This Memorial Day We Remember and Honor

In honor of this special day, I asked permission from Captain Jim to share his comments on Memorial Day. I thought you might appreciate what he shared just like I did:

Memorial Day 1 This Memorial Day We Remember and Honor

It’s time for Memorial Day again, the day when we Americans should pause and remember those who, throughout our history, have given their lives defending our freedom.

Originally known as “Decoration Day”, May 30th was a day when the graves off fallen soldiers were visited and decorated with flowers.

After the Civil War came to an end, many communities paid tribute to loved ones lost in the war by placing flowers and/or flags on soldiers’ graves.

After World War I, Memorial Day became a day to honor the dead of all of America’s wars and was always observed on May 30, regardless of which day of the week it fell.

That day was a holiday and Americans paused to remember how our country achieved freedom and democracy.

We should take the time to do this each year. One day, this may offend someone and they will try to put an end to it.

My Dad used to tell stories of how families would get together for family time and picnics. It was a holiday and a “day off” to remember the past and to honor the fallen.

I will always remember and honor those great men and women and Bug and I will always strive to make sure our kids understand the meaning of this powerful day.

I sometimes feel sad because Memorial Day is less observed and less significant. It now seems to be just a day off from work and a day to mark the beginning of summer.

It seems the true observance of the holiday is left up to veterans’ organizations or children of fallen heroes. I guess I’m saying the general public should be more passionate and involved in giving thanks for what we have in this country!

In reading about Memorial Day, I learned that on the morning of this day, the United States flag is to be raised briskly to the top of the staff and then solemnly lowered to the half-staff position, where it remains only until noon. It is then raised to full staff for the remainder of the day.

The half-staff position is to remind us of more than one million men and women who have given their lives in service to this country.

When the flag is raised back to the top at noon, the living are vowing not to let their sacrifice be in vain and to continue to fight for “liberty and justice for all.” Let us always remember…

On this coming Monday, the “30th of May”, I hope you all take time to reflect on the dedication and sacrifices made by those who went before us and the military members who carry on today.

We are so blessed to be Americans, and we should thank Almighty God every day –for the way we live, the way we love, and the way we remember.

God bless you all and God Bless this great country!

Semper FI!!!
Capt Jim Bowen

Memorial Day This Memorial Day We Remember and Honor

Captain Jim Bowen

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