Picking Out The Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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Picking out the 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

(Rusted out Jeep photo just for humor… clearly NOT the Grand Wagoneer for us.)

My wife and I discussed getting the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and decided to just go for it. We found a Jeep that was being redone, and we were really excited, but then we got cold feet and decided not to move forward, there were just too many unknowns.

Through this process I had seen an ad online with no photos and a simple description. Something about it just kept telling me to go look at it. Because we got cold feet about getting the other Jeep, I kept putting off going to see this one.

Since you are reading this, I obviously decided to go see it. I told myself that to have closure on the idea of not getting a Jeep and not checking the box on one of my bucket list items (owning a Jeep Grand Wagoneer), that I simply had to go see the Jeep.

Then I saw it and I knew I wanted to own it. It was exactly what I had always wanted in regards to color — blue exterior and tan interior. Then it only had 90k original miles and that helped seal the deal.

Needless to say, we bought the Jeep.

Here are a bunch of photos from the day I first saw the Jeep:

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1987 JeepGrandWagoneermyjeepandmecom IMG 1628 11 Picking Out The Jeep Grand Wagoneer JeepGrandWagoneermyjeepandmecom IMG 1630 13 Picking Out The Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer Restore Jeep Grand Wagoneer Wheels Rims Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1701_83 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1706_88 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1705_87 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1704_86 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1702_84 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1707_89 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1708_90 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1709_91 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1710_92 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1716_98 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1715_97 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1714_96 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1713_95 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1712_94 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1717_99 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1719_101 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1721_103 Jeep+Grand+Wagoneer+my+jeep+and+me+,com__IMG_1726_108 JeepGrandWagoneermyjeepandmecom IMG 1856 121 Picking Out The Jeep Grand Wagoneer Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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