What Size Lift Do I Need For 37 Inch Tires On My Ram 2500?

A Ram 2500 is an excellent vehicle for commuting, towing, and even off-roading and many people like to modify their trucks to run better in the multitude of ways a Ram 2500 can be used. To do this, many people opt for a lift kit.

For 37” tires on a Ram 2500, you will need a lift kit of 3.5. This lift kit achieves 1 to 2” of lift and is either a body lift or suspension lift. For purely off-road driving, you can even go higher. A lift kit can range from $100 for basic setups to $5,000 for more extensive models. 

Whether you are looking for fun off-roading adventures or want a lift to make repairs more accessible, a lift kit has a range of uses that can benefit the Ram 2500—knowing what size of lift kit you need is the first step in getting one.

What Size Lift Do I Need for 37 Inch Tires on My Ram 2500?

RAM 2500

To use these sizes of tires, you will need a lift kit of 3.5 or more. The kit will have the same contents as the 2.5, except for the control arms top and bottom for both the front and the rear. 

If you want to go off-road with your Ram 2500, then a 3.5 kit is for you. It lifts 1 to 2”, which lets you maintain the factory ride. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and causes fewer maintenance issues as time and wear go on. 

Here’s How to Determine How Much Lift You Need

Determining how much lift you need for your Ram 2500 depends on what you want it for. There are body lifts that raise the car’s body off the frame to allow more room for larger tires. Yet there is also a suspension lift, which lifts the entire frame, with everything attached to give more ground clearance. 

For the most part, Ram drivers tend to use a mixture of daily driving, commuting, towing vehicles, and weekend off-road driving. This kind of combination driving means things need to be kept practical that can also maintain high speeds and good handling. 


Another thing to consider is the cost. While lists are generally inexpensive compared to other vehicle implements, they still cost quite a sum.

A lift that suits your 37-inch tires can prevent the need from over lifting the vehicle, which will ultimately require modifications to radiator mounts, motor mounts, and even some suspension changes. 

All that modification would end up being more expensive than a casual lift. Besides, if you lift your Ram 2500 that high, you will likely not be a daily commuter in that vehicle anymore. 

What is a Lift Kit, and How Much Do They Cost?

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The cost of a lift kit depends on what you are ultimately getting, how high, and what kind of lift you want to purchase. A lift kit can, however, start between $100 to $500 for a leveling and body kit.

On the other hand, if you want to reach for something more performance-enhancing, like a suspension lift kit, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. 

When purchasing your lift kit, conduct adequate research on that specific brand to verify it uses quality materials and is made well.

When costing your lift kit, don’t forget to include the installation time it takes to put it in your vehicle. It could cost anywhere from 7 hours for basic setups to 15 hours for extensive modifications, which can add to the overall labor cost.

However, if you are savvy enough, you could attempt to install it yourself to save that labor cost. 

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