Are BMW X3 Good in Snow? (Answered!)

The Luxury BMW X3 is known for its comfort, but it also offers a great experience and good handling in inclement weather. The BMW X3 handles well in the snow and is a safe and comfortable choice for a family commuter vehicle.

The BMW X3 is great in the snow. The X3 model comes with an xDrive and AWD drivetrain with features to help with control while driving in rough conditions. It’s also equipped with Dynamic Stability Control, which increases traction and reduces side sliding by monitoring each tire individually.

The BMW X3 handles well in the snow and is a safe and comfortable choice for a family and commuter vehicle. To learn more about its safety features and snow handling, read below.

BMW X3 Snow Handling Features

The BMW X3 is built to handle the snow. This luxury vehicle is designed to keep you safe even in unfavorable conditions. BMW has implemented many safety features that improve handling, increase traction, and maintain safe braking and acceleration.

Dynamic Stability Control

Perhaps the greatest tool for snowy driving is the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). It is operating every time you start the vehicle. The DSC is a traction control mechanism that monitors the suspension system, tracking each tire individually. It monitors the speed of each tire and works with the suspension to control side slip.

This helps on clear, dry roads, but its real power shines when used on icy or snowy roads. It won’t protect you from sliding, but it definitely improves safety on slick roads.


xDrive is the permanent AWD system equipped by the BMW X3. Because AWD utilizes the spin of each wheel, it drives in the snow better than the typical 2WD vehicle. If traction is lost on the front tires, the back tires can still pull you out of the snow. The xDrive isn’t just an AWD system, though.

The xDrive works with the DSC to ensure that your X3 has traction at all times. This powerful system in BMW vehicles focuses on using all of the energy efficiently to propel the vehicle forward. 

This power can also be shifted to meet the demands of the weather conditions. During normal driving, the front and rear axle split the drive power 40:60 respectively. In rougher conditions, the power can be divided differently, giving more to the back or front to pull you out of those slippery situations. (Source)

Active Driving Assistant

Driving Assistant systems are pretty standard in newer vehicles. Driving assistant systems help the driver maneuver safely through traffic and around other obstacles. The Active Driving Assistant in the BMW X3 has the following features:

  • Hill start assist
  • Road sign recognition
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Steering and lane guidance assist
  • Cruise control
  • Distance control
  • Speed limit assist
  • Lane-change warning/lane-change assist
  • Parking assist

Learn more about the Driver Assist System here.

Snow Tires

While the X3 itself has great features that improve handling in the snow, another big factor to consider is the tires. For most vehicles, driving safely in the snow comes down to the tires. Having proper snow tires on your vehicle will always improve safety. If you are driving in the snow frequently or in severe weather conditions, you will want to consider getting snow tires or even snow chains. 

While snow tires are useful in the snow, the stock tires that come on the X3 handle the weather very well. If you aren’t driving a lot in deep snow or slick roads, you won’t need to fuss over the tires too much.

If you have the stock tires and they are in good repair, you will still be more capable on the snowy roads than most other vehicles. Before the snow season, make sure your tires aren’t worn down and that you still have good tread on them. Worn tires can be very dangerous in snowy, wet conditions. 

Are BMW X3 Good in Snow

Driving a BMW X3 in the Snow

Though a BMW X3 is well-equipped for snowy conditions, you should still exercise caution when driving in any unfavorable weather conditions. Leave ample room between you and the cars in front of and beside you. Avoid harsh braking, sudden acceleration, jerky movements, and sharp turns. Any abrupt movement may cause the vehicle to slide and you to lose control.

Be extra careful on turns and hills. When approaching a decline, try to control your speed. Don’t go down a hill too fast, as you may not be able to brake or turn as you go down. When going up a hill, make sure you accelerate enough to make it up. If you accelerate too fast, you may lose control of the vehicle, but if you don’t gain enough speed, you could slide back down the hill. (Source)

Keep in mind the momentum the X3 can generate. The BMW X3 is a big vehicle that keeps moving once it’s going. Because of its weight, the momentum it gains may increase your chance of sliding on slick roads. To avoid issues with sliding, avoid abrupt movements and take turns at slower speeds. 

If you aren’t familiar with driving in the snow, you may want to find an area to practice or take an experienced friend to teach you. If you take your X3 out to practice, be wary of deep snow, as you could get stuck in the deep snow and have trouble getting out on your own. 

Other features of the BMW X3

The BMW X3 is an incredible and capable vehicle that has a variety of amazing features.

The BMW X3 is called a luxury car for several reasons, and the biggest reason is comfort. The X3’s seats are upholstered with SensaTech leather, which isn’t just comfortable, but strong and durable as well.

The front seats are power-adjustable to offer individualized support. The X3 is only a five-seater, but there is a surprising amount of both cargo and passenger space that adds to the overall comfort of the vehicle.

The X3 is also built to be powerful. The X3 is built with high-quality materials. The X3 is built to turn any pavement into a comfortable ride. Its suspension system makes for smoother rides over potholes. Its AWD and Hill Climb Assist aids in tackling steep roads. It has an automatic transmission to ensure smooth, easy shifting.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as durable as other SUVs and has high repair and maintenance costs. However, it is a great car to have if you live in an area that receives a high amount of snowfall in the winter.

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