The Subaru Legacy: What Are the Best Years? [Explained!]

The Subaru Legacy is an iconic car that has taken the world by storm since it hit the market more than three decades ago. As the vehicle has grown in popularity, and many models have been released with ever-changing features, three models stand out above the others. 

The iconic Legacy car became the “crowned jewel” of the Subaru brand and has many incredible features. Since it was released in the 1990s, the Subaru Legacy has won a variety of awards for its performance, safety, and overall build.

Since its birth, the Legacy has seen significant changes. It has also become one of the most versatile and reliable vehicles in the market. How so? It can travel smoothly on anything on paved roads to bump terrain. 

What the Legacy Is Known For 

The Subaru Legacy model is an appealing choice for drivers of all ages worldwide. Often, a loyal following of consumers proves to be difficult when there are continuous changes year after year. But Subaru focuses on providing a vehicle with a relatively similar design for continuity. 

Naturally, some elements have evolved, including luxury items and safety features, making some models stand out as a better option than previous ones. 2015, 2019, and 2009 models have excellent capabilities and stand out above the others. 

The 2015 Subaru Legacy: The Best Overall 

Compared to three decades worth of releases, the 2015 Subaru Legacy is the most notable. Of the sixth-generation model launch, it became the frontrunner with a plethora of upgrades and features that make it unique.

Subaru made it standard in every model to include the “critical active torque vectoring feature,” which helps improve braking and all-wheel drive. The combination of the 2015 model and the system created a smoother operation for the overall braking network. This helped the car with its accuracy and precision for betting stopping, especially when it comes to short distances. 

Many individuals consider the 2015 model to be the best year and model of the Subaru Legacy. Their popularity stems from being an extremely safe and reliable choice for drivers. Taking a look at the class of sedans in the market, the Legacy out-ranks other competitors’ models. When it comes to pricing, the 2015 model can cost around $33,000 to $22,000. 

What Are its Key Features? 

Why is the 2015 Subaru Legacy so popular? This model is ideal for drivers who want to include performance and power in their vehicles. It contains a 2.5-liter flat-four engine, although there is an upgrade option to flat-six for those interested in higher capabilities. The automatic transmission it includes is a preferable choice for many drivers.

Although it does not offer a 4-wheel drive option, some consider its all-wheel drive a distinctive element for optimal control in uncertain driving conditions. 

It also includes Eyesight, active driving assistance, and all-season tires. Drivers also have the option to pick a safety package. 

Eyesight is programmed to detect objects in front of the vehicle that the driver may be likely to hit. The feature reduces the power from the engine to help reduce the chance of impact and frontal damage. By adding Eyesight into all of its models, Subaru provides drivers with the ability to improve traffic navigation, make safer decisions during travel and drive at the correct speed.

Even with the compact design of the Subaru Legacy, passengers can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. Once you consider the significant upgrades, safety features, and durability, it is apparent why the 2015 Legacy is one of the best years in the Subaru line. 

For anyone looking for a safe and durable vehicle that emulates performance and safety while outperforming others, the 2015 model delivers. 

The 2019 Subaru Legacy: Safety & Comfort

How does Subaru continue to top their products each year? Well, the 2019 Legacy focuses on safety, providing the best option for anyone looking at a top choice in the market. Although this model contains other critical elements, protecting the driver and passengers is the primary goal of this model. 

Although the Eyesight feature is common for previous Subaru Legacy models, 2019 was the turning point that they made this element standard going forward. As a customary element, consumers expect a comfortable ride with fewer hazards. 

When comparing some alternatives, this newer 2019 model ranks above others in exceptional design and build, making it the go-to choice for safety. 

How Does the 2019 Model Drive? 

Safety isn’t the only terrific element of the 2019 Legacy, though. Subaru ensures optimal handling and performance as well. 

By including features such as blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, drivers can navigate effectively without concerns about approaching vehicles or while in reverse. 

Although  the 2019 model is a safe and reliable vehicle option, the engine is not known for power and performance. Alternatively, it does have exceptional fuel economy by providing over 34 miles per gallon during highway driving. 

Subaru does not compromise comfort with its 2019 model, though. Drivers and passengers can still expect a roomy interior with ample storage space while traveling. The standard all-wheel-drive system provides a smooth ride, as an excellent choice for any paved road, trail, or even on rough terrain! You won’t have to worry too much about the car as you drive. 

The 2009 Subaru Legacy: It’s All About Power! 

If you are looking for a speedy Subaru the 2009 Legacy is the right car for you. Do not let its age fool you. Even as an older model, this year is built for speed. 

Its special design is unlike other Legacy models, providing better ability for smooth corrections and quick acceleration. 

The 2009 Subaru Legacy was only available for three years and only 500 cars were made per year. But, even though it’s not widely available, the model lives up to the hype and gives drivers the speed they desire! It could reportedly go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds. 

The rarity of the 2009 model also makes it an attractive choice for many Subaru enthusiasts. Unfortunately, as Subaru abandoned this alternative design and returned to their traditional style, not many of them are left in the market today. 

Does it Get Good Gas Mileage? 

The short answer is, no. If you are looking for a car that has great fuel efficiency, don’t buy the 2009 Legacy. It gets around 20 miles per gallon on average. 

Why Pick Subaru Legacy 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a Subaru Legacy. It’s a great car with impressive features that are designed to keep you safe. The cars last an average of 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Compared to other vehicles, the Subaru is the better choice. 

One of Subaru Legacy’s most prominent competitors is the Honda Accord. Although both vehicles are similar in size, Legacy models provide additional safety and performance features. In addition, Honda does not offer Eyesight or other comparable elements, making the Legacy a better choice for many drivers. 


The next time you are out looking for a new vehicle, consider a Subaru Legacy. The cars have everything you need and value most, whether it is speed, performance, or special safety features. But, when it comes to picking the best Legacy of all time, 2009, 2015, and 2019 models stand out above the others.

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