What Truck Accessories Have the Best Resale Value?

I had a set of Fox 2.0 performance shocks on my vehicle and decided to try a different brand (they were great shocks, I just try new stuff to write about here on the blog). I paid $550 for the Fox 2.0 shocks and I sold them used for $330 for the set.

This experience got me thinking about what truck accessories have the best resale value. Is it better to buy inexpensive upgrades, or should we buy the best quality name brand items and then sell them when we are ready to sell our trucks?

Knowing truck owners spend a lot of money upgrading our vehicles with accessories, I decided to do a little research into accessories and how they impact the value of our trucks.

How Do Accessories Increase the Resale Value of Your Truck?

Truck accessories have come a long way and if you think truck accessories are just made to help boost the appearance of your truck, then do we have news for you. Truck accessories do more than just look good and because of that reason, they can help you boost the resale value of your truck.

This is because when you own a truck or any vehicle of that matter, you should think about ways to improve the resale value of your car. Even if the car you have now is your dream truck, it does not hurt to plan for the future.

We all know that the moment a brand new truck exists in the dealer parking lot, its resale value starts to go down. This is true of any car and not just trucks by the way. Even though some cars retain their resale value more than others, it does not mean that their resale value does not depreciate it.

While all of this may sound like common sense talk (which for some it might be while for others it might not), it is quite common to make decisions that will depreciate the value of your truck even more.

With that said, here are four important reasons why truck accessories will help improve the resale value of your truck.

Let’s get started! 

  • Uniqueness
    • This one might be obvious but it is also one of the top reasons why people even want to accessorize their cars in the first place. While the majority of people buy their cars for practical reasons, other people are simply car fanatics. They understand that the truck that they want is probably driven by hundreds if not thousands of other people, and chances are…all of those trucks will look alike. They will not stand out in a crowd. However, with just some simple accessories, all of that can change.
    • When you buy a piece of accessory for a car that was made in say 2001, chances are, the accessories made for that specific year will no longer be in stock in 2020. If you think about it, it does not make sense for manufacturers to keep producing accessories made for a car that was out nineteen years ago. At most, maybe they will keep producing parts for a car that was made one to three years ago.
    • However, if the buyer is buying your truck from 2001, then that means you have an accessory that is no longer in stock which makes it rare.
  • Practicality
    • Next on the list, we have practicality because let’s face it, most people do not want to spend their hard-earned money on anything unless it is practical these days and we do not blame them.
    • Something simple like mudguards will help boost the value of your car because if a buyer is looking for a truck, you can bet that they want to take it off-roading. Or maybe they want to take it camping or for some weekend fun.
    • An inexpensive accessory such as some mudguards will not only be useful for you when you drive the truck, but you can bet it will also be useful to the new owner. 
  • Appearance
    • Yes, some people will spend their hard-earned money on making their cars look nice and we cannot blame those people either.
    • The truth of the matter is, you can tell which car owner takes care of their cars versus the ones that do not.
  • Gas efficient
    • Last on our list, we have gas efficiently.
    • This can be doing something as simple as adding a new intake in your truck or updating the air filter. We all know that updating your air filter can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle so why not right?

Top Accessories to Help Boost the Resale Value of Your Truck

Please note that while these are the top accessories to help boost the resale value of your truck, it is important to keep in mind that you should only add a few accessories if you are planning to sell your truck in the future. This is because, although these accessories are great, it does not mean that everyone would want them.

If you have one or two accessories on your truck and the new owner likes one but not the other then he/she can take one out.

However, if you have ten or more accessories and the potential buyer only likes two or three then the chances of that person buying your car are slim. 

What Truck Accessories Have the Best Resale Value 1 What Truck Accessories Have the Best Resale Value?

With that said, here is our list:

●     Spray-In Bedliner

  • Bedliners are great because they protect your truck bed from scratches and damages. Although some owners might not feel it is necessary because the truck bed is quite durable, if you are planning on selling your truck, a bed liner would be much appreciated by new buyers.
    • Spray-in liners are better than drop-in ones because not only is it better at not letting debris and dust to collect under it but it works better against rust.

●     Running Boards

  • Running boards are a great step or boost for both the driver and the passenger.
    • This would also be most appreciated by new buyers especially if the new buyer has a family.

●     Tonneau Covers

  • Tonneau covers are great because as much as an expose truck bed gives the truck an extra clean look, sometimes you just want it to be covered. Especially if you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot. It does not make sense to leave the truck bed exposed all the time.

●     Locking Toolbox

  • Many owners will buy a truck for work-related purposes and a lot of times, these drivers will keep a toolbox with them.
    • A locking toolbox is an excellent accessory because it will provide the owner with more stability as well as safety.
    • Even if the new owner does not carry any tools, they can still find a use for the locking toolbox.

In Conclusion | Accessorizing Your Car Will Pay Off in the End?

It may sound like a strange concept to grasp at first but it is true, accessorizing your truck can improve and increase its resale value.

Of course, as with any truck owner, you buy your car because you either want it or need it.

Most people do not think about selling their trucks the exact moment that they buy it but sometime in the future (if that time does come), they believe that most buyers would want to buy the truck in its most original form and that is understandable thought.

What Truck Accessories Have the Best Resale Value?

This is because car accessories are dependent on the person and what looks good to one person may not look as good to the next person so do keep this mind.

This is why most people choose to buy accessories that are more for practical purposes versus just purely aesthetic reasons.

For example, a change in headlight colors or seat covers may be great for one person but maybe the next owner likes the look of the original factory headlights. However, they might appreciate the seat covers because they have protected the actual seats underneath this entire time.

Unless you are one hundred percent certain that you will not be keeping this truck or this is not a truck that you want to have for the long run, do not simply buy accessories based on how much it can improve your truck’s resale value. You should be able to accessorize your truck based on your likes.

However, if the accessories that you have been looking at are on this list then you are in a win-win situation. Whether you keep the car until the very end or whether you decide to sell your truck down the line, you know that you have made a very good decision.

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