Which is Bigger Land Cruiser or Sequoia?

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Out of all the Toyota SUV models, both the Land Cruiser and the Sequoia are popular with those who are looking for an SUV. The addition of the third row of seating makes a huge difference for customers with families. They are both roomy, but when you get down to the details of sizing, one of these models comes out on top.

The Toyota Sequoia is larger than the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Sequoia has more passenger space, cargo capacity, and ground clearance when compared to the Land Cruiser. The Sequoia is the larger and more practical option, while the Land Cruiser has refined elements that make it the premium option.

Taking a closer look at what makes the Sequoia larger and the other specifications on both these 2021 models will help you make the best choice for yourself and your needs.

The Size Difference

The Sequoia is the longest, widest, and tallest Toyota SUV. The size is one of the reason’s that people consider this model to be very truck-like. The Sequoia measures in at a whopping 205″ long, 80″ wide, and 77″ tall. The Land Cruiser measures a few inches smaller for each dimension at 195″ long, 78″ wide, and 74″ tall. (Source)

Both models have three rows that take the seating capacity up to eight. However, the third row of seats is only suggested for children in the Land Cruiser while the Sequoia has enough legroom for adults to sit in the back row as well.

For added comfort, the Sequoia can opt for only seven seats with two captain chairs in the middle row rather than the bench. To have more legroom for your passengers in the Land Cruiser, you would need to get the Heritage Edition that seats 5 with only 2 rows.

The one place where the Land Cruiser has slightly more room than the Sequoia is in the front seats. The Land Cruiser has .4 more inches of legroom and a few more inches of headroom.

However, the Sequoia is still roomier in terms of hip and shoulder room. When looking at the back seats, the Sequoia is clearly larger. The Sequoia back seats have more hip and shoulder room, and a whole 6.5 extra inches of legroom. (Source)

The Land Cruiser does have more head room even though it is not quite as tall, because the Sequoia’s height goes towards its high clearance rather than extra headroom. The Sequoia has an extra inch of ground clearance than the Land Cruiser, bringing it to 9.9 inches. (Source)

Toyota Sequoia

The Sequoia, one of the largest Toyota SUV models, is aptly named after the largest species of tree in the world – the Sequoia. Standing at almost six and a half feet tall, just over seventeen feet long, and just over six and a half feet wide, the Toyota Sequoia is built with a spacious interior with plenty of legroom for all 7 or 8 passengers. (Source)

With the first model being introduced in 2001, the Sequoia has represented Toyota in the full-size SUV category of vehicles competing with other full-size SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon, for example.

The large size can make narrow roads and turns a bit trickier to navigate, not to mention make parking difficult, but allows the Sequoia to carry up to 8 passengers with room to spare for groceries, luggage, camping gear, or everything you need for a beach day. 

The 2021 Sequoia comes in several models such as the SR5, TRD Sport, Limited, TRD Pro, and Platinum models. Despite the impressive array of customization options and the several models, the Sequoia hasn’t been known as a high contender in fuel economy.

Which is Bigger Land Cruiser or Sequoia?

According to the EPA, the 2021 models average only 13-mpg in the city and 17-mpg on the highway, meaning you will use every drop of the 26.4 gallon tank much more quickly than you may like. As frustrating as the fuel efficiency is, the Sequoia boasts great performance out of the V8 engine in return (Source)

If you are looking to buy or sell a Sequoia, prices and features vary between models. Make sure to research the model of interest to you so that you are well informed on the actual value and current purchase price.

Check out the table below to compare the different models of the 2021 Sequoia with pricing and a seat count. Know that prices may vary based on the customization of each model. This table lists a standard model for each Toyota Sequoia trim model.

Toyota Sequoia Trim ModelMSRPKelly Blue Book “Fair Purchase Price”# of Seats
SR5$50,400$49, 0668
TRD Sport$53,115$52,2567
Nightshade Special Edition$60,420$58,9397
TRD Pro$64,525$67,7057

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been produced for over 60 years and has become an American classic. Currently, you can buy either the classic Land Cruiser or the Heritage Edition. They are very similar, but the Heritage Edition elevates the interior look with contrast stitching and fewer seats. Less seating in the Heritage gives passengers more leg room and cargo room.

The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser is definitely an expensive SUV model with prices starting above $85,000. However, you are paying for a luxury vehicle with a gorgeous interior and premium additions.

The leather on the recliners combined with a departure from plastic gives the interior an upscale feel. The high-quality dash has silver knobs and a 9-inch touchscreen.

Which is Bigger Land Cruiser or Sequoia?

Other luxury amenities include heated seats and steering wheel, moonroof, 4-zone climate control, and a 14 speaker audio system. The audio system uses JBL technology and has Bluetooth connection, however, the Land Cruiser does not have any Apple or Andriod phone integration capabilities.

The Land Cruiser has a premium interior, but it also has premium off-roading capabilities. The power from the V8 engine combined with Toyota Safety Sense ensures an excellent experience. Safety Sense includes collision warning, emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and more. (Source)

Unfortunately, the Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued, with 2021 being the last year. If you wanted a Land Cruiser, but don’t want to get an older model, Toyota has plenty of alternate SUV options that should be able to fit your needs.

The first suggestion would have to be the Sequoia. The 4Runner is another good SUV option, and the Tundra truck is also a good alternative. (Source)