How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Nissan Rogue Transmission

A very unfortunate part of owning a vehicle is that sometimes parts wear out and you and I are then stuck with the burden of paying for it. The Nissan Rogue in recent years has been known to face problems with its transmission. So, how much does it cost to replace a Rogue’s transmission?

On average you should expect to spend around $3,000 on a new Nissan Rogue transmission, although you may be able to find a used transmission that fits your vehicle for closer to $2,000. The newer the vehicle, the cheaper it is going to be to replace the transmission on your Nissan Rogue.

Replacing car parts can be extremely frustrating and stressful, but you don’t have to go about it alone. I have put together some more information that will help you understand the exact cost it will be for your vehicle along with some tips on how to take care of your transmission going forward.

Cost Breakdown

Buying a new transmission can cost a pretty penny, and obviously, it takes much of your precious time trying to find the best deal. Mechanics are sometimes known to give people the run around when it comes to price. To help you avoid this, I have put together a chart that will help you see exactly how much you should plan to spend on a replacement transmission for your Rogue (source).


As you can see, the price depends a lot on what year of Rogue you own. You may have also noticed that the year 2016 did not have a price for a new transmission. This is primarily due to a lawsuit that was placed against Nissan for the 2014-2016 models of the Rogue. In this lawsuit, people stated that the car often lurched and shook as they were driving it.

These problems are commonly due to poorly functioning transmissions. Because of this, it is going to cost significantly more for a used transmission due to the effort it takes to rebuild. Meanwhile, it is almost impossible to find a new transmission from those years. Even if you could, it is not likely that you would even want to deal with the same problems that Rogue customers faced in those years (source).

Outside of the cost for you to buy a new transmission for your vehicle, there is going to be some cost to hire a mechanic to install it for you. Replacing a transmission can be a very tough thing to do, so you should expect to pay a mechanic about $1000-$1200 for labor. This price is just average, but you may be able to save some money by finding a local mechanic.

Oftentimes if you go through a business, you can expect to go through the run around about pricing, but if you find someone that works out of their home or runs a private business, you may be able to avoid paying more than you want to.

How Often Should I Replace it?

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It is hard to say exactly how often a transmission should be replaced. The need for replacement is going to depend mainly on how well the transmission was made and how well the driver takes care of it. A transmission that is not taken care of may be subject to repairs at least every 50,000 miles. For the average driver, who doesn’t recklessly change gears and gets their car serviced every once in a while, you should expect to be able to drive about 100,000 miles before any kind of transmission repair is needed (source).

As far as a complete replacement of your transmission goes, even if you do very minimal maintenance on the transmission you should be able to drive about 160,000 miles before a complete replacement is needed. Like I mentioned previously however, transmissions can be pretty pricey. With a total cost nearing $4,000-$5,000, you probably don’t want to be replacing big parts like the transmission very often.

I mean if you are going to pay that much, that is almost enough money that you could put into buying a totally new car! The truth is that there really shouldn’t be any reason that your transmission goes out so quickly. After all, you spent your hard-earned money on that car and you shouldn’t have to always be worried about what part is going to break next. When it comes to the transmission, there are many things that you can do to take good care so that replacements are few and far between (source).

Basic Transmission Care

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You obviously don’t want to be throwing money into a brand new transmission unless you have to. A majority of the transmissions that need to be replaced are broken down due to poor maintenance. Part of being a good car owner is knowing how to take care of that car. I have come up with a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your transmission running for a very long time.

  • Check the transmission fluid – This is an extremely important thing to do. Checking the transmission fluid is somewhat similar to checking the oil on your car. It would be important for you first to check the owner’s manual to determine if your car should be on or off while checking the transmission fluid. Once you have determined that, then you can locate the dipstick where the transmission fluid is measured. Much like checking the oil, you will pull the dipstick out and wipe it off with some kind of paper towel and then dip it back in to get an accurate reading as to how much fluid is in there.
  • Change Transmission Fluid – Even if you check the amount of fluid, it is still important to remember that although there may be fluid in there it can go bad after a while. You should take your car in about every 60,000 miles to get your transmission fluid changed.
  • Be careful changing gears – Be careful that you do not change gears while the car is moving unless you absolutely have to. Doing this can cause unnecessary strain to the transmission.

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