Best Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats (New for 2021)

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Most automobiles on the road right now would benefit from having a set of rubberized, all-weather floor mats to sop up unruly spills and debris. But the average Toyota Tacoma owner is more than likely to track in heavy-duty dirt. If your Tacoma’s interior has seen better days, or you’re simply on the lookout for new floor mats, look no further.

Not all floor mats serve the same purpose, and not all Toyota Tacoma owners use them the same way. Some owners opt for a one-size-fits-all brand, while others opt for custom-made floor mats that leave no square inch uncovered. Materials, fits, and molded patterns all vary.

We gathered together all the best Toyota Tacoma floor mats on the market and compiled them in our list here. Finding the best floor mat for you is hard enough, so we included all the information you’ll need to make an educated decision before heading off to the auto store.

Weathertech Custom Fit Floor Liner

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The good folks at Weathertech have developed a massive fan base in a relatively short period of time. Known for carrying top-quality, high-density materials made to fit with digital scanning technology, their reputation is solid. These custom floor liners are one of our favorites for Toyota Tacoma owners.

The main benefit to ordering custom-fit liners is the guaranteed coverage of your interior carpet. A digital laser assures that no carpeted surface is exposed to spills, snow, and rain.

Weathertech paid special attention to the design of the channels in the floor liner too. You can remove the rubberized liners and empty the dirt, liquid, and detritus outside the truck without fear of re-spilling the mess over the carpet. The liners keep liquid in place while you’re driving too. 

Thanks to the slip-proof material engineered by Weathertech, the floor mats won’t move and slide even when adjusting your boots or driving in stop and go traffic.

Installing floor liners like these are a good way to raise the retail value of your truck if you choose to sell later on. They add to the durability of the interior and look great too!


  • Channeled surface keeps you and the floor dry 
  • Laser-cut for 100% floor coverage
  • Top non-slip materials cling to carpet 


  • Not ideal for vinyl interiors

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Husky Liners Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners

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Like Weathertech, Husky Liners has a stellar reputation for producing heavy-duty, no-nonsense floor mats. The company uses its FormFit Edge technology to ensure near-exact carpet coverage, with the bonus of including an engineered edge that surrounds the mat. These raised edges surround the mats and contact the door jam for excellent liquid retention.

Specially designed channels direct liquids and fine particles away from the edges of the mat and away from your shoes as well. Husky Liners does a good job of keeping you just as clean as your Toyota Tacoma.

The mats have cleat-like attachments underneath them that act as added friction. Husky Liners calls them StayPut cleats, and they do indeed deliver on the ‘staying put’ promise.

It’s easy to remove and replace these mats, but odds are you won’t need replacements very often. Their high-density rubberized surface is some of the longest-lasting and strongest materials we’ve tested. They repel chemicals like gasoline, battery acid, and oil, all of which are next to impossible to remove from carpet. 

Finally, these liners are available right out of the box. There’s no need to wait for custom orders. But don’t let the difference become too important; they come with a lifetime warranty for cracks and breaks. The manufacturers put just as much care and engineering know-how into designing one-size-fits-all mats as most custom designers would.


  • Made in the US
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty rubberized surface protects against chemical spills


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Toyota Genuine TRD PRO All-Weather Floor Liners

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If there’s one way to ensure you’re getting floor mats that fit your Tacoma to a T, it’s installing Toyota brand floor mats. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products are specially designed to mold to every complex curve in the interior carpet. 

Toyota, a stickler for detail and innovation, is high up on the list of best Tacoma mats bar none.

Other custom and universal floor mat designs will reach nearly 100% carpet coverage, but perfection isn’t quite achievable. Since Toyota has access to all their designs, their floor mats are as close as you can get to a perfect fit. They attach to the factory-made retainers in the floor, so slippage won’t regularly happen. They also align with the exterior design of your truck, so they’re aesthetically pleasing too.

The rugged, angular appearance of the Toyota floor mats brings out its liquid retention qualities well. The channeled surfaces hold moisture and dirt away from the perimeter and safe from wetting your boots.

If you’re something of a perfectionist and you enjoy collecting all the original parts for a decked-out interior, OED Toyota Tacoma floor mats are a must-have. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a Tacoma Crew Cab made after 2016 to fit these mats. There are different models for automatic and manual transmissions.


  • Don’t need a TRD PRO for them, just a Crew Cab
  • OEM products offer a near-perfect fit
  • High friction fasteners are virtually zero slip 


  • Materials aren’t updated like current custom mats

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Armor All Universal All-Season Rubber Floor Mats

These mats offer top-of-the-line liquid retention, design, and removability for much less than competitors. We think they’re the best Toyota Tacoma floor mats if you’re buying on a budget. 

Armor All is popular for its line of auto interior cleaning supplies. With their reputation, it’s natural to start producing floor mats, and they didn’t let us down. These mats will save your carpet and help boost resale value all at once. But they don’t only improve your truck’s lifespan and look; they’re well designed and rugged in their own right.

For a lot of Toyota Tacoma owners, it’s commonplace to spend summers in extreme heat and winters on the other end of the thermometer. Armor All’s All-Season floor mats stay strong and tough in sub-zero temperatures and desert landscapes with equal durability. They don’t curl, harden, or crack with heat and sand. Nor does ice and snow hamper their rigidity.

Finally, the people at Armor All came up with a clever way to make it easy to customize these mats to fit your truck. With only a razor or pair of scissors, you can cut through the rubberized surface to effectively transform a set of off-the-rack mats with custom ones.


  • Simple, universal rubberized design
  • Extreme weather resistant
  • Trimmable mat material for self-customization


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SMARTLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner

SMARTLINER has been producing quality liners for several years, and these custom-made mats show off all the company has to offer. Two-row liners come with the added benefit of shielding every passenger from moisture, but they’re also great for adding a cohesive aesthetic to the truck interior. The point is that these mats are functional and nice to look at too.

Like the other custom floor mats covered in this list, truck owners will notice the advantage that specially-made mats have over universals. The skid-resistant surface eliminates squeaks and gives drivers a firm area to command the wheel. The extra-high edges run against the door, so you can say goodbye to stained carpet near the jamb. But unlike other mats with high-edges, these don’t obstruct easy entry and exit from the cab.

These liners are easy to remove and wash off with a simple hose and rag. When you reinstall them, you’ll notice how they virtually click into place. Though it’s not likely you’ll need replacements, SMARTLINER includes a lifetime warranty to cover damages. 

You’ll also find that these floor mats work with the Toyota safety features. A simple twisting mechanism locks the mats in place, ensuring a zero distraction atmosphere for drivers and passengers. Despite all the added features, SMARTLINER’s floor mats are surprisingly affordable for being custom. Shoppers on a budget should put these mats near the top of their list.


  • Customized for Toyota Tacomas in mind
  • More affordable than other custom mats
  • High-density rubberized material


  • These mats will only fit Tacoma double cabs made between 2012-15

Last update on 2023-06-05 / If you click this affiliate link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Floor mats are one of the easiest ways to increase your Tacoma’s lifespan. It’s also a surefire way to keep your truck’s resale value where it should be. Where you purchase your mats matters, yet whether you opt for universal or custom brands is up to you. 

In our list, we broke down the best Toyota Tacoma floor mats and both custom and off-the-shelf models are represented equally. Benefits and disadvantages come with each type. 

Whichever brand you choose, it’s a sound decision to purchase quality mats over cheaper ones that may last a few years then break down. Driving your Tacoma to its fullest means, in part, that you protect the interior while enjoying the vehicle to its utmost.

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