What Is A Hydrolocked Engine?

What Is A Hydrolocked Engine?

Hydrolock or hydrostatic lock is a condition where liquid gets into the engine cylinders. A Jeep’s engine cylinders normally compress air as it works. When the engine gets water in it, the water gets compressed and can cause catastrophic damage when the piston tries to compress the water.

Can a hydrolocked engine be fixed?

Yes, the engine can be fixed but it could cost you a whole lot. If your engine gets hydrolocked, do not expect the vehicle warranty to help you out any. It is likely going to be handled between you and your insurance company if anyone is going to offer you any financial assistance.

How much does it cost to fix a hydrolocked engine?

If your engine is hydrolocked, I hope you are sitting down when you read this…

So, how much does it cost to fix a hydrolocked engine? For most hydrolocked engines to be fixed it cost between $2,800 and $8,300! If you think this price is high you need to realize fixing a hydrolocked engine can require a lot of labor time for a mechanic to fix.