What Are the Best Years for the Ram 1500?

Getting a new truck can be very exciting and there are so many to choose from. Each year and brand has different styles, add-ons, storage, etc. When it comes to the Ram 1500 in particular, what are the best years to look for?

The best years for the Ram 1500 are 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2016. The rearview camera was permanently added in 2018. The rough and tumble 2016 model is perfect for outdoor adventures. In 2019 and 2020, Ram added a lot of little features to make your driving experience even better in the 1500.

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into each of these Ram 1500 model years and whats makes each of them so great. Of course, each of these models is newer because their advancements make driving a Ram 1500 so much better.


Beneath the hood of the 2020 Ram 1500, you’ll find a V8 engine. This means it’s a more powerful engine because 8 cylinders are pumping within the engine.

This also means it is an 8-speed automatic that is quiet and mighty all at once. It can come with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It also has great air suspension to prevent the ride from being too bumpy for your precious cargo. There is plenty of storage space in the back, and it can tow about 12,000 lbs!

The inside is full of hidden secrets. First, we’ll look at the 12-inch touch screen, which has so much to offer, starting with Apple and Android connectivity. There is also a little digital display to keep you on track with your gas use, mileage, etc.

Almost everything is adjustable in the driver’s seat, including the pedals. this makes for a comfortable and customizable driving experience. There is plenty of storage throughout the interior. If you look into the console, you’ll find a conversion table if you ever have the need for a flat, stable surface on the road. There is also an extra big sunroof that offers a beautiful view of the sky.


In 2019, Ram began making trucks with four full doors much more common. It became a staple because people wanted to go on adventures in these trucks with more than just two or three people, and the four full doors became a necessity.

Once again, 2019 had the V8 engine, but it also has the option of a V6 engine instead to limit fuel consumption. At this point, Ram did stop making their trucks with manual transmission to make room for the 8 speed automatic. This model does come in two or four-wheel drive, depending on what you’ll be using the truck for.

Some other amazing benefits of this truck are the heated side mirrors, which means no more worrying about seeing out of them on snowy days! Seats are heated for both the front and back passengers, which is a great way to keep everyone comfortable. There is also plenty of storage inside the car as well as in the truck bed. Besides the cabin being warm and spacious, there is also plenty of air suspension for a smooth ride. This year is the year when Ram made their 1500 more family-friendly with all of their added perks.


Around this time, the rearview camera was added permanently to Ram 1500 models to help with attaching to trailers and to prevent you from backing off a cliff during your off-road adventures.

They also permanently added Apple and Android connectivity so anyone could play their music and answer calls hands-free. There is also the option to add a hotspot to your truck, making it easier to stay connected wherever you are.

This version can use Ecodiesel to make your truck a little more eco-friendly and to improve engine performance and fuel economy. There is also air suspension to keep the ride smooth. Whether you go camping or staying the night on the road, there is a built-in locking storage box to keep your valuables safe.

There are other storage options throughout the spacious vehicle. The bed itself can be as long as 8 ft, which is perfect for those who want to. transport big furniture pieces or other bulky items.


2016 made the list instead of 2017 because of its Rough and Tumble Ram 1500, which offers so much more than the Ram 1500 2017 model.

The rough and tumble offers both V6 and V8 engines and 8 speed automatic. Whichever engine you choose, both have reviews about their great performance and durability. It also has great air suspension and extra strong shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

This truck is meant to stand against any type of road you’ll be traveling on—it’s ready for a rough and tumble ride. They have built-in all-terrain tires so you don’t have to worry about your tires popping easily. It can also pull 7,600 pounds, which is great for moving fallen trees or pulling trailers full of supplies for camping.

On the inside, this model has a total of six seats, and each of them is heated as well, so your entire family can be comfortable no matter where your truck may take you. There is also plenty of storage inside and on the bed. Let’s not forget about the locking storage box for all your valuables, available as an add-on. At this point, there was no Apple and Android connectivity, but they still had a strong stereo and multimedia system.

As you can see, the Ram 1500 is like a fine wine—it only gets better with age! While this truck was great back in 2016, it has only gotten better as the years have passed by. So, if you are looking to buy a Ram 1500, any year from 2016 to 2020 (excluding 2017) is a great pick.

You will have an impressive engine, a smooth ride, and plenty of space no matter which model you choose. You really can’t go wrong! You may even want to wait to see what Ram comes out with next because it will surely be even better than before.

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