What is Kia’s Best-Selling Vehicle?

When looking into purchasing a new car, it is important to know the best options that are available on the market. Kia is a very well-known car brand and has many different vehicle models for customers to choose from. Which Kia vehicle model is the best selling?

The KIA Forte is the most sold model of KIA throughout the year 2021. Sales from January to October come to a total of 97,671 vehicles sold. In the month of May alone, KIA sold 13,323 KIA Fortes. This best-seller is not only the top in the United States’ sales but Canadian KIA sales, as well.

What are the KIA Forte’s sales month-to-month throughout the year 2021? Continue reading to compare the KIA Forte sales.

KIA Forte Sales Throughout 2021

Throughout 2021, the KIA Forte sales have shown a great progression and best-selling qualities. The KIA Forte started off sales really strong, reaching a sales total of over 7,000 in the month of January. Surprisingly, this has been the lowerest month of sales for all of 2021 (up through October).

The sales trend continued to rise to a high of 13,323 in May. Sales then took a small dip in June but came back up to 12,423 in July. August and September hung around the same number of sales, right around 9,200. For the last month, we have recorded sales and October dipped down to 7,523.

Comparing previous years of KIA Forte, we can guess that November and December will have similar sales to October. This is the trend that KIA Forte sales have shown since their first model in 2009. If the trends continue the same, 2021 will become the best-selling year for KIA Forte.

Already, the sales produced from KIA Forte through the months of January to October put 2021 in 4th place for best-selling Forte years.

If the last two months of the year produce the same sales from October, KIA Forte 2021 will have sold 112,717 vehicles. This is only 4,879 less than the current winning year for KIA Forte sales, which is 2017, holding the record of 117,596 KIA Forte vehicles sold in one year.

If KIA Forte can increase their sales for November and December, this could very easily be the new record-breaking year for this model.

Refer to the chart below to view the sales for the KIA Forte in the United States of America throughout 2021.

Month 2021Sales Recorded


It is important to note that the sales in Canada also show that the KIA Forte is the number one selling KIA model in their country, as well. When comparing the sales between Canada and the United States of America, it is important to keep in mind the population difference.

While there is a dramatically different number of sales between the two countries, the population plays a huge role in that. The United States of America is home to over 329.5 million people (according to records from 2020), while Canada has a population of 38.01 million people (according to records from 2020).

KIA Forte sales started off pretty slow for the beginnings months of 2021, having an average of 563 sales for January and February. Sales began to pick up around March and continued to rise until KIA Forte reached their peak Canadian sales in May with 1,784 sales in a month.

The sales have continued to hang between 1,671 and 1,704 for the months of June through September. Unfortunately, the October sales have not yet been recorded and released to the public for the Canadian KIA Forte Sales.

2021 Canadian KIA Forte sales are currently at 12,520 (excluding October-December sales). This puts 2021 in 7th place for sales over the previous years, since 2012. KIA Forte sales need to beat the best-selling year of 2020 to be the new record-breaking Canadian KIA Forte sales year.

The record to beat is 16,715 vehicles sold in one year. This means Canadian sales will have to exceed 4,195 for the last three months of the year. This comes to an average of 1,399 sales for each of the next three months. It is completely possible this 2021 year could become the new record-breaking KIA Forte sales year.

Refer to the chart below to compare the monthly sales for the 2021 Canadian KIA Forte.

Month 2021Sales Recorded

KIA Forte Sales Over The Years

As previously mentioned, 2021 is showing to become the new best year for United States of America KIA Forte sales. The first year of recorded sales happened in 2009 and reached the lowest number of yearly sales, only selling 26,328 vehicles.

Right after this first beginning year, KIA Forte sales jumped to 68,501 in 2010. This upward trend continued up to 2012, reaching 81,387 sales. Sales then dropped to 66,136 sales in 2013.

Sales continued to rise until reaching the current record at 117,596 in 2017. Sales have slowly dropped until our current year. Sales are finally beginning to increase and could very easily become the new record of sales made.

Refer to the chart below to compare previous KIA Forte years.

YearSales Recorded
202197,671 (current)


While Canada does not have as many years on the market as KIA Forte does in the United States of America, there is still enough data to compare sales years to find the trend. 2012 was the first year that the KIA Forte was sold in Canada, and it was a hit!

The year 2012 brought in 14,856 sales, making 2012 the fourth best-selling year yet! That is very impressive for it being the first year available for purchase.

Refer to the chart below to compare the following sales years of KIA Fortes sold in Canada.

YearSales Recorded
202112,520 (current)

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