How Far Can You Drive without a Key Fob in a Honda CRV? 4 Essential Questions Answered!

It’s an accident anyone could have. It’s a cold morning, and you want to warm up your Honda CRV. 

You have the key fob in the car to start the engine, but then you take the key fob back inside. You then forget the key fob, hop in your Honda CRV and drive off.  Just how far will you be able to go in a running Honda CRV without the key fob? 

How far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV

How Far Can You Drive Without a Key Fob in a Honda CRV? 

A Honda CRV without a key fob will drive as long as there’s gas in the tank. CRVs will keep going without the key fob on board.

Theoretically, you could leave your key fob in New York City and drive to Seattle in your Honda CRV if you had the fuel efficiency to make the trip on a single tank of gas. 

The problem comes when you turn off the vehicle or run out of gas. 

A Honda CRV will not restart unless you have the key fob to either use the physical key to start the vehicle or use the push-button start. 

To learn more about how your Honda CRV key fob works, how far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV, and what you can do if your key fob is missing, keep reading. 

Knowing what to do when you lose or forget your Honda CRV key fob is important because both situations happen often. 

What’s In a Key Fob? 

Starting in luxury vehicles, key fobs are now found in many different makes and models of vehicles.

Cars with push-button ignitions have key fobs that allow a driver to keep keys in a pocket or purse yet open a locked car door and start the car. 

Inside the key fob, there is a physical key that will start the car should the battery in the key fob lose power. 

A key fob works as a transmitter that’s programmed to signal your Honda CRV to allow for your vehicle’s starting, locking and unlocking, opening its trunk, and an emergency alarm. 

Receivers in the antenna of your Honda CRV relay those signals within the vehicle.  

Key fobs are seen as an extremely convenient way of getting rid of the old stick-in and turnkeys. 

Drivers no longer fumble for their keys to open car doors or start their vehicles. However, they can also be easy to lose or forget. 

That’s why “how far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV?” is a very common question.

How Far Can You Drive without a Key Fob In a Honda CRV? 

How far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV

Not all vehicles respond this way to not having a key fob nearby.

Some key fobs won’t let you drive a certain distance without them in the cabin, so it’s important to know the technology of your vehicle.  

What if You Forget Your Key Fob? 

If you realize you have forgotten your Honda CRV key fob, it’s important not to turn off your vehicle. 

If your Honda CRV is running, you should be able to return home to retrieve your key fob, as long as you didn’t also lock yourself out of your home.  

If you realize you left your key fob at home after you’ve turned off your Honda CRV, your vehicle will not start. 

Lost Your Key Fob? Here’s What to Do 

Unfortunately, you can’t track your key fob unless you added a key finder device to your key ring.  

If, after searching, you can’t find your Honda CRV key fob and don’t have a key finder to help you locate the missing key fob, you can call a friend or an Uber to take you to your spare key fob. 

What’s that? You don’t have a spare key or key fob? An automotive locksmith or Honda dealer should be able to get you a replacement key fob for your Honda CRV. 

We’ve answered the question, “how far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV?”, but it’s always important to consider these other aspects.

It may be aggravating and cause delays, but recovery of your lost Honda CRV key fob or replacing it is possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

“How far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV?” is a very common questions. As we’ve seen in this article, the answer goes in two paths.

The first one is, if the car is already on, it will keep on driving until it runs out of gas. If it’s off, then it won’t start.

However, there are other questions.

If you still have questions about how far you can drive in a Honda CRV without a key fob, don’t worry. 

These FAQs on Honda CRV key fobs can give you the answers you need. 

Image for How far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV shows the front of a grey CRV

How Many Functions Does a Honda CRV Key Fob Have? 

Honda CRV key fobs have a button for each of five functions: Lock, Unlock, Remote Start, Trunk Release, and Emergency Alert/Panic Button. 

These are convenient unless the key fob is lost.

Can I Replace My Honda CRV Key Fob without the Original? 

Clearly, the least expensive option is to find your missing Honda CRV key fob.

If you’ve looked everywhere and can’t find your key fob, or if it’s fallen out of your pocket and into the water on a boating trip, don’t despair.

You can get a replacement key fob without the original. 

What Information Do I Need to Replace My Key Fob? 

You will need to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle to get a replacement key fob made. 

An automotive locksmith or a Honda dealer should be able to make a replacement key fob, although it could take days for complicated key fob replacements.  

How Much Does a Key Fob Replacement Cost? 

Other than being an inconvenience, losing a key fob for any make or model of car can be expensive. 

Replacing a lost key fob costs anywhere from $50 to $250 and adding a keyless entry and other features can increase the price by $300 to $800. 

This makes looking for your lost key fob your first option. 

How Long Does a Honda Key Fob Last on a Low battery?

There are two types of key fobs and depending on the one you have, the battery will last longer or perish quicker. 

Smart key fobs last about 2 to 3 years on low battery and regular key fobs, which can last up to 6 years at most and at least 4 years minimum. 

Can a Car Be Stolen Without a Key Fob?

It takes thieves two and a halt to three minutes to break in cars without a keyless entry according to experts in vehicle security. 

However, in keyless entry cars, well-equipped thieves can do it in less than 10 seconds. 

That’s when key fobs represent a greater advantage. When the key fob is inactive or in sleep mode, it’s almost impossible to break into a vehicle.

Can’t I Start My Car With my Phone?

Hondalink is a program that allows you to remotely start your car from your phone. However, the car will only run for ten minutes while it sets your air conditioning and such.

Unfortunately, this means that the app isn’t a solution to “how far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV?”

The car will run with the doors locked and will seek to recognize the fob once you get in. When it doesn’t detect the fob, it will turn itself off assuming that someone is trying to steal the car.

While the app works great to cool your car down on a hot day, it isn’t much help in this situation.

Closing Thoughts On How Far Can You Drive Without A Key Fob In A Honda CRV?

The CRV is one of Honda’s most popular models, and with good reason.

Its spacious interior, smooth ride, ample storage space, and high resale value make the CRV one of the top-selling SUVs on the market. 

One of the luxuries of a Honda CRV is having a key fob for keyless entry, remote ignition, and other features. 

While having a key fob for a Honda CRV is a convenience, forgetting or losing your key fob means that you won’t be able to restart your Honda CRV once you turn it off or it runs out of gas. 

This is the clearest answer to “how far can you drive without a key fob in a Honda CRV?” However, it’s also important to note that the car won’t start if it doesn’t sense the key fob.

The best plan is to keep track of your Honda CRV key fob and to have a spare key tucked away for emergencies. 

If you didn’t do either and find yourself without a key fob or a way to restart your Honda CRV, you can get a replacement made through your local Honda dealer or automotive locksmith.  

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