6 Reasons Why Your Nissan Rogue’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

If you drive a Rogue, you may probably wonder, why does my Nissan Rogue alarm keep going off? Does your Rogue alarm keep going off? Does the alarm go off randomly even without any threat in sight?

Why Your Nissan Rogues Alarm Keeps Going Off 1 6 Reasons Why Your Nissan Rogue’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

Why does my Nissan Rogue’s alarm keep going off?

The alarm on your Nissan Rogue may keep going off randomly because of a faulty fob key, dead battery, corroded battery, bad alarm installation, faulty hood latch sensors, and damaged door lock sensors. Other reasons may include over-sensitive sensors, wiring problems, and a faulty control module. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a closer look at why your Nissan Rogue alarm keeps going off. We will also discuss some possible solutions to these issues. And with the information contained in this guide, you should be able to identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

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An alarm system is a vital part of your vehicle. It’s designed to protect your Rogue from crime-related problems. However, it can be stressful and annoying, if it keeps going off randomly. And this problem will be even worse if this problem happens in the middle of the night.

Besides interrupting your sleep, you may also be served with a statutory nuisance notice by your neighbors. Furthermore, you may also end up ignoring the alarm when an actual burglary is in progress, thinking it’s the usual issue of it going off randomly.

Therefore, if your Nissan Rogue alarm keeps going off randomly, it’s important to identify the root cause and deal with the problem. And from there, you can take the necessary measures to deal with the problem permanently.

Reasons Why Your Nissan Rogue Alarm Keeps Going Off

Your Nissan Rogue car alarm features four parts. These are a keycode receiver, a computer, a loudspeaker, and various sensors. And, these sensors can be located in the doors, hood and trunk of the vehicle. 

Whenever any of these sensors receive an unusual signal, they will trigger the loudspeaker and the alarm will go off. So, whenever any of these sensors are faulty, they can make your Nissan Rogue go off randomly.

As such, there’s no single reason why you may be experiencing this problem. Here are some of the common reasons why your Nissan Rogue alarm may be going off randomly.

Faulty Key Fob

A key fob works by sending signals to a receiver in your vehicle. When it’s functioning properly, this device will lock and unlock your Rogue’s doors, among other functions. And when it’s not properly functioning, it may send the wrong alerts to your vehicle.

Considering that the key fob is also connected to the vehicle’s alarm system, it may end up causing the alarm to go off randomly if it’s faulty. A simple way of checking whether your fob is faulty is by changing or resetting its battery. You can also use a code reader to scan it. If it’s faulty, you should ensure the issue is resolved soonest.

Why Your Nissan Rogues Alarm Keeps Going Off 1 1 6 Reasons Why Your Nissan Rogue’s Alarm Keeps Going Off

Low Battery Level

One of the key functions of your Rogue’s car alarm is to warn you about low battery levels. So, if the alarm keeps going off in the middle of the night and you wake up to a dead battery in the morning, then the car battery is the culprit here.

To this end, you need to check your Rogue’s battery condition. And you can easily do so using a voltmeter to check the voltage. If it reads anything under 12.6 volts, then the battery is due for a replacement.

Rusty or Corroded Battery Terminals

Rusty or corroded battery terminals can also trigger the alarm randomly. When the terminals are corroded, the battery won’t be able to provide adequate power to different parts of your Rogue. As a result, the corroded or rusty terminals may end up sending a low-battery signal to the vehicle’s alarm system thus setting it off.

If the terminals are rusty or corroded, you can clean them yourself using readily available solutions. However, if the corrosion on both terminals is severe, it will be advisable to replace the battery. You can prevent this issue in the future by applying battery terminal grease or petroleum jelly.

Defective Hood Latch Sensor

A hood latch sensor features an electrical system, designed to sense whenever the hood is open or closed. If the hood is open, this electrical system will close the switch, thus lighting up your dashboard with a warning sign. Once the hood is closed, the circuit will open and the warning sign on the dashboard will go off.

Also, this sensor will trigger the alarm whenever someone attempts to pry open the hood. However, if it’s defective, it may end up triggering the Rogue’s alarm randomly. Fortunately, you can fix this problem easily.

You just need to disconnect the battery’s negative terminal, locate the hood latch sensor and clean it.  A cleaning brush and some brake cleaner are all you need to clean your Rogue’s hood latch sensor.

Incorrectly Installed Alarm System

The majority of alarm systems that vehicles leave the factory with only provide a basic level of security. With this in mind, you may have decided to install an aftermarket alarm system, to boost your Rogue’s security. The problem is that this alarm system may have been improperly installed. And as a result, your Rogue’s alarm may keep going off randomly, even at night.

So, if you have installed an aftermarket alarm system in your Rogue, you should take your vehicle to a professional, to have it checked. In most cases, reinstalling it properly will be enough to solve this problem. However, if it keeps going off even after the alarm has been reinstalled, you should consider replacing it.

Faulty Door Lock Sensor

Your Rogue’s door lock sensor is usually located inside the door lock actuator. And when it’s raining, water can easily seep into the door lock actuator connector, thus causing problems to the door lock sensor. As a result, the Rogue’s car alarm may go off. If the issue arises due to water seepage, you need to identify the source of the leak and seal the connector.

Furthermore, there may be wiring issues with the door lock connector. Again, these wiring issues may end up setting off the alarm randomly. If the issue is happening due to wiring problems, a scanning tool will help you to pinpoint the exact door. And from there, you can either fix the problem yourself or take it to a mechanic.

Your car Nissan Rogue’s alarm plays an important role in keeping thieves and burglars at bay. However, it may sometimes go off by itself. And if this happens, you should try out the solutions we’ve provided here. But if the problem persists, it will be advisable to take your vehicle to a professional.

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