What SUV Can Fit a Queen Mattress? (4 Best Examples!)

Mattresses are notoriously difficult to transport. When moving houses or buying a new mattress, SUV owners often wonder what SUV can fit a queen mattress?

It’s common for people to wonder if their vehicle will have enough space to fit a queen-sized mattress. We evaluated the types of SUVs that successfully fit queen-sized mattresses.

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What SUV can fit a queen mattress? The 2020 Buick Enclave Avenir can.

So, what SUV can fit a queen mattress? There are 4 main types of SUVs that can comfortably fit a queen-sized mattress without any overhang.

These are a Toyota Highlander, a Buick Enclave, a Ford Explorer, and a Ford Expedition. Other types of SUVs can fit mattresses as cargo, but there will be some overhang.

Now you may be wondering what kind of space does each specific model of SUV offers and how big the cargo area is. Here is everything that you need to know about SUVs that can fit mattresses.

What SUV Can Fit A Queen Mattress?

An SUV that can fit a queen-sized mattress isn’t as common as you might think. After all, a queen mattress has very uncomfortable dimensions, so most SUVs will have some overhang.

For example, the Chevrolet Suburban is a full-size SUV with plenty of cargo room. However, its internal design doesn’t allow for a queen size to fit properly.

That’s why people ask: what SUV can fit a queen mattress? Let’s find out.

What SUV Can FIt A Queen Mattress? 4 Main Types of SUVs Can Fit a Queen Mattress

Toyota Highlander:

What are the most common problems with the Toyota Highlander What SUV Can Fit a Queen Mattress? (4 Best Examples!)

An favorite answer to “What SUV can fit a queen mattress?” is the Toyota Highlander. This is a highly rated SUV with all-wheel-drive, high-quality handling, and a multi-terrain selection of the vehicle.

This vehicle was recently reengineered and designed in 2020, providing better handling and a smoother drive.

The Toyota Highlander has a hybrid option, which provides the same amount of space and similar travel benefits, but the hybrid car uses two different types of fuel.

Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and traditional gas. These cars are more environmentally friendly, and less money is needed for gas with them.

However, these cars can be initially more expensive and they have less power than a traditional hybrid car.

Cargo Space: A key feature of a Toyota Highlander is the large amount of cargo space that it contains.

This cargo space is about 16 cubic feet, but with all the seats down it has 84.3 cubic feet.

2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum AWD Gray Metallic 012 1500x1057 1 What SUV Can Fit a Queen Mattress? (4 Best Examples!)

Although cubic feet is good to know for stacking boxes or loading other small items into the back, it is a frustrating form of measurement when figuring out if a mattress will fit in the vehicle.

In terms of more standardized measurements, the Toyota Highlander has a hatch width of 47″, a hatch height of 31″ and the space between wheel wells is 45.5′”.

A typical queen-sized mattress is 60″ wide and 80″ long, which means that the mattress will fit in the car with the seats down if the mattress is put in at a diagonal angle.

This car works out well for transporting mattresses.

However, if you are looking to put a mattress in an SUV for camping purchases, the mattress is too large to lay down flat in the vehicle, or in most SUVs for that matter.

You should purchase a specific car mattress for those camping purposes. These car mattresses can be purchased on Amazon.

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Buick Enclave

A Buick Enclave is a mid-sized SUV that fits 7 people and has all-wheel drive. This vehicle is well-liked for its spaciousness and high-quality safety features.

The Buick Enclave scored 5 out of 5 stars in its National Highway Traffic Administration safety rating.

Cargo Space: The Buick Enclave is known for its spaciousness, and the cargo space is no exception. The Buick Enclave has a cargo space of 23.6 cubic feet, and 97.6 cubic feet with all of the seats folded down.

In more standard forms of measurement helpful to mattress carrying, the Buick has 46.7″ of space between the wheels wells, and this car has a depth of 86.9″ to the seats.

A Queen-sized mattress of normal dimensions will fit snugly in the back of a Buick Enclave, but it will not be able to lay down flat.

To fit the mattress in, all the seats will have to be folded in and the mattress will have to be at a diagonal angle.

Ford Explorer

Black Ford Explorer parked on the side of a road

Can a queen mattress fit in a Ford Explorer? This is a common question we get, and with good reason.

The Ford Explorer is a highly rated SUV with 20″ wheels, a 12-speaker Bluetooth audio system, and all-wheel-drive capabilities.

The Ford Explorer has hybrid options for a more ecologically friendly car, but the majority of Ford Explorer vehicles are typical gas-powered cars.

Cargo Space: The Ford Explorer has around 18.2 cubic feet of storage, and 87.8 cubic feet when all the seats are folded down.

The Ford Explorer has 48″ of space between the wheel wells, and 68.5″ of depth to seats. The hatch width is 46.7″, whereas the hatch height is 31″.

A mattress will be able to fit in the back of a Ford Explorer without it sticking out or overlapping at all.

However, the mattress will have to be carefully placed at a diagonal angle within the back of the vehicle.

Ford Expedition

153909237 s What SUV Can Fit a Queen Mattress? (4 Best Examples!)

The Ford Expedition is a high-quality, large SUV that has really high customer satisfaction and high quality scores across the board.

The Ford Expedition has all-wheel-drive capabilities and is a good vehicle for off-roading.

Cargo Space: The specific measurement of cargo space depends on the specific Ford Expedition type you’re dealing with.

The Ford Expedition Max, for example, has the largest amount of cargo space at 35″ of cubic space and 12.5 Cubic feet when all the seats are folded down.

Although the Expedition Max is the largest and contains the most space, any type of Ford Expedition vehicle will be large enough to hold and transport a mattress without worrying about the mattress sticking out of the back.

The Ford Expedition has enough room to fit not only the mattress but the accompanying bedframe and any other items needed with the mattress.

Other SUVs That Can Fit a Mattress:

Will an air mattress fit in a RAV4 1 What SUV Can Fit a Queen Mattress? (4 Best Examples!)

The Toyota RAV4 vehicle can fit a mattress in the back, but there will be about 3″ of overhang where the mattress will stick out of the back of the vehicle.

While the mattress may stick out, it will still be manageable to transport, you just might have to use a ratchet strap to hold the hatch semi-closed around the mattress.

There is a small enough amount of overlap that it may be possible to fit the mattress into the RAV4 and be able to close the hatch, but this will require a lot of manipulation and trial and error.

Other SUVs that can fit a queen mattress include the Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade.

SUVs That Do Not Fit Mattresses:

Many SUVs do not have enough storage to fit and transport a mattress safely. Some examples are the Nissan Rogue, Honda CRV, Chevrolet Equinox, and Grand Cherokee.

The question also extends to European SUVs. For example, it’s common for people to ask: can you fit a queen mattress in a Volkswagen Tiguan? Unfortunately, the cargo area in the Volskwagen Tiguan isn’t enough to safely fit a queen mattress.

For information on how to fit a mattress in an SUV, watch the video provided below:

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