Are All Jeeps Four Wheel Drive?

Are All Jeeps Four Wheel Drive?

The other day a friend and I were talking about the offroad ability of Jeeps. As we were talking, my friend asked, “Are All Jeeps Four Wheel Drive?” I did not know the answer so I did a little research. I remembered there being two-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee’s back in the 1990’s but I was not sure about now. Here’s what I found…

Are all Jeeps four-wheel drive? All Jeep models offer a four-wheel drive option but you can get some Jeeps in two-wheel drive only.

Some Jeep buyers may want the efficiency of two-wheel drive or maybe they live in an area where four-wheel drive is not required. For these buyers, there are some models that offer a front-wheel drive option.

Related Questions:

What Jeeps offer a front-wheel drive option?

As of the writing of this article, the following models offer front-wheel drive options:

Jeep Renegade: Sport, North, and Altitude models

Jeep Compass: Sport and North models

Jeep Patriot: Sport, North and High Altitude models

Jeep Cherokee: Sport, Sport Altitude, North, Limited, High Altitude, and Overland models.

This leads to another question…

What Jeep Models ONLY Offer Four Wheel Drive?

The Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Jeep Grand Cherokee currently offer all trim levels in four-wheel drive configurations and do not offer anything else.

In conclusion, every Jeep model and every trim level of those models is offered as a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Now we know! I think it’s a pretty cool thing that Jeep had dedicated itself to making each and every model a four-wheel drive capable vehicle.

Does Jeep Make A Vehicle That Isn’t Four-Wheel Drive?

This is another way to ask our opening question and the answer is No. All Jeep models have the option of four-wheel drive, but some select trim levels offer a two-wheel drive option.




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