Which Honda Model Is the Best?

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Anybody who knows cars knows that Honda is a great place to buy any number of models from. However, if you are currently in the market for a car, you are undoubtedly wondering which one is actually the best—an overwhelming choice, seeing as how there are countless models to choose from. The truth is, there isn’t one Honda that is better than all the others, but rather, there is the best model from every category that you can choose from, including sedans, SUVs, and trucks.

Honda has many great vehicles and many excellent models. The best Honda SUV model is the CRV, and the best Honda truck model is the Ridgeline. The best SUV hybrid is the CRV hybrid, and the best sedan hybrid is the Honda Accord hybrid. Finally, the best sedan Honda offers is the Honda Civic.

So, the question is, how do you go about choosing a car? Below you will find a list of some of the best Hondas you can purchase, one from each category, accompanied by pros and cons. Hopefully, knowing what some of these are will help you to solidify your decision and wind up with the best possible model for you.

Best SUV

The Honda CRV is not only the best and most popular Honda SUV, it is the most popular Honda vehicle overall on the market right now. This is partially thanks to the sleek, stylish exterior and the spacious, comfortable interior. It only seats five passengers, but the CRV has plenty of legroom and seating. No matter where you sit, you will be comfortable in the Honda CRV.

For an SUV, the CRV’s handling capabilities are quite superb and athletic. The CRV purrs along smoothly enough that you’d never know it was even running. Further, it is capable of handling off-road terrains with agility and power. You may not be able to tell by looking at it, but it is a very capable vehicle.

The only thing to beware of with a CRV is that it has an extremely fussy and often difficult-to-use infotainment center. This can be not only inconvenient but also somewhat unsafe if you have to fidget with it while you’re on the road. This is a minor issue for some, a major problem for others.

Best Truck

The best and only truck that Honda offers is the one and only Honda Ridgeline. As far as trucks go, the Ridgeline scores big in the practicality department. It has not only a spacious cabin, but also a big bed and large trunk area for groceries, tools, beach equipment, or whatever else you could need to stash in the back of a truck. There is plenty of room for whatever you may need.

While the Ridgeline may not be designed for hard work, it “works” great for families. It took first prize on the NHTSA because it scored perfectly in almost all the categories. If nothing else, the Ridgeline can be bought for its safety purposes, and the space it will provide for people with large families and plenty of friends.

However, while practicality is a major win for the Ridgeline, it isn’t quite as capable as many other trucks on the market. It has a standard drivetrain of AWD, which makes it more than capable of handling rough terrain. However, the competition has proven to be far better equipped for off-roading.

Best Sedan

The best and most popular sedan you could find by Honda is easily the Honda Civic. The Civic, if nothing else, is a very stylish and sporty sedan that is appealing to pretty much anybody out there. This means it can gain favor in all age groups and all preferences. If nothing else, you can buy the Civic to turn heads on the street.

Sedans are small, we all know this, but for a small sedan, the Civic is surprisingly spacious and comfortable. The front seats are heated and adjustable while the rear seats are leather and foldable. You can fit at least five passengers into a Civic, and all of them can be completely comfortable.

The only downside to getting a Civic is the fact that it does not have iPhone connectivity or any sort of Apple Play or Android Auto options. This, of course, will not affect the car’s overall performance, but for those who love their music, it can be a fairly annoying inconvenience to have to deal with. Consider this carefully before you decide to invest.

Best Hybrid

There are two different kinds of hybrids: an SUV hybrid and a sedan hybrid. Whether you want an SUV or sedan is up to you, but you will be perfectly happy with either one of these. Here are a few tidbits on each of them!


As you may have guessed, the best SUV hybrid that Honda has put out there is the CRV hybrid. The CRV hybrid will, of course, offer many of the same benefits as the CRV itself. Unlike the CRV, however, the hybrid always comes standard with AWD. This means you will always have pretty reliable off-roading capabilities with whichever model you purchase.

However, you will also need to keep in mind that the hybrid’s acceleration leaves quite a lot to be desired. It does work and will get you where you need to go, but you’ll have to floor the gas if you ever expect to get to the top of that steep hill or past that rocky mound. It can get a little frustrating and even a bit unsettling at times.


Last but not least, we come to the best sedan hybrid: the Honda Accord hybrid. The Accord has plenty of features, and one of the most popular among these is the high-quality materials used for the interior. The seats are commonly upholstered with fabric, but there are also optional leather upholsteries to choose from as well. The Accord hybrid was designed with quality in mind, so quality is what you will get.

While this is not always a problem for some people, the Hybrid’s powertrain is often unpleasantly loud. However, whether this is a real issue or not depends on your preferences. Some people like hearing the roar of acceleration. For others, it is a mere annoyance. However, even if you find it annoying, it’s a pretty small price to pay for everything else you’ll get.