Do Tire Shops Buy Tires?—How To Sell Your Old Tires

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Tires are essential safety features for any vehicle. Although most tires are durable, they have a lifespan. Therefore, it is best to inspect and replace worn-out tires every six to ten years, depending on the brand, maintenance, and driving terrain. But what should you do with your old tires?

Selling used tires is an excellent way to earn extra cash and free up your garage. Although tire shops don’t buy used tires, some online sites and retailers will. However, they often have specific guidelines, and the price of old tires depends on quality and demand.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States discards over 290 million tires annually. Old tires are primarily dumped in landfills, junkyards, garages, and backyards. Selling and re-using old tires helps reduce pollution to preserve the environment.

Will Tire Shops Buy Used Tires?

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Since tire shops frequently double up as auto repair shops, most do not buy old tires because they also need to dispose of used tires. Luckily multiple online sites and companies are looking for used, old tires.

Recycling centers geared toward waste reduction and environmental preservation can also buy your used tires.

How Do You Sell Your Set of Tires?

Buying brand new tires (on Amazon) isn’t an option for some people for various reasons, such as budget. Instead, these people often opt for used or retreaded tires as an affordable alternative, and these options are budget-friendly, making them a popular choice.

If you are looking to sell your used set of tires, consider the following options:

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers in the United States encourage selling used tires. Instead of dumping them in a landfill, you might take your tires to be recycled for their rubber at a recycling center.

But, ensure to call local recycling centers and inquire whether or not they accept tires before making the trip. That will save you from the hustle of wasting gas going to a recycling center only to find out they don’t accept tires.

Check online and make some calls to see if there is a company where you can sell your used tires for cash instead of throwing tires in the trash. In addition, tires can be recycled into rubber for use in other tires or products.

Tire Companies

Some tire companies buy old tires in mint condition, retread them, then resell them as used tires. If you bought tires you didn’t use; you can sell them back to the tire company or a local tire retailer.

Most stores that sell tires also offer services for car maintenance, so they have large volumes of used tires to dispose of. This means they constantly need to sell used tires rather than buy them.

However, if your tires are in excellent condition and you’re looking to sell them, you can sell them at Discount Tire outlets. Also, consider checking the tire manufacturer’s website to see if you can return the tires directly to them. While some companies are only interested in certain types of tires, others will take a variety of tires.

Different businesses have different tire needs; some prefer brand-new or gently used tires, while others recycle even the most severely damaged sets. Find out whether anyone is interested in buying your tires by researching and making phone calls on the specific tires you have.

Selling your ties to companies is a great way to make extra money and eliminate clutter from your home. Since tires are bulky and can quickly become an eyesore in your storage area or outdoor space, getting rid of them is a great relief.

Selling Tires Online

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New tires can be expensive, and some people would rather not or cannot spend so much, so they hunt for used tires for sale online. If your used tires are relatively new, consider posting your tires on online sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

You can sell just about anything on one of these sites, but practical products, like tires, tend to move faster. People will already be looking for tires on Facebook, and if you have the precise kind they’re looking for, you could make a quick sale.

Some sites like Sell My Tires help people buy and sell tires at discounted prices. Such sites are beneficial because they allow people to make extra cash by selling their used tires and let those with lower incomes get higher-quality tires.

Take good photos of your tires and post the pictures, plus a description of the tires online to allow potential buyers to assess their condition.

Some of the details you’ll need to highlight include the following:

  • Tire size
  • How long have you used them
  • When you buy tires
  • Date of manufacture

Posting all the relevant information helps build trust and increases the chance of making a quick sale.

How Much are Your Tires Worth?

Knowing how much to ask for your used tires is crucial if you plan to sell them through any of the channels above.

The average price of most used tires usually ranges between $25 to $75 per tire, amounting to $100 and $300 for a complete set. So whether you’re selling to a retreading company or a retailer, assess your tires to set a reasonable price.

Since there are various potential selling points, it’s vital to find out the going rate for used tires of varying conditions from the shops you’re targeting.

  • A tire with minimal tread left will fetch a significantly lower price than one that’s relatively new.
  • The tire’s diameter heavily influences tire prices and whether or not they are sold with an accompanying wheel and rim.
  • Low-mileage tires are more valuable than worn-out ones, while large truck tires cost more than regular passenger car tires. This is because the purchase price and the resale value of low-profile and performance tires are higher than those of standard tires.

You should be ready to negotiate and haggle whether you’re selling tires to a store or an individual. Because people buy used tires to save money, they will likely want to negotiate the price downwards, so it’s vital to have an absolute minimum and your target selling price before engaging potential buyers.

Do Extensive Research

Like any other venture, selling used tires requires some research if you want to maximize your returns.

Explore your options closely to ascertain which sales avenues will be the most profitable for you. Evaluating your options and being honest with the buyers will help you sell your tires in the least amount of time possible and fetch you a reasonable price.

If you need help determining the right price for your used tires, visit some garages that sell used tires and inquire how much they sell used tires of a similar quality to yours. Use the price range to determine and negotiate the best possible price for your tires.

As an informed seller, you’ll maximize the chances of fetching a reasonable amount for your old tires.

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