What Is The Most Expensive Dodge Truck?

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Dodge has made a good name for itself in the big wide world of automobiles. Among these are some pretty impressive, power-packed trucks. Owning one of these superior-quality trucks could cost drivers a significant amount of money.

According to a sales associate from a Dodge dealership, the RAM 3500 with the Laramie package is the most expensive of Dodge’s trucks currently on the market. This powerful truck could cost as much as $93,000. The increased price results from this truck’s many luxury features.

The RAM 3500 probably sounds like a pretty great package, and it truly is, but that price is no joke. Read on to learn a bit more about what the Laramie has to offer.

Dodge RAM 3500 Laramie: The Specs

First, you undoubtedly want to know a little more about what you can expect from purchasing a Laramie. Let’s talk about the different perks you can expect to find when you buy a RAM 3500 Laramie of your own. First, let’s discuss the sheer strength of the RAM 3500 and all its different models.

The RAM 3500 Laramie has a towing capacity of 14,480 pounds which is more than most trucks on the road today. With this much power, this truck can pull campers, boats, trailers, jet skis, and anything else you could think of with little to no issue. The Laramie also has 1,097 pound-feet of torque, giving it an extra kick when you accelerate. All of this is thanks to the power of the 6.7L High-Output Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 Engine. 

The Laramie also has plenty of interior perks. This truck has leather-upholstered seats. For even more luxury, the front seats are both heated and power-adjustable. The Laramie also includes a new and improved air filtration system, adding a bit to the overall comfort of the Laramie’s cabin. 

You can learn a bit more about the 3500 Laramie’s excellent features from RAM‘s website. Here you can customize the truck to meet your preferences. Doing so will give you a more accurate price range for your new RAM 3500 Laramie.

As mentioned earlier, the 2022 RAM 3500 Laramie could cost $93,000. While this price might sound unreal, it includes all of the most expensive add-ons the trim package has to offer. These add-ons include the Max Tow Package ($3,695), Night Edition Exterior Features ($2,595), Laramie Level B Equipment Group ($4,025), and so much more.

In addition to add-on packages, this price includes the best mechanics RAM has to offer. With this in mind, the price is a bit easier to understand. For some perspective, the starting MSRP of the 2022 RAM 3500 Laramie 4×4 with a 6-foot, 4-inch Mega Cab is only $57,725.

That’s less than the starting MSRP for both the Limited Longhorn and the Limited trim packages. This proves that the Laramie is the most luxurious vehicle sold by RAM since it has so many top-of-the-line additions to offer customers.

Necessary Maintenance

If you are going to buy the best, you’ll need to give it the best care as well. Keeping a RAM in good shape means you will have to keep up with fluid services, tire rotations, regular servicing, and more. According to Repair Pal, RAM 3500 owners spend an average of $1,079 on yearly maintenance. That is $143 more than the average annual maintenance costs for other full-size trucks.

If you’re going to spend nearly $100,000 on a RAM 3500, it is important to keep up with the basic maintenance to avoid any serious problems later on. Here are a few basic maintenance tips you ought to know to keep your RAM 3500 Laramie in the best condition possible.

First of all, make sure you’re keeping your truck as clean as possible. The more often you wash and scrub your RAM 3500 thoroughly, the smaller chance there’ll be of gunk and grime forcing its way into the inner workings of the vehicle. Don’t laugh, it works!

Because the RAM 3500 uses such a powerful engine, it is pertinent to check the oil frequently, in addition to other vehicle fluids. Running a truck with low or dirty engine oil is a surefire way to damage the engine. Check your oil levels every time you fuel up.

Doing so should alert you to any oil leaks before they cause damage to the engine. Get your oil changed frequently, every six months at a minimum. You should try to keep tabs on your coolant and steering fluid as well.

If you can, try to make a habit of rotating the tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so. This is an especially important step if you are a frequent off-roader/traveler. Getting the tires rotated as often as necessary will help release any buildups on the mechanism(s). Plus, it reduces any unnecessary wear and tear that your truck might experience.

Most Dodge dealerships offer a variety of these services, including free inspections. If something bad happens with your truck, you can take it to the shop or dealership and get it checked out at no extra charge. You can learn more about Dodge’s offered services and maintenance recommendations right here.

Pros and Cons

Now that you understand the 3500 Laramie from a technical perspective, it’s time to discuss some pros and cons and details that make this truck what it is.


There are plenty of pros to purchasing a RAM 3500 Laramie. After all, there is a reason it costs $93,000.

First of all, let’s address the 3500’s smooth ride quality. Most trucks of this size and caliber are great for off-roading and rough riding in every sense and are not generally the greatest when it comes to riding quality. However, the Ram 3500 is most certainly an exception. Thanks to its available air suspension, it provides its passengers with a comfortable and relaxing ride no matter the road.

The 3500’s cabin is also surprisingly quiet and calm. Because the cabin is so well insulated, there is little chance of hearing much road, wind, and car noise. Some customers have even said that when accelerating, there’s little to no difference in the sound quality. This is another perk very much in aid of the RAM 3500’s comfort factor.

The cabin is also quite spacious. Road trips will be a breeze in the 3500 thanks to its plush leather seats and abundance of passenger and cargo space. You will rarely feel cramped even while sitting in the backseat, especially with the Laramie Mega Cab. It doesn’t matter where you sit or how tall you are, you will likely enjoy a relaxing ride in the 3500 Laramie.


As much as drivers love the RAM 3500, there are still reasons to avoid the truck. 

While this may not come as a surprise, the 3500 is a gas guzzler. But that is expected from such a large and powerful truck. If you’re especially concerned about fuel economy, then this is not the right choice for you.

Not only are your spending more on fuel, but with the RAM 3500, you will be spending more on maintenance as well. All in all, the RAM 3500 is an expensive truck own, from start to finish.