How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Cost?

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If you are interested in enhancing the tire performance of your vehicle, you may want to consider investing in a set of 35-inch tires. 35-inch tires are a great vehicle modification for making all-terrain driving safer and easier. 

Something you may want to consider before buying 35-inch tires is how much they will end up costing. 

How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Cost?

5-inch tires can cost as low as $150 per tire or can cost over $300 per tire, depending on the brand and style. Some bargains can get you cheaper tires at around $130 per tire, but if you’re willing to spend more, you can find tires that are over $500. 

The cost of 35-inch tires will vary based on the brand and style, and you will need to find the right type of tire to suit your driving needs. Other expenses to consider when getting a larger set of tires include suspension modifications, rims, and changes in gas mileage. 

Read on to learn more about what you can expect to spend when buying new 35 inch tires.  

How and Where You Drive Affects Tire Cost

Different types of driving require different types of tires. When shopping for your 35-inch tires, you will need to think about which style of tire works best for the type of terrain on which you most frequently drive, as this will impact how much the tires will cost. 

Everyday Driving

Generally speaking, 35-inch tires are best for off-roading. However, depending on where you live and your lifestyle, getting 35-inch tires can still be beneficial for everyday driving.

These larger and more durable tires are useful if you live in a region that experiences harsh weather, which can lead to difficult road conditions, as well as rural areas where unpaved roads are common. 

A typical all-terrain 35-inch tire should work well for this scenario. All-terrain tires are designed with an interlocking tread pattern that creates quality traction on paved roads, rocky roads, and wet or icy terrain. Popular all-terrain 35-inch tires start at around $160 per tire. 

Occasional Off-Roading

Even if you only go off-roading once in a while, buying the appropriate tires is a good decision. 35-inch tires will provide the traction and stability that you will need when dealing with muddy or rocky terrain. 

Some drivers prefer a hybrid terrain tire that will do well in both paved and off-roading use. This style of tire is a combination of an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire. It can handle a variety of terrains while still maximizing functionality on a regular paved road.

Hybrid terrain tires can be a little pricier than a regular all-terrain model, with most 35-inch hybrid terrain tires starting at over $200 per tire.  

Recreational and Competitive Use

If you plan on regularly off-roading, whether for some recreational fun or to participate in competitions, you will want a high-quality, durable tire with great traction. For this context, mud terrain tires are an attractive option.

Mud terrain tires are usually wider than all-terrain tires and have large tread patterns, allowing for safe traction even on the riskiest of surfaces. These types of tires are also specially designed with deep gaps in between treads that help tires avoid gravel and loose debris. 

Popular mud terrain tire models tend to start at $190 or higher per tire, with some elite models costing over $300 per tire. 

How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Cost

Other Factors to Consider When Buying 35 Inch Tires

Determining the style of the tire you need is an important step when deciding on a tire budget, but there are other important financial factors to consider when shopping for 35-inch tires.

Suspension Modifications

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may need to make some modifications to the suspension for 35-inch tires to fit properly. Many trucks end up needing at least a six-inch suspension lift to clear 35-inch tires.

Before buying the tires, you will need to confirm whether your vehicle can clear them. If they can’t, including the cost of a suspension modification should be considered when calculating the total cost of acquiring 35-inch tires. 

Some lift kits only cost a few hundred dollars, but more comprehensive suspension modifications can end up costing thousands. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to price shop for the best lift kit within your budget. 

How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Cost

New Versus Used Tires

Buying a set of used 35-inch tires to save money may be tempting, but it is a bad idea. When you buy used tires, you have no guarantee that the tires are in good working condition.

Even if the used tires visually look like they are in good condition, there is no way to tell if the tires have withstood excessive use, high speeds, or undisclosed damage. With no official laws on used tires standards, the discounted price is not worth the risk of popped tires or accidents. 

Long Term Expenses

Another factor to remember when calculating the cost of 35-inch tires is the potential long-term expenses. Modifying your vehicle and maintaining the changes can cost you additional money long after you’ve purchased and installed the new tires.

If you plan on using your tires for frequent off-roading, you can expect the tires to go through a lot of wear and tear. Therefore 35-inch tires can be a repeated expense as you continually need to replace them every several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people often ask about buying 35-inch tires. 

Are 35-inch tires worth it?

35-inch tires are a worthwhile purchase if you regularly go off-roading. The larger tires have better traction performance than their small counterparts, which can make a dramatic difference in the safety and quality of your off-roading experience. 

Additionally, the extra height provided by 35-inch tires will allow you to clear obstacles that smaller tires would not be able to. This can be particularly convenient if you frequently drive on rocky terrain, as you will no longer need to stop driving to clear a path. 

Given these benefits for off-roading, as well as the fact that this size tire can be effective on rough terrain and safe on the highway, 35-inch tires can be a quality modification for your vehicle. 

Do 35 tires affect gas mileage?

Yes, 35-inch tires can affect gas mileage, possibly leading to an increased cost for fueling your vehicle. Generally speaking, 35-inch tires will decrease the miles per gallon of your vehicle by at least one mile. Adding 35-inch tires to your truck can make your vehicle less fuel-efficient for a few different reasons. 

For one, the increase in weight will mean that your vehicle will require more energy to move. Furthermore, a larger tire has more resistance, which also causes a greater need for energy. There can also be resistance issues with the high-traction treads, contributing to increased fuel costs.

Overall, the difference in gas mileage is notable but not severe. It should be included as a financial factor, although not necessarily prohibitive.

Final Thoughts

35-inch tires come in a wide range of prices. Different brands and tire types will cost different amounts of money, and determining the right fit for your vehicle will depend on your driving habits and spending budget.