3 Ways To Remove Scratches From All Types Of Car Windows

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Typically, car windows are prone to scratches and cracks due to the brittle nature of the glass. So, how can one remove scratches from car windows? Are you considering removing scratches from your vehicle’s windows? What are the methods one can implement when removing scratches from car windows? What are the different types of car windows? How can one remove and repair scratches from each type of car window?

How To Remove Scratches From All Types Of Car Windows 1 3 Ways To Remove Scratches From All Types Of Car Windows

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How do you remove scratches from a car’s windows?

There are various methods and procedures one can use to remove scratches from car windows. They include: identifying the scratch, getting the repair kit ready for use, cleaning the scratched area, and applying a scratch remover such as a non-gel toothpaste on the affected surface.

This article will explore how one can remove window scratches from a vehicle and the procedures to follow. It will also take an in-depth study on the different types of car windows and how one can remove scratches from each type of car window. Therefore, if your vehicle has scratches on the windows, but you are wondering if it is possible to remove them, then this article will guide you on this.

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Having a car whose windows or windshield is scratched can be inconvenient, but that does not mean it needs a full replacement. There are various strategies to follow when removing scratches from a car window where most of the products to use are found easily in households. 

Cleaning the window from dirt and debris using paper towels and dirty rugs increases friction. This is due to the presence of dust and other particles while rubbing, thus leading to scratches. One should use a clean microfiber cloth for gentle cleaning.

 One should avoid parking their vehicle in tightly parked places to prevent car window scratches. When the vehicle is parked in such areas, there is the chance of other individuals swinging out their car doors onto the side of your vehicle which may lead to scratches or dents. When washing the car windows, consider using non-abrasive cleaning products.

Types of Car Window Glasses

Understanding the various types of vehicle glass, as well as their specific qualities and importance, is crucial because they represent the most significant components of the vehicle in terms of the safety and integrity of the structure. The following is a comprehensive guide on the different types of vehicle glasses, their qualities, and how to deal with scratches when it occurs. They include:

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is designed by combining two sets of strong glasses sandwiched together using a layer of polyvinyl butyral at the center. These layers are combined at suitable temperatures to create a strong glass of high quality. 

Even though it can break at a certain impact, the layer made of PVB helps prevent glass fragments from reaching the passengers by adhering to them. 

Laminated glass is commonly used to manufacture windshields due to its durable qualities. It acts as a barrier where the passenger cannot be flung out of the vehicle when a  head-on accident occurs. Home remedies may provide an effective solution when the laminated glass is scratched because the glass is made up of different layers that work together to ensure rigidity.

How To Remove Scratches From All Types Of Car Windows 1 1 3 Ways To Remove Scratches From All Types Of Car Windows

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass has been manufactured to be used in the vehicle’s side windows because they are stronger than the normal glass

The curved glass is heated to suitable temperatures and rapidly cooled to make a durable tempered glass. The distinction between tempered glass and laminated glass is that tempered glass is more rigid than laminated glass.

When an accident occurs, the tempered glass disintegrates into small glass cubes rather than shards, protecting the passengers from damage. 

The disadvantage of using tempered glass is that when it completely shatters during an accident, it must be fully replaced, unlike laminated glass that one can mend. Additionally, it does not offer the same barrier level as the laminated glass during a head-on accident. Depending on the degree of scratches, one should use commercial repair products.

The Methods of Removing Car Window Scratches

The following are some of the effective methods one can use to remove scratches from a vehicle’s window:

The Use of a Repair Kit

A repair kit contains everything an individual needs to repair a vehicle’s window scratches. The method is suitable for cleaning car windshields and side windows. 

The kit has a glass cleaner liquid, a clean cloth, a repair solution, and personal protective equipment such as goggles, a mask, and gloves. A repair kit is effective on minor scratches and not on major ones. 

Start the process using a glass cleaner to clean the window or windshield. Ensure to follow the instructions present on the bottle of the cleaning solution and put on goggles, masks, and gloves for protection.

After the cleaning solution has soaked for some time, dry it using paper towels or a clean cloth. Alternatively, one can also use a hairdryer. Read the instructions on the bottle containing the glass repair solution before using it. 

Apply the solution to the dried area and use a brush to rub gently. Let the solution soak and allow it to dry in the sun. Then, use a clean cloth to polish the area.

The Use of Non-gel Toothpaste

When it comes to the use of household items, non-gel toothpaste offers an effective way of removing scratches from car windows. It works by soaking through the scrapes and tiny pits and gluing the scratches together. 

When this technique is done correctly, it gives a short-term solution to a chipped vehicle window, but one should get the window examined. The process involves cleaning the damaged area to clear off dust and any other debris that may be present. Inspect the affected area to ensure that it is clean. 

Then, using a clean cloth, put some toothpaste on the damaged area. And rub the paste gently over the damaged region. Using force when rubbing the area can cause more damage to the window. Wait for some time and then polish the affected region using a clean cloth. Additionally, there are other removers such as Meguair compound, which removes windows scratches from car

The Use of a Portable Polisher

A portable drill or polisher helps to remove extensive scratches from car windows. This procedure is effective if there are minor or superficial scratches and is risky if one is not careful. It may end up damaging the windows rather than repairing them. 

The process involves cleaning the affected area thoroughly to eliminate dust and other debris. One can use a soft brush to avoid making larger scratches. Level the surface by using the portable drill. Repeat the process to clean the scratches effectively, but do not overdo it because the glass may become thin and break easily.

Wrapping it Up

Car scratches can lead to the formation of window scratches if there is no proper care. If the scratches are severe and cannot be removed by any DIY methods, seek expert assistance to determine if the scratches can be removed or if the whole window needs to be replaced. 

Before one decides to replace the car window, check if the motor insurance policy can cater for replacing the window.