Can You Sleep in the Back of a Subaru Forester?

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Sleep in a Subaru Forester

Camping has always been a popular pastime for many Americans. In the last couple of years, it has exploded in popularity. There are several ways to go camping, from sleeping under the stars to staying in a tent to sleeping in a 5th-wheel travel trailer. 

One way that has become very popular in recent years is camping in your vehicle

If you are learning about this sort of camping, you may be wondering which vehicles make the best tiny “campers.” If you are an experienced vehicle camper, you may be looking to upgrade your vehicle. 

You may want more room or storage space. No matter your level of experience, there are things to consider before sleeping in a Subaru Forester, such as size, comfort, and necessities.

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Can you Sleep in the Back of a Subaru Forester?

A Subaru Forester can comfortably sleep one or two people in the back. While it depends on the size of the people, how close they’re willing to be, and how much additional gear you’ll need to store too, you can still plan to sleep in the back of your Forester on your next camping trip.

One of the first things you should consider is size. Is the Subaru Forester large enough to sleep in? The answer is yes, it is large enough. How large is it? Surprisingly, the Forester is large enough for two average-sized adults to sleep in. 

Alternatively, one adult and two children could sleep in it.

The amount of comfortable space inside would depend on how much gear you needed to bring with you. 

Ideally, the Forester is perfect for one adult and plenty of camping equipment.

Secondhand Foresters

Most secondhand Foresters will have seats that fold down. 

How flat they go will depend on the model of Forester.

Even if the seats do not go all the way down, you can build a bed platform to create a flat sleeping surface.

Why Choose a Forester for Camping?

Why choose a Forester to camp in when tents, motorhomes, and full-sized vans exist? There are a few reasons. 

Motorhomes and vans are certainly more costly and have higher fuel costs. 

With a tent, you’d be sleeping on the ground, and you’d have to put up and pull down the tent at every campsite. 

Another reason that many people choose the Forester for camping is its off-road capabilities. 

This vehicle can handle rough roads and get you further into the wilderness than a regular van or car can.

Do the Seats Fold Down Flat in a Subaru Forester?

can you sleep in a subura forester Can You Sleep in the Back of a Subaru Forester?

It is important to consider whether the seats can fold down flat when purchasing a vehicle for sleeping.

It is difficult to create a comfortable bed in a vehicle that does not have fold-down seats. 

Fortunately, the Subaru Forester has seats that fold down.

This makes it a great choice for napping or camping.

To fold the seat down flat:

  • Push the front seats forward as far as possible
  • Locate the lever on top of the back seat
  • Pull the lever upward, allowing the seat to fold forward
  • Repeat this process for the other backseat

This will allow you to have a level, flat sleeping surface in the back of your Forester.

What Kind of Bed can you put in a Subaru Forester?

You can sleep comfortably in a Subaru Forester. You have several options when choosing a bed in a Forester. 

Anything from throwing a sleeping bag in the back to a full build-out complete with storage and a mini-kitchen can work in a Subaru Forester. 

When it comes to different types of beds there are two main camps among car-dwellers; air mattresses and foam mattresses

Air Mattresses

Ait mattresses can be a great choice for car-camping because they are affordable, easy to store, and are very comfortable. 

They come in many different sizes, and there are even some designed specifically for cars, although those tend to be pricier.

There are some problems with air mattresses, however. 

They tend to deflate over time and they don’t last very long. They are also a poor choice for cold weather.

Foam Mattress

Most full-time car dwellers prefer foam. 

Foam lasts a lot longer than an air mattress.

There are a few options, from memory foam to high-density foam to tri-fold foam mattresses. 

Foam beds are better for colder weather because you will not have cold air all around you.

You will need a few inches of foam before it is comfortable, and it isn’t easy to store when not in use.

When considering what type of bed to put in your Forester, think about what will be comfortable for you and what will fit your space. 

Things to Consider Before Going Camping in your Subaru Forester

Many vehicle campers spend a lot of time and money building out the back of their vans or SUVs. 

Often, they install custom beds and kitchens.

Some campers throw a cot in the back and head out. 

When it comes to camping out in your vehicle, all you need is a way to cook your meals, a comfy place to sleep, something to use for storage, and some ventilation.


There are many different ways to prepare meals when camping out of a vehicle. 

You can cook over a campfire, with a camp stove that runs off of butane or propane, or with an electrical device such as an air-fryer if you have access to a power source. 

Many car campers choose a small backpacking stove since they take up the least space.

The best choice is the one that makes you the most comfortable.


People have come up with numerous different ways to store their gear when it comes to car camping. 

Many people who fully build their vehicle add shelves or cupboards. 

Others use totes, bins, or baskets to store their things. 

Installing a roof rack is a great way to have more storage. 

Cargo boxes are popular among car-dwellers.

What sorts of things will you need to store? That depends on what your needs are as a camper. 

Food, dishes, and clothes can be stored in bins or cubbies. 

Camping gear like stoves, fuel, tarps, and chairs need their own storage spaces.


The most important thing about camping is having a comfortable place to sleep. 

Some campers like air mattresses, and some like foam. 

Many use a combination of both, with the base being a self-inflating sleeping mat.


It is important to have some ventilation when sleeping in your Subaru Forester. 

It can get very stuffy inside and condensation can be an issue. 

For the mist, simply cracking one of the windows will be enough. 

Consider using a battery-powered fan if it is hot and humid out.

In Summary

Can you sleep in the back of a Subaru Forester? Yes! Whether for a nap on your lunch break or a month-long camping trip, you can sleep comfortably in the back of your Forester. 

Consider how much space you’ll have, what kind of bed you want, and whether you need overlanding capabilities or not before making your purchase. 

Many people have made memorable camping trip memories using a Forester. The Forester is great for sleeping and camping. 

If you are looking for a sleeping vehicle, it is a good choice.