Can I ask you a question?


Do you shop online?


If you buy anything online (jeep parts, home goods, clothes, even toilet paper [yes toilet paper]) please consider using one of these links because when you do, I get credit for your purchases.

The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a penny, but it helps me a lot!

These links help the most:  AmazoneBay, or 4 Wheel Parts. The referral income I get from these links help me keep this website going.


Here’s how it works…

When you use these links I get credit regardless of what you get or from what country you order. The best part is it doesn’t cost you a penny more! Better yet, I have done the research to find the deals among these sites, so you probably will pay much less than retail. I have been buying from each of these sites myself for many years and have had great results. This is why I so strongly recommend them.

Even though it costs you nothing to use one of these links [AmazoneBay, or 4 Wheel Parts], it is very helpful to me as this site is 100% supported by your actions: these checks are based entirely on what you choose to do or not. Thank you!

If you’re outside the USA, when you get to any of the Amazon pages simply scroll down to the very bottom of Amazon’s page and click on your country. Many of the others also ship worldwide. Just look at their sites or ask them. We’re all based in the USA, but most of my readers are from overseas and these places ship all over, at great USA prices.

Some folks have asked if it helps me when you use Amazon when you buy items other than Jeep parts and gear.

YES! (thank you)

Use these links to get your toothpaste, Jeep carpet, ammunition, laptop computers, music, books, wristwatches, lawn furniture, doggy-diapers, AAA batteries or whatever else you need, and it’s all that helps let me keep adding to this site.

Do you live outside the USA? It’s no problem! You simply scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon page, click the link for your country, and you are all set. (pretty easy isn’t it)

Same goes for eBay, use this link to eBay and if you win anything, it also helps me.

I have no clue how it works, but I do know the support I get from all of you helpful people using My Links when you buy the stuff you need (or want) is what keeps this free site going. (And I don’t have to sell anything that I don’t want to just to make money)

That’s why I have so much fun doing this website: I get to write about Jeeps or anything else that intrigues me if I think it may be helpful. I only have our long-term interest at heart with my recommendations because I don’t have to worry about selling a certain high-priced product to keep this site going. I simply help other Jeep enthusiasts like me find the items they need to keep their Jeeps running in tip-top condition.



PS: Shopping at Amazon or eBay helps the most since anything you buy counts!