The Importance Of Off-Road Vehicle Safety

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Are you looking for a way to keep your car safe? Nowadays, we spend more time in our vehicles than ever before. 

As a result, we tend to leave valuable items in them. If you are an avid 4×4 enthusiast like us, you need to know your valuables are safely stowed away. 

And no, we aren’t talking about the typical wallet, keys, and phone scenario. You want to make sure that your stuff is protected, both inside and out. 

How Do I Keep My Off-Road Vehicle Secure?

The best way to keep your off-road 4×4 vehicle safe is by securing the interior with lockboxes and security drawers as well as the exterior with hood locks and cables. Tuff and BOLT are a few of many brands that offer after-market security accessories to help keep your valuables safe inside your offroad truck, Jeep, or SUV.

This post is all about the importance of offroad vehicle safety for Jeeps, SUVs, and Trucks. 

Today, we have chosen a couple of the best brands in the business when it comes to vehicle security. 

Both have something over the competition and offer a product for most off-road vehicles, no matter if you have a classic YJ or a newer JK.

Interior Protection

Out of sight, out of mind, right? That might not always be the case, especially with Jeeps. 

Even if all the doors are on and the top is installed, a would-be thief may see an easy opportunity. This is where Tuffy comes into play.

The company has been in business for over 30 years and insists on making all of its products right here at home. 

Over time, the Cortez, Colorado company has expanded and now offers a variety of products from custom center consoles to high-quality steel floor locking cargo lids for your favorite Jeep models. 

But don’t think they are a one-trick pony. 

Word has gotten out, and as a result, the company has expanded to serve a wide array of vehicles and trucks. 

Even if you don’t have a Jeep, chances are that Tuffy has a product for your vehicles.

As a matter of fact, law enforcement took note of their designs and sparked Tuffy’s Professional Products lineup. Police vehicles need protection as well. 

One might argue they can need tougher products than those offered to the general public.  

Special pursuit vehicles and off-road law enforcement trucks have been outfitted with everything from high-security lockboxes to custom center consoles. 

As we all know, cruisers have tens of thousands of dollars of special tactical equipment in them, making them much more susceptible to break-ins.

Even if you don’t chase down bad guys for a living, having the additional safety and protection of a security center console for your Jeep will help keep your mind at ease when you are out on the trail. 

Keeping your valuables out of reach is all that is needed to help deter someone from going through your stuff. 

Remember, would-be thieves, are looking for an easy opportunity. 

The harder you make it for them to take something, the less chance of it going missing.

Have something bigger to store such as a long gun or high-end fishing rods? No problem! Tuffys Wrangler TJ Cargo Area Drawer is perfect for this. 

Features like a fully welded construction and tough powder-coated finish mean that it will stand up to pretty much anything. 

No matter if you go four-wheeling on the weekend or just at the local mall. Your stuff will be protected thanks to Tuffy!

Exterior protection

Sometimes, there is no chance of keeping valuable inside the vehicle. We are talking specifically about hitches, jacks, and even external fuel canisters. 

Yes, there are solutions to each product mentioned, but each one comes with its own, specific key. 

It may not sound so bad until you have to search the endless amount of useless and forgotten keys that lock up your trailer, spare wheel, etc. 

This is where the BOLT lock lineup of products. They easily install on your with little or no additional modifications. 

So what makes the BOLT locks so special? They allow you to code a single key for all of their products. Special patented technology learns your Jeep’s key the first time it is used. 

That’s right.

You can forget about having to fumble through a pocket full of random keys that you don’t know what half are even for. 

Don’t think for even a second that their products are a gimmick. The company ensures each product put out is of the highest quality possible. 

Components such as a stainless steel lock shutter and automotive grade components mean they can offer a limited lifetime warranty, making for some of the industry’s most durable goods. 

Take the Jeep Hood Lock for example. 

It offers a simple solution for a problem that has plagued Jeep owners since the very beginning. 

It offers a simple and convenient way to keep the hood locked at all times. No additional drilling or fabrication is necessary.

It installs using pre-existing holes. And like all bolt products, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  

The lock itself is made from the highest grade materials and is nearly impossible to pick.

A stainless steel shutter is added to keep the components safe from mud, dirt, and debris.

As an added level of security,  rivets are used to help ensure no one will get under the hood of your beloved Jeep. 

It is available for the JK and JL models can be mounted in minutes.

On top of that, BOLT promises to eliminate the dreaded Jeep Hood Flutter that is caused thanks to the interior design that both the JK and JL are plagued with. 

Benefiting from a BOLT one-key system is not limited to owning a Jeep.

 They have several universal products like this cable lock

Being able to securely and easily leave valuable cargo safely in the vehicle is at the top of anyone’s list. Lengthwise, it comes with a 6-foot line that will wrap around most objects with ease. 

As will all products, the head includes a patented, built-in shutter to help keep debris at bay. 

Each lock comes with a flexible, yet durable plastic cap for added protection from the elements. 

It can be used outdoors or used inside without the fear of corrosion. 

Final Words

Tuffy Security Products are a great way to keep the valuables inside your vehicle safe and out of sight from potential burglars.

Years of trial and error, research and development, and determination have helped the company reach elite status.

Bolt is another company with similar prestige. 

Exterior components are stolen the most as they are out in plain sight. Help protect them from those with ill intentions by adding Bolt locks to your jeep, truck, and SUV today.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Tuffy and BOLT vehicle locks. 

If so, we encourage you to check out our other posts for more helpful information like this one!