How Long Do Nissan Rogues Last? Answered!

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The Nissan Rogue is Nissan’s top-selling model in the US. With so many people opting to purchase a Nissan Rogue, you may have been wondering whether it’s the right choice for you, too. If you’re looking for a long-lasting car that is sturdy and won’t go out on you, is the Nissan Rogue a good choice? 

How Long Do Nissan Rogues Last

A Nissan Rogue will typically last up to 200,000 miles, depending on how well you maintain it and the driving you do. Considering that the average American drives 13,500 miles a year, a Nissan Rogue could easily last you 14-15 years. 

Read on to learn more about the Nissan Rogue’s average lifespan and what you can do to make it last longer.

How Many Miles Does the Nissan Rogue Last?

A Nissan Rogue will last, on average, for 200,000 miles. That’s variable – some will live for 150,000 miles, while others may be good until 250,000 miles. Until the 200k mark, as a general rule, your Nissan Rogue will likely serve you well, providing you maintain it and don’t wear it out with excessive driving. More on that later, though. 

If you don’t maintain your Nissan Rogue properly or wear it out by riding on off-road trails or in the snow, your Nissan Rogue may last a lot less than that. Some Nissan Rogues will go out at 75,000 miles.

How Many Years Does a Nissan Rogue Last?

According to the US Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the average American drives just under 13,500 miles per year. That’s across all age groups and genders. 

Some age groups drive considerably less or more than that. For example, females over 65 drive less than 5,000 miles a year, while males aged 35-54 drive almost 19,000 miles a year. See the link above for averages broken down by age group and gender. 

Considering an average of 13,500 miles driven per year and a lifespan of 200,000 miles, the Nissan Rogue will last up to 14-15 years. However, if you fall into a demographic that drives more than 13,500 miles a year, divide 200,000 by the number of miles your age group drives annually to get the number of years your Nissan Rogue will last. 

Is the Nissan Rogue a Japanese SUV?

Nissan is a Japanese company. Japanese cars are known to be reliable. At the same time, many do not consider Nissan vehicles to be on par with vehicles from other Japanese companies like Honda. It’s worth noting that Renault, a French company, owns a significant stake in Nissan, which may be a factor in that. 

Common Nissan Rogue Problems

There are certain problems with Nissan Rogues, particularly those from specific years, and it’s crucial to know about them before buying one. While generally a decent vehicle, these issues do exist.

Transmission Problems

The Nissan Rogue’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) system is known to be faulty at times. This issue goes way back, and it sparked a class-action lawsuit against Nissan. Plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit included customers who bought Nissan Rogues from 2014-2020 equipped with CVTs. 

Some issues that Nissan Rogues with CVTs experience include jerking, difficulty accelerating, clunking sounds, and lurching. Nissan even had to double the powertrain warranty on some Nissan Rogue models due to complaints from drivers. 

It’s not just older models that have this issue, as Nissan continues to equip its new Rogue models with CVTs. So whether you get a faulty CVT or not might be down to the luck of the draw. 

How Long Do Nissan Rogues Last

Rust Problems

Not all Nissan Rogues have this issue. However, some Nissan Rogues from 2014-2016 did not have sufficient anti-rust coating on the tailgate struts. That caused significant rusting problems, eventually leading to gas breaking out, and Nissan was forced to recall over 100,000 SUVs. 

Other Nissan Rogue Problems

In addition, customers have complained about other problems when using a Nissan Rogue. A potentially dangerous concern is a fault in the Automatic Emergency Braking system, which is supposed to stop the car when it detects pedestrians or obstacles. However, some people reported that the braking system kicks into effect even when no obstacles are present.

Another issue some people experienced was a faulty fuel gauge. However, these problems seem less common than the rust and CVT issues. 

Tips for Getting Your Nissan Rogue to Last Longer

How long your Nissan Rogue lasts depends primarily on how well you take care of it. It’s critical to take your Rogue for regular maintenance checkups. 

Changing the oil and filters will ensure that your engine lasts as long as possible. You can do that yourself if you have the skills, or a service place can do it – it’s not expensive. Check your oil with a dipstick so you know when it’s time for an oil change. Similarly, it’s critical to change your other fluids, including your brake fluids. 

If you aren’t planning on using your Rogue for a while, don’t just leave it in your garage. The battery might die. Use a trickle charger to keep the battery alive if you won’t be able to take your Rogue for a spin once in a while. 

Wash your car as often as you can, particularly if you park it inside during the winter. Otherwise, all that salt in the snow can cause rust and corrosion. Remember, some Rogue models are particularly prone to rust issues. 

The way you drive matters as well. Generally, highway driving causes less wear and tear on your car’s parts. That’s because you aren’t stopping and starting as frequently. Your Rogue might not last as long if you do more city driving than highway commuting, though.

While you can’t always control your daily commuting route, what you can do is try to drive as smoothly as possible. Don’t slam on the brakes; apply pressure gently. Similarly, don’t take your Rogue for off-road trips; it’s just not built for that. Get a second vehicle, ideally a 4×4, for your off-road driving. 

Should You Buy a Used Nissan Rogue?

Buying a used Nissan Rogue instead of a new one can save you thousands of dollars. Sometimes, a car that is just a year or two old can result in significant savings without a huge drop in performance. Remember, a Nissan Rogue can easily last well over 10 years. 

However, the problem with purchasing a used Nissan Rogue is that it’s impossible to know how well the previous owner cared for it. If the person you bought it from never maintained it or wore it out, it might last a lot shorter than you expected. 

A good rule of thumb is to get a professional inspection of any used Nissan Rogue you plan on buying, so the mechanic can detect any hidden issues. Furthermore, ask the person you are buying it from to show you maintenance receipts so you know it was taken for regular checkups and tune-ups. 

Final Thoughts

Despite some flaws, the Nissan Rogue tends to be a decent SUV. It may not be the most reliable Nissan model, but it’s affordable and easy to get, even if you don’t have the best credit score. If you take care of your Nissan Rogue and don’t put it under too much stress, it could easily last you well over 10 years. 

Nissan Rogues are not expensive to repair, either, nor do they require expensive parts. There’s a reason it’s the best-selling Nissan model in the United States.