Product Review: New Bumper Nerfs For Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Do you need new Jeep Grand Wagoneer Bumper Nerfs?

You know how as Jeep owners we spend hours trying to make old, worn out parts look as close to new as possible?

What if you could just buy new replacement parts and do away with the old parts?

Well, that’s the point of today’s post.

You can now get brand new bumper nerfs for your full-sized Jeep Grand Wagoneers. They work for model years between 1984 to 1991.

Brand New Reproduction Jeep Bumper Nerfs

jeep replacement nerf bumpers

Here’s the rest of the story…

You see, a fellow Jeep owner, Dominique Frossard, started making select replacement parts as a result of his restoration of his Jeep Cherokee Chief.

Product Review - Jeep Grand Wagoneer Nerf Bumpers

The product he is making now is a set of reproduction bumper nerfs. You know, the black plastic parts that protect the four outer corners of the metal bumper.

At first, when he contacted me about doing a review I was skeptical. I didn’t want to feel obligated to write a review if the parts were junk. As a result, I didn’t respond right away.

Then a few weeks later he asked again via Facebook. Before giving an answer, I found photos of his Jeep restoration. Once I saw the quality of his Jeep restoration I knew it would be okay to say yes to providing an honest review of this product.

Disclosure: I received these bumper nerfs free of charge in exchange for writing this review. I did not pay for this product myself.

I’m really glad I said yes to the review.

(but I don’t want to give away too much too soon… keep reading)

The four nerf bumpers arrived in a quality box and the parts were wrapped in plastic and protected with packing paper.

Jeep nerf bumpers, Jeep Grand Wagoneer
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(packing paper)

When I opened the box, I was concerned that no hardware was included in the package, but I later found them. It was wrapped up inside of the plastic holding the nerfs.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer replacement nerf bumper hardware

When I got the package open, I was impressed. The color, look and feel of these bumper nerfs is great. It is a perfect replacement for the original parts.

What I like…

  • Color and texture are correct
  • High-quality construction
  • The price is good when you consider that Used Bumper Nerfs are going for approx. $30 each on eBay and they are 30 plus years old (see pricing below)
  • They are produced by a fellow Jeep guy. It’s great to support a fellow Jeeper that has the same addiction obsession passion as us.  šŸ™‚

What I Don’t like…

I’m being picky here, but the one thing I personally would change is the screws. The kit comes with zinc plated screws and I would prefer stainless.

I know this is a small item and I am not an expert on fasteners, but I know a guy who is an expert so I gave him a call.

My good friend, Mr. Jim Reittinger over at Automotive Fasteners was able to give me the inside scoop on zinc plated vs. stainless steel fasteners.

We talked for nearly 30-minutes, but I will give you the short version  šŸ˜‰  (you’re welcome).

He said zinc plated is okay, but it really depends on conditions and exposure to the elements. He said for as much money as we put into a restoration, he would personally use stainless because you know you will be able to get it on and off in the future if needed. The zinc plated should hold up for a while, but if the plating breaks down it can rust, discolor, or be very difficult to remove in the future.

Like I said, I am being picky, but that’s the way I am when it comes to working on my Jeep.

Fortunately, the screws will not be seen. If you feel the need to be picky like me, upgrading to stainless screws will only cost you a few dollars at the hardware store.

Here’s another thing I like…

The owner is investing in his business and on educating users on how to use this product.

Take a look at this video he had made:

Okay, so I have told you what I think about the product, but at this point, there is probably one big question on your mind…

How Much Do They Cost?

A set of four nerfs lists for $150.00 per set.

This compares well with used bumper nerfs going for $120 for a set of four on eBay.

However, (drum roll please) as they say on tv infomercials…

“But Wait! There’s More!”

just for you as a reader of this blog, he has agreed to give us a special coupon code to get a 10% discount!


Here’s what you should do now…

Visit his site at and check out the bumper nerfs. Just remember to use your coupon code if you buy any!

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