How Many Different Porsche Models are There?

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Porsche is a German luxury vehicle manufacturer that is very well known for its different models of sports cars. Porsche also has a couple of models of SUVs and continues to pride themselves on the expensive feel of their vehicles. For a company valued at 29.3 billion US dollars, it is interesting that they do not make a ton of different models of vehicles.

There are six different kinds of Porsche models: the 718, the 911, the Taycan, the Panamera, the Macan, and the Cayenne. Each of these models has many trim options, and some models have been discontinued, but these six models are currently manufactured and are available at Porsche dealerships.

Knowing that there are six different models gives you a better idea of the specifics that Porsche focuses on, but the specifics of the different models are interesting to learn about. Keep reading to get a better idea of how each Porsche model differs!

Sport Models

The first type of the Porsche models that we will talk about are the sport models. Porsche is known for specializing in sport vehicles, so four of their six models are sports cars. Some of their sport models only have a few made, which makes them rare, and they are usually super powerful. These four models are the 718, 911, Taycan, and Panamera. (Source)


The 718 model has several different versions. The three main sub-models of this model are the 718 Cayman, the 718 Boxster, and the 718 Spyder. The Spyder has the highest horsepower and the fastest speeds out of the three, reaching 414 hp and 187 mph. It was made more for the track than the streets and is the rarest model of Porsche’s vehicles.

Both the 718 Spyder and the 718 Boxster are convertibles, and all three versions of this model are undoubtedly flashy and impressive. These sports models have a more classic sport look that a lot of customers like, as opposed to the more flashy designs of the other sport models.


The Porsche 911 is arguably the most popular of the sports models that Porsche manufactures. Within this model are the Carrera and Targa versions, the Turbo models, and the GT3 models. The Carrera and Targa models are more relaxed sports cars, if there is such a thing, than the Turbo and GT3 models, which have a lot of power in their engines.

Most customers are drawn to the Carrera models because of the cheaper price, sleek build, and the “wow” factor. One interesting feature of the 911 models is that Porsche experimented with rear-wheel steering to help such fast cars turn more smoothly.


The next model is the Taycan. This Porsche model does not have specific variations like the 718 and the 911 models, but they do have some differences. The Taycan models can have a mix of 4S, Turbo, and Cross features. All of the different versions of the Taycan models only have slight variations, but they do share the feature of four doors instead of two.

The Turbo and 4S models are shorter and look more like the standard sports car. The Cross models have a more utility than sport look to them while still being rather short. The Taycan models are the electric model, with electric motors on each wheel. It is the second-fastest production car, and the electric motors help increase the speed.


Finally, the Panamera model is the last sports model that Porsche offers. Like the Taycan model, it has four doors. There are a lot of variations for this model as well, but unlike the Taycan variations, some are electric and some are not. The standard Panamera is a beautiful, four-door sports vehicle, but it does not have the same top speeds as the other models.

The E-Hybrid variations use much of the same electric technology that the Taycan models offer without changing the appearance of the Panamera design. The Turbo variations are the most powerful of the Panamera models with a maximum of 620 hp, 196 mph, and only taking 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 60.

Utility Models

The sport models are what Porsche is more well known for, but that is not the only kind of automobile they manufacture. Porsche has been gaining more and more traction with the introduction of its utility models because of their practicality and luxury designs. The two utility models that Porsche offers are the Macan and the Cayenne.


When it comes to the Macan models, they are all very similar. They are four-door vehicles with an SUV-style body. These are not nearly as fast as the sport models, which makes sense for utility vehicles, even if they are sport utility vehicles. These are not large SUVs, as they have a mid-sized body style to maintain the sleek appearance that Porsche is known for.

The three main variations of the Macan are the S, the GTS, and the Turbo. Each variation is nearly identical in body appearance—the differences lie in the engines and specs. They are all still pretty similar, but the S and standard Macan fall behind the new GTS and the Turbo, which reflect each other in maximum speed, power, and 0-60 speed.


The last model that Porsche makes is the Cayenne model. This utility model has variations like the Macan with the addition of an electric variation. There are slight differences in appearance between the Cayenne models with the main bodies being the standard SUV body and the Coupe body.

The Coupe body is more streamlined and has a smaller trunk. The specs of each Cayenne model are virtually the same, so it really comes down to the appearance and whether you want an electric or gas-powered SUV.

The electric Cayenne has better gas mileage and more power than other variations, but the differences are slight. However, the Cayenne Turbo is quite different from the other models and is made to have twice as much power and reach high maximum speeds.

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