How to Fix a Jeep Grand Wagoneer Window Regulator [Jeep Restoration Project]

How to Fix a Jeep Grand Wagoneer Window Regulator

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Window Regulator, this is what many people search for when they have issues with their Jeep Grand Wagoneer windows. Usually, the motor and window support is perfectly fine, it is the darn plastic flex track that is the weak link in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer window assembly.

Several years ago, I put together this quick video on how to replace the flex track on your Jeep:

This time, I say goodbye to the flex track forever!

Now I am back with a full-length video showing you the whole process. Only this time I say goodbye to the flex track altogether and fix my Jeep Grand Wagoneer window for good (I hope)!

That’s right, I was able to track down a set of four metal Jeep Grand Wagoneer window regulators out of a 1991 model. I’m not sure if other years used this type, but I know the 1991’s had them. Now I can say goodbye to those crappy plastic tracks and have my windows work reliably without worrying about a bump in the road or a quick stop at a drive through to cause hours of Jeep window frustration.

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Thanks! Here’s the video: Link —


How to Fix a Jeep Grand Wagoneer Window Regulator

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