleek design which will look right at home inside any vehicle.

There are many other brands out there but if you want something quick and easy with no frills or fuss, CHOETECH has got you covered! They offer very fast charging speed, allowing for up to 45% faster speeds on newer iPhones.

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#5 LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang Building Kit

The perfect gift for teenage and young adult Toyota lovers is this LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang Building Kit. This kit allows you to build your very own model of a 1960s classic.

It has 330 pieces, including some new elements such as white 16×34 baseplates, slopes with bow, spoked wheel 48mm rims in black, dark tan and light bluish grey colors, plus round corner tiles.

#6 Stylus Pens

What goes better with driving than listening to music? If they’ve got an iPhone or any smartphone that uses touchscreen technology (even if it’s Android), get them these two-pack stylus pens!

The touch screen stylus will allow their phone to detect what type of material the pen tip is.

#7 Toyota Tacoma Car Floor Mats

For all Toyota lovers out there, what goes better with driving than having a nice floor mat? These front mats are designed specifically for their vehicle model, making it an even more perfect gift idea!

They help keep mud and dirt off your actual carpeting while still protecting them from just regular wear.

This means less cleaning up time after they go on one of their long trips or before bringing the kids over for dinner at grandma’s house! If they already have these, then get them some trunk mats—no matter what color.

#8 Riparo Motorsports Driving Gloves

The driving gloves by Riparo Motorsports are perfect for the Toyota lover who doesn’t want to be caught dead without gloves on!

These stylish ones look like what you would wear if it were chilly outside, but they are designed with breathable materials so your hands don’t get sweaty or smelly.

No matter what color, these gloves will go great with any outfit and even better when one of them gets broken in just right.

#9 Lacoste Concours 118 Driving Shoes

The Lacoste Concours 118 driving shoes are what you need to give your Toyota lover if they think that driving is all about the shoes.

These stylish and comfortable leather shoes are designed with a rubber sole, so there’s no danger of slipping on melting asphalt, but also have breathable materials in between so their feet don’t get too hot while sitting down for hours at a time.

They’ll compliment any outfit, and they’ll look even better after a little wear.

#10 MaxGear Dream Car Seat Cushion

The Max Gear car seat cushion is what you would want to gift someone who spends more than half an hour every day or multiple times per week stuck inside a vehicle. Thousands of satisfied customers have proved this cushion to protect them from back pain caused by long drives.

The popular Mechanics gadget is a fantastic present for someone who spends a lot of time in the car and needs their hands free.

This phone holder can be installed or removed in seconds, making it easy to take the phone out whenever they need to use GPS for directions without pulling over first. The ball joint allows 360-degree rotation so that your friend can see where they’re going while keeping an eye on the screen at all times.

#12 Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

The Logitech G920 racing wheel is an excellent gift for someone who loves to play racing games on their Xbox One. It provides realistic force feedback, so they feel what the car is doing as they’re playing- just like being out in a real vehicle! The wheel and pedals are both adjustable, which means that it will fit all driver sizes perfectly, whether they’re adults or children.

Why Should You Buy a Toyota?

Owning a Toyota is a smart choice – they’re known for their reliability and durability, which means that your friend won’t be left stuck on the side of the road somewhere.

Also, Toyota vehicles hold up well in accidents- meaning that what matters most to them will stay intact even during an accident!

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is one of those cars you can count on as a great purchase no matter what kind of lifestyle someone has.

It’s been around since 1995 but still holds its own against newer models from other automakers because it has an excellent track record for being durable and reliable across all climates and terrains.

Plus, there are many aftermarket parts available should your friend want to customize their ride or do some repairs themselves.

Do Toyotas Hold Their Value?

When it comes to value for your money, there’s no doubt that Toyota maintains its value better than most manufacturers, whether you’re comparing a Tacoma or the Camry.

Toyota’s brand image is one of quality, which also means it will hold its value exceptionally well.

Are Toyotas Reliable?

Of course, they are! This isn’t just something that loyal fans like to say – the numbers back up what we’re saying here.

According to JD Power and Associates customer surveys in their 2018 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), “Toyota has three models with a VDS dependability rating above 200 points: Tacoma (256); Camry (237); and Prius (236).” That score may seem low but compare it against other manufacturers…can you see how impressive it really is?

Are Toyotas Affordable?

This is what we’re talking about – Toyota’s tend to hold their resale value extremely well, meaning that they’re good cars for the money.

And if you consider just how long it takes for regular car maintenance on a vehicle (every 30,000 miles or so), you’ll be saving yourself even more once your purchase pays off within the first few years of ownership!

Closing Thoughts

This article is focused on some of the fun gifts you can give to a Toyota lover, but what’s even more inspiring is what they can do with their car after they have it!

People love Toyotas, whether it’s taking on some of the great trails in Colorado or just cruising down main street USA.

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