Replacement Infiniti Keys: Cost To Buy And Where To Get Them!

Replacing an Infiniti car key can sound like a daunting task. How much do they cost to buy, and where do you go to get your Infinity key replaced? Infinity keys are fairly easy to replace, after all. You now have a few options to get a new Infiniti key, and they are accessible to just about everyone.

Replacement Infiniti Keys Cost To Buy And Where To Get Them 1 2 Replacement Infiniti Keys: Cost To Buy And Where To Get Them!

Replacement Infiniti Keys

Infiniti drivers have some choices when replacing or getting a new key. The dealership can make a key on the spot while a locksmith has similar features. You can also save some money by ordering a new key FOB online and programming it.

We’ll consider specifics to each method of getting a new, working key for your Infiniti vehicle. With a few options, let’s balance the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We’ve replaced keys before, and certainly know the feeling of having nonworking or lost keys. Thankfully, we’ve done some research and can help guide you out of this problem.

What do to before you replace your Infinity key

Sounds like your Infiniti key is either lost or doesn’t work. Before reading on about methods of replacement, you should check a couple of potential items that might help.

Your Infiniti key battery

If your Infiniti key isn’t working, you should check your battery before you do anything. An Infiniti key will commonly blink a light at you when it’s not working, and the car itself might display a warning that your key FOB is dying. 

We would suggest buying a new battery first. Thankfully, this is the easiest action to take as they often take small watch batteries. You’ll only want to open your Infiniti key and put a new battery in. The only tool you should need for this is a small prying tool like a butter knife – just to get the old battery out. Your fingernails might work too!

Your warranty

If you still have an available new warranty on your Infiniti, you might be in luck. Should your key FOB stop working, the key FOB itself should be covered under warranty too. Call your local dealer or mechanic and see if you are charged a deductible to have the key FOB looked at.

How to replace your Infiniti key

Let’s talk about a few options for replacing your Infiniti key and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Order a key online

There are many websites to order key replacements from.



Ordering a key online is usually the least expensive method of replacing a key. In many cases, online stores have lower costs and can save you over $100 compared to alternate methods of replacement. 


There might be more than one style of key FOB available – and you could get more or less. Some Infiniti users don’t use their whole key FOB, and there’s a chance that you can order one for a bit less money that doesn’t do all the same things your previous FOB did.



Shopping online requires someone picking the order and shipping it to you, then having a courier deliver it. While this process is certainly much faster than it was decades ago, it’s not as fast as other options available here, including the dealership. You can get faster shipping, but you’ll pay a lot more for it.


While programming your key FOB is not that hard, buying online means that you’ll either have to reprogram the key yourself or the key won’t work. Note that a dealer or mechanic might be willing to work on outside purchase key FOB – for a fee.


Some people like warranties for electronics – just in case there is a problem. In the case of buying online, the dealership won’t cover the cost of parts or labor if something goes wrong with the key FOB. The website might but usually for a fairly limited time, and you’ll have to do some back and forth communication, as well as likely shipping it back.


Because nearly anyone can set up an e-commerce store to sell key FOBs, we strongly suggest you look at reviews for websites before buying a key FUB. 

Use websites like ResellerRatings. See how they go about their returns process, refunds, and communications with customers. We’ll be to the point here: usually, if a price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Going to an Infiniti dealership

Infiniti probably has a dealership within 20 miles of you. This is the physical location where they sell cars and service them too.



Between being relatively nearby and having Infiniti key fobs in stock, an Infiniti dealership and service department should be the fastest option available. 

Unless the dealer is very busy, you should be able to get a new key programmed to your car in less than a couple of hours. You could look at new cars while you are there – or enjoy the coffee and snacks many dealers provide.


While the process of programming your Infiniti key isn’t difficult – it is nice to have someone do it for you, especially if you don’t want to. A trained technician will hop into your car with your new key FOB and get it set up the right away, and test it.


A key FOB purchased at the dealership and set up by a dealership will be under some sort of warranty. This is helpful in the event that the key FOB fails, which does happen with electronics. You’ll either have a free fix or a very cheap one.



While dealerships offer the most help, they are also generally the most expensive. You should expect to pay upwards of $200 with parts and labor, which is at least $50 more than other options.

Not always fast

One aspect of dealerships that people don’t always like is an unpredictable wait. Some dealerships have rental cars if you have to go about your day. Otherwise, you might be sitting the lobby for a while, which might be OK with free wifi and snacks!


Dealerships generally don’t let you go back into the service bay to see how they fix your car or pair your key. You’ll pay for the service, but they won’t teach you how to complete the process.


A locksmith is typically local, and unlocks doors and makes keys.



A locksmith comes to you. A locksmith is especially convenient if you don’t have any keys left for your Infiniti, or the dealership is a significant distance away. Most locksmiths simply pull up to your parking space or driveway in a van.

Less expensive

A locksmith tends to cost less than a dealership, though this isn’t always the case. You might want to ask your local locksmiths their rate before they come to help you.


Find the right one

Not every locksmith will have an Infiniti key FOB in stock since they aren’t all that common of a car. Also, be sure that the locksmith knows more than you do about connecting the key. After all, locksmiths are usually pretty good about learning techniques, but they aren’t always knowledgeable about every car.

Which one should I pick?

If you are in a rush or have no experience buying online and potentially pairing a key yourself, we suggest you go to a dealership. Sure, it costs more, but it’s more full service and you’ll likely be out of there within a couple of hours. 

The locksmith is by far the best if you have a little time on your hands and more importantly – if you can’t find a key at all!

Does the Infiniti key do anything unique?

The Infiniti key can do some things you might consider unique. For example, you might be aware that some Infinitis have amenities like memory seats or air conditioner settings. 

Climate and comfort settings can be stored within specific keys so that starting the Infiniti with that key sets the car correctly for that person. While this would normally require touching a button or two within the vehicle – storing it within the key FOB adds convenience.

Infiniti also offers more basic functions, including remote locking and unlocking as well as keyless entry.

Do I need special software to program an Infiniti key?

You shouldn’t need special software. The reprogramming procedure is fairly simple – and also quite similar to Infiniti’s sister brand Nissan.

How do I program an Infiniti key to my vehicle?

If you bought online, you’ll find this especially helpful!

  1. Get in your vehicle with the new key. Lock the doors and turn the car off
  2. Insert the key into the ignition/port on repeat at least 9 times. Do this until the Infiniti’s hazard lights flash
  3. When the hazards flash, then the key into accessory/auxillary mode, then promptly press a button on the key FOB. This could cause that function on the button to happen, like unlocking the far. 
  4. Take the key out.
  5. Get out of the vehicle and attempt any button on the FOB. The FOB should now work!

See? It’s fairly easy – one of the biggest challenges is pushing the button quickly after seeing the hazards flash and turning the vehicle into ACC mode. The other challenge is of course acquiring a new key FOB from somewhere!

What should I do if I’m locked out of my car without keys?

This situation is never good – but you can make the most of it. Most car insurance plans offer free roadside assistance and towing. 

You could choose to have your Infiniti towed to a dealership to get a new key (it’s probably possible for them to pop it open to get a new key programmed) or to get the door open – which might reduce the price of a locksmith visit.

Can I start my car with a dead key FOB?

Even if your vehicle has a dead or dying key and push-button start, you can often start your car anyway. Rather than pushing the button with your finger, try doing so with the key FOB itself. With little battery left, the closer range push can help the vehicle recognize even a FOB on its last legs.

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