What is the Best Used Ford SUV?

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Shopping for a used SUV can be a lot of work and when you are trying to find the best deal, it can be exhausting to compare every model that you are interested in. When it comes to Ford, they make a lot of great SUVs that are well known for being dependable and well-loved. However, there is a clear best Ford SUV model.

The best Ford SUV to purchase used is the 2019 Ford Expedition. The Ford Expedition is overall very reliable, but the 2019 model is definitely the best deal on a used Ford SUV out there. The 2019 model gets well over 200,000 miles, has updated safety and comfort features, and has a high-reliability rating.

While we know that the Ford Expedition from 2019 is the best used Ford SUV, it is important to know the specifics of what makes it so great. Keep reading to learn why the 2019 Ford Expedition might be the SUV for you!


The very first aspect of the 2019 Ford Expedition to consider is the ratings it received when it was released. These ratings, unless having been changed since then, will show you generally how good a vehicle is. When it comes to the 2019 Ford Expedition, it has quite good ratings from the US News car segment.

Overall, this vehicle received an 8.3 out of 10 rating when performance, interior, cost of ownership, safety, and reliability were considered. The critics’ rating for this specific SUV was very high, with a 9.2 rating, which is not especially common.

The performance rating was 8.2 which is also very good. Interior received an 8.8 and the total cost of ownership was a 7.5. Such a low cost of ownership rating was likely due to the fuel economy being low. Finally, the reliability rating was a four out of five, which is considered above average.

The ratings for the 2019 Ford Expedition are pretty high and pretty consistent across the board which is very promising for an SUV. The reliability rating and the critics’ rating are especially important because they give the best idea of how a used version of this vehicle will function.

Critics really enjoyed this SUV and the reliability is very high for any vehicle which means that it will probably be enjoyed for a long time and it will definitely last a lot longer than other SUVs.


The next aspect of the Ford Expedition to look at is the mileage on it. While it is important to ask the seller of a used SUV about how many miles are on the vehicle, we are not going to cover the specific miles on various, used Ford Expeditions. Instead, we should talk about the general mileage available on a 2019 Expedition and what that means for how good this SUV is.

The 2019 Ford Expedition is known to get well over 200,000 miles in its lifespan. This is a lot of miles for an SUV to get, but it does not stop there. If the SUV has been well taken care of throughout the years, it can easily get around 300,000 miles instead.

Other SUVs average 150,000 to 200,000 miles, so being able to go past the highest average point and keep going is quite the achievement.

In addition to being able to travel a lot of miles, the 2019 Ford Expedition has very few issues. These SUVs have been reported to only have a few issues during their lifetime and those issues are never little, annoying issues, but rather they are severe issues that just come up with time.

The 2019 Ford Expedition will take you far and you will not have to worry about it breaking down.


When looking to purchase any new vehicle, it is so important to understand the specs and what is included with the make, model, and year of the car.

With the 2019 Ford Expedition, the impressive mileage is not the only great benefit to purchasing this vehicle. The engine, fuel economy, and features are well worth mentioning.


The engine on this SUV is super powerful as it has to be able to get such a large and heavy vehicle moving. The engine is a direct injection, 3.5 Liter, V6 engine with 375 horsepower at 5,000 rpm.

With that much power in an engine, it gets 470 pounds per foot of torque at 3,500 rpm. Additionally, the engine makes this SUV capable of towing up to 9,300 pounds!


The fuel economy of most SUVs is not great, and that still applies to the 2019 Ford Expedition. Such a powerful engine requires a lot of fuel, so the SUV only gets around 20 miles per gallon, 17 miles on city streets, and 24 on highway streets. The fuel tank has a capacity of 23.3 gallons which can take the car up to 559.2 miles on a highway.

While the fuel economy on other, smaller vehicles is better, the 2019 Expedition’s fuel economy is much better than previous versions.


The 2019 version of the Ford Expedition comes with a lot of great, modern features. When maneuvering this SUV, it is nice to have the rear parking sensors and the rearview camera to help you stay safe.

The standard, vehicle safety features are also included and the sheer size and height of this SUV is a safety feature in itself.

This vehicle also has a modern speaker system that produces clear, loud sound so your road trip music will always sound great!


While some people only care about the capabilities of a vehicle, others really do care about how the car they are going to drive looks.

When it comes to appearances, the 2019 Ford Expedition does not disappoint as it has a classic appearance that anyone would like.

This SUV is a large, three-row SUV, but that does not take away from how classy it looks. With a rectangular appearance and smooth, glossy paint, this SUV looks expensive and provides plenty of space for cargo and passengers.