A 5-Step Guide To Remove Stains From Leather Car Seats

Are there stains on your car leather seats? Are you wondering how to remove stains from leather car seats? This article has the answers, even for cleaning perforated leather car seats.

How To Remove Stains From Leather Car Seats 1 A 5-Step Guide To Remove Stains From Leather Car Seats

How do you remove stains from leather car seats?

To remove stains from leather car seats, you will vacuum the seats, apply a cleaning solution, scrub off the stains using a soft-bristle brush, wipe the residue using a microfiber towel, and allow the seats to dry. You should then condition the leather to prevent future stains.

In this guide, we will take you through the steps of how to get rid of stains from car leather seats. So, if there are stains on your car leather seats and you are wondering how you can get rid of them, this guide has the answers.

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As much as leather seats may be pricier than fabric seats, they will add a certain degree of luxury and elegance to your car. Furthermore, cars outfitted with leather seats tend to have a higher resale value, compared to those with fabric seats. This can be attributed to leather’s silky smooth touch, plushness, as well as a pleasant smell.

But like any other type of car seat, car leather seats are also prone to stains. For instance, you may accidentally spill your morning coffee on your car leather seats, as you rush to work. Also, your children may leave your seats with fat or grease-like material, as they enjoy some French fries or burgers in the car.

If these substances are not treated or removed, they will leave your car leather seats with unsightly stain marks. And at first glance, it may appear as if removing stains from your car leather seats will be an impossible task.

But, that’s not the case. Removing stains from leather seats is a simple process. And if you do it right, you will get rid of them completely, leaving your car leather seats looking fresh and as good as new.

How to Remove Stains from Leather Car Seats

Coffee, soda, beer, tea, and fat from fast foods are among the most common substances that will stain your car leather seats. And it’s highly advisable to wipe off the substances from the leather seat with a dry cloth. Doing so will help to get rid of the substance right away since leather is not as absorbent as fabric.

But, if you fail to wipe off the substance on the spot, you shouldn’t despair. You can still remove the stain from your car leather seats. Here are the steps to follow to remove stains and leave them spotless.

How To Remove Stains From Leather Car Seats 1 1 A 5-Step Guide To Remove Stains From Leather Car Seats

Vacuum the Seats

When it comes to removing stains from leather stains, the first thing you should do is vacuum the seats. While it may appear like an unnecessary step, vacuuming the seats before you begin the actual work of removing the stains will help to get rid of all the dirt, debris and grime stuck between and on the car leather seats.

A car vacuum will be the ideal piece of equipment for this task. But if you don’t have one, you can simply use an air compressor. It will help to remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck between and on the leather seats.

Make sure you vacuum the seats gently, to avoid scratching the leather seats. While you may fix the scratches, they may not look as pristine as they were before the scratches. So, proceed with caution when vacuuming the seats.  

Apply a Cleaning Solution

After you’ve finished vacuuming all the leather seats in your car, the next step is to apply a cleaning solution to all the stained areas. You can purchase a commercial car leather seat cleaner from a local store, or you can use common household products to clean your leather seats.

If you decide to buy a commercial cleaner, ensure you read the label carefully and stay away from any product that contains ammonia or bleach. While ammonia and bleach may remove the stains, they may cause permanent damage to your car leather seats. So, stay away from them.

If you are not a fan of commercial car seat cleaners, then you can just prepare one yourself. Preparing a cleaning solution for car leather seats is a simple process. 

You can prepare homemade cleaning solutions using white vinegar and linseed oil, vinegar and olive oil or dishwashing soap with water.

For white vinegar with linseed oil, the mixing ratio will be 1 to 2. This implies that you will mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil. If you opt to prepare a cleaning solution using vinegar and olive oil, then you will mix a quarter cup of vinegar with half a cup of olive oil. 

And as for the dishwashing liquid with water, the mixing ratio will be 1 to 5.

Once you’ve prepared your preferred cleaning solution, you should put it in a spray bottle. However, make sure you conduct a test patch of the cleaning solution you’ve prepared on an obscured part of the leather that has a stain. If the solution removes the stain and doesn’t damage the seat, you can proceed to spray it directly on the other stained areas.

Scrub off the Stains

After applying the cleaning solution, you should allow it to sit on the stain for a couple of minutes. During this time, it will break down and loosen the stain, making it easy to remove thereafter.

After letting the cleaning solution sit on the stain for around five to ten minutes, you should then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the affected area. If the stain comes off, you can then proceed to the next one.

In case the stain doesn’t come off yet, you should allow the cleaning solution to sit on it for a couple of more minutes. After that, you should then scrub it using your soft-bristle brush.

You should avoid using too much water when scrubbing the stains. Using too much water can cause permanent damage to your leather seats. On the same note, you shouldn’t use too much cleaning solution. Applying too much of the cleaning solution can also damage the car leather seats.

Wipe Off the Residue

After you’ve scrubbed all the stains using a soft-bristle brush, you should then use a soft, damp cloth and clean water to wipe off the residue. A piece of microfiber cloth or towel will be the best for this type of work. It will help to remove the residue completely, without leaving any debris behind. You should continue wiping the car leather seats with the microfiber cloth until it looks dry.

Allow the Seats to Dry

Once you’ve finished wiping off the residue and water from the seats, you should then allow them to air-dry. Ensure you allow them ample time to dry before anyone can sit on them.

After your seats are clean and dry, you should then apply a leather conditioner. Applying a leather conditioner to your seats will help to add a layer of protection to them

It will prevent cracking and chipping. Also, this leather condition will prevent the colors on the seat from fading while making the seats resistant to future stains.

Wrapping It Up

Removing stains from car leather seats is not as complicated as some people may think it is. So, whether your car leather seats are stained by coffee, beer, soda, grease, or water streaks, the steps we’ve shared in this article should help you to remove them and leave the seats looking pristine.

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