Will a Full Size Mattress Fit in a 4Runner: 3 Considerations

Camping in a Toyota 4Runner offers a unique blend of adventure and versatility, allowing enthusiasts to embrace the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. It is essential to ensure a comfortable sleeping arrangement; choosing a full-size mattress becomes pivotal in this regard.


A full-size mattress can fit in a Toyota 4Runner, but there are three things to remember. You’ll need to take accurate cargo space measurements to ensure the mattress fits.

Also, understanding the mattress dimensions and the potential unevenness created by the angled portion at the bottom of the folded seats is essential.

Here, we’ll discuss the considerations for placing a full-size mattress in a Toyota 4Runner and provide steps to do it right. You will also find how to place your mattress in the cargo area of your Toyota 4Runner like a pro.

3 Considerations that Confirm a Full-Size Mattress Fits in a 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner’s cargo might be good enough to fit a full-size mattress comfortably. But there are 3 factors you must take into account before buying one.

  1. Cargo space measurements
  2. Verify Mattress dimensions
  3. Folded seats and floor level

No 01: Cargo Space Measurements

Measure out the length, width, and height of your 4Runner’s cargo area to ensure that a full-size mattress will fit.

  • You can start by folding down the rear seats to maximize the available space.
  • Take accurate measurements from the back of the front seats to the tailgate for the length.
  • Measure the width between the wheel wells or any other obstructions affecting the mattress fit.
  • Also, consider the height of the cargo area, including any protrusions or irregularities that could limit the mattress size.

Ensure your measurements are accurate before fitting a full-size sleeping mattress inside your off-road 4runner. At the same time, be sure to account for any additional items you plan to store in your vehicle along with the mattress.

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No 02: Verify Mattress Dimensions

Ensure that the mattress you intend to use is the right size by checking its dimensions. Standard full-size mattresses typically measure around 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length.

You should compare these measurements with the cargo space measurements of your 4Runner. Remember to consider any tapering or angles in the back of the vehicle, as this can affect the practical and usable space.

No 03: Folded Seats and Floor Level

You should consider the configuration of the folded seats and the level of the cargo floor before purchasing a full-size sleeping mattress for your 4Runner.

The first thing to check is whether the seats are completely flat or if there is any incline. Some models have a flat-folding feature, providing a more even surface for the mattress. This is important because an inclined surface can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Also, take note of the height difference between the folded seats and the cargo area floor. If the seats aren’t flush with the floor, it may create an uneven sleeping surface or cause the mattress to be higher than desired.

How Do You Fit a Full Size Mattress in Your 4Runner?

To place a full-size sleeping mattress in an advanced 4th generation 4Runner, there are five steps you can follow.

Step 01. Place the Mattress

The mattress should be aligned with the back of the rear seats in the cargo area. Consider any irregularities in the space, such as wheel wells or seat incline, to ensure a proper fit.

Center the mattress for an even distribution and to maximize the available cargo space. You can create a comfortable sleeping space in the 4Runner’s cargo area by positioning the mattress correctly.

Step 02. Customization and Modifications for Perfect Fit

Consider customization and modifications if the mattress doesn’t fit perfectly due to the vehicle’s design or irregularities in the cargo area.

One option is to build a platform to level out any uneven surfaces in the cargo area. This can be done using plywood or another sturdy material cut to fit your vehicle’s dimensions. The platform can be secured in place using screws or brackets.

Another modification is removing the rear seat bases to create a more accommodating sleeping space. This will allow a larger area to place the mattress and ensure a snug fit. These modifications can boost the resale value of your 4Runner to a camping enthusiast.

Step 03. Utilize the Front Passenger Seat Area

Moving the seat forward or reclining it slightly allows you to create additional space for the mattress, allowing for a more extended sleeping surface. Ensure the driver can still reach the pedals and operate the vehicle effectively.

Also, consider using a flexible mattress that can be easily folded or rolled up during the day to free up space in the front passenger seat area.

Step 04. Test and Adjust

Check for any discomfort or instability after Lying down on the mattress. Make sure the mattress fits snugly within the 4Runner without any excess movement.

Adjust the seat position to create more space or provide additional support if needed. Take note of potential issues, such as uneven surfaces or areas where the mattress may shift during travel.

Step 05. Secure the Mattress

To ensure a secure fit, fasten the full-size sleeping mattress to the anchor points in the 4Runner’s cargo area using straps or bungee cords.

  • Start by locating the anchor points in the cargo area near the back of the vehicle.
  • Once located, position the mattress in the desired spot, ensuring it rests flat and snug against the surface.
  • Attach the straps or bungee cords to the anchor points, ensuring they’re securely fastened.
  • It’s important to tighten the straps or cords to prevent any movement during travel.
  • Test the mattress by giving it a gentle shake to ensure it’s properly secured.
  • If there’s any movement, readjust the straps or cords until the mattress is stable.

After all these steps, you and your 4Runner will be ready for a secure and comfortable sleep.

Transform Your 4Runner into a Cozy Sleep Haven with a Full-Size Mattress

Now you know how to insert a full size sleeping mattress in your 4Runner. By carefully measuring cargo space, customizing for a perfect fit, and securing the mattress effectively, you can transform your 4Runner interior into a cozy sleeping quarter.

Just consider a roof rack or trailer for transporting your other camping supplies, including tents and outdoor gear for a safe and secure journey. This will be able to maintain cleanliness and comfort during your next camping trip as you leave your cargo area open for the mattress.

So hit the off-road with confidence, knowing you can sleep soundly in your 4Runner during your camping trip.

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