The Great Mattress Migration: Can a Queen Mattress Fit in an SUV?

Sleep is car The Great Mattress Migration: Can a Queen Mattress Fit in an SUV?

A queen mattress typically cannot fit inside a standard SUV when flat. Most SUVs require the mattress to be angled or bent for transportation.

Transporting a queen mattress requires careful consideration of your vehicle’s interior space. Owners of SUVs often wonder if they can avoid the hassle and expense of delivery services by moving their queen-sized mattresses themselves. Size compatibility is vital, as a queen mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches, presenting a unique challenge for fitting into an SUV’s cargo area.

Solutions such as folding or angling the mattress may work, but doing so could compromise the mattress’s integrity. This guide addresses the logistics of the great mattress migration, helping you understand the limitations and providing practical tips for potentially relocating your queen mattress with an SUV.

Standard Dimensions of a Queen Mattress

A queen mattress typically measures 60 inches by 80 inches ( This size may be a challenge for some smaller SUVs, but with a bit of maneuvering, it may fit into larger SUVs.

When translated into cubic feet, which is typically how cargo space in an SUV is measured, a queen mattress has dimensions of approximately 33.33 cubic. For more information on how to measure your car for a queen mattress, visit our article onĀ queen mattress dimensions for car.

DimensionSize (Inches)Size (Cubic Feet)
Total Volume33.33

Weight Considerations for Transportation

The weight of a queen size mattress can vary depending on the type, ranging from 45 pounds to 71 pounds (Casper). The weight is a crucial factor to consider when planning to transport a mattress in an SUV.

It’s worth mentioning that moving a queen size mattress may require the help of a friend due to its weight. Attempting to lift and move a mattress alone can cause physical injuries, strained muscles, or nasty falls, so having a partner is essential (Casper).

Mattress TypeWeight (Pounds)
Foam45 – 50
Innerspring60 – 65
Hybrid70 – 71

Understanding the dimensions and weight of a queen mattress will help you determine whether your SUV can accommodate it. If not, you may need to explore other options for transporting a queen size mattress.

The Great Mattress Migration

Moving a queen mattress into an SUV presents its unique set of challenges. The dimensions of a queen mattress, typically 60 inches by 80 inches, may not easily align with the interior space of an SUV, whose cargo space can significantly vary among models. Measuring the vehicle’s cargo area and the mattress itself is crucial before attempting to fit it inside.

  • Before starting, ensure the SUV’s cargo space is clear of any items obstructing the mattress.
  • Folding the rear seats down can create additional space and facilitate a smoother transition for the mattress.
  • Position the mattress diagonally or roll it up, if possible, to maximize the available space.
  • Securing the mattress with straps or ropes is essential to prevent movement during transportation.

Should fitting a queen mattress into an SUV prove infeasible, alternative transportation methods include:

Renting a TruckIt provides ample space and is a common choice for more oversized furniture items.
Using a TrailerIt is an affordable option if you have a vehicle with towing capabilities.
Professional MoversIt is ideal for those seeking convenience and expertise in furniture transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions On The Great Mattress Migration: Can A Queen Mattress Fit In An Suv?

Can you fit a Queen-size Mattress in an SUV?

A queen-size mattress often exceeds the cargo space of most standard SUVs and may require folding or bending, which is not recommended. Consider delivery options or a larger transport vehicle.

Can I Move A Mattress In An SUV?

Yes, you can move a mattress using an SUV. Ensure the mattress fits within the cargo space or can be securely strapped to the roof. Folding the mattress may be necessary for proper fit. Open windows or tie the mattress down safely to prevent hazards.

How Do You Transport A Queen Size Mattress?

To transport a queen-size mattress, secure it in a protective cover, use a moving van or truck, and keep it flat or slide it on its side. Get help lifting and carrying it, avoiding bending or folding safely.

Secure the mattress during transit to prevent shifting.

Can A Queen Size Mattress Fit In A Ford Escape?

A queen-size mattress typically cannot fit inside a Ford Escape, as the vehicle’s cargo space is too small for a standard queen mattress’s dimensions.


Transporting a queen mattress need not be a royal pain. The feat is achievable with the right SUV and a bit of planning. Always measure before the move, secure the mattress properly, and drive with extra caution. This clever approach can save you the cost and hassle of professional movers.


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