What is the Safest SUV for 2021?

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Sports utility vehicles have, over the years, become a preference for car enthusiasts. With modern and advanced features like increased strength, spaciousness, and safety, SUVs are becoming common on the road. This increased hype on the use of SUVs is making manufacturers redesign their models for increased safety for both passengers and others.

SUVs are known for their huge body frame that instills a sense of safety to the driver when on the road. Coupled with a few modifications, 2021 SUV models pride themselves in some of the most advanced driver-assist technologies and safety features.

The competition is for both seasoned and upcoming manufacturers to implement the best technologies and efficiencies while maintaining the vehicles’ luxurious standards. Most of these features were previously optional to some models, with current manufacturers opting to make these systems standard to all models. This is aimed at increasing their crash test and safety score, which in turn boosts their reviews.

What is the Safest SUV for 2021?

Studies have shown that the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-30, Acura RDX, Ford edge, and the Chevy Equinox are among the safest SUVs of 2021. This article focuses on some of the safest models that you can buy in 2021—highlighting their individual specs and features to allow you to make an informed choice.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Over the years, Toyota has been known for producing some of the best car models in the market. The RAV4 Hybrid does not shame the company in any way when it comes to safety standards. This hybrid has curved a name for itself among small SUVs in the market.

The 2021 RAV4 model has undergone several modifications setting it aside from its predecessors. With a stylish finish and an integrated hybrid powertrain for fuel efficiency, the model also boasts advanced safety features.

Safety Features

  • The model is fitted with an emergency antilock braking system. The ABS brakes have automatic sensors that detect when a tire is not moving, modulating the brake pressure allowing the tire to rotate. This allows the vehicle to continue turning even when braking.
  • The RAV4 has an inbuilt automatic stability control system that detects when the vehicle is out of control. The system works by reducing the engine power while selectively applying brakes to restore control to the driver.
  • The model is fitted with airbags at strategic positions, side-impact, front, overhead, and knee airbags. These airbags are located at key points to cushion the driver and passengers from an impact in the event of a crash.
  • The model features automated pretensioners that are designed to tighten the seatbelts holding the passengers in the best impact position.
  • It has a security system with an ignition disable device to prevent the engine’s start when the wrong key is used.

2021 Mazda CX-30

The Mazda CX series has received the highest approval rating from safety bodies like the NHTSA and IIHS. The 2021 Mazda CX-30 stands out for its specs and features. With an exquisite finish for that breathtaking appearance coupled with a potent powertrain to give it power, the Mazda CX-30 clearly is a contender. Its safety features are top-notch if anything is to go by.

Safety Features

  • It has a driver attention alert system that keeps track of the driver’s steering, lane position, and throttle input, giving out warning signals when the driver is less attentive on the road.
  • It has a blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert system that works best with adaptive front lighting to increase safety when driving at night.
  • The model is fitted with a standard i-ACTIVESENSE safety system that features smart brake control, lane departure warning systems, and cruise control to improve safety while on the road.

2021 Acura RDX

The 2021 Acura RDX has created a lot of buzz in the motor world, with car enthusiasts anxiously waiting to try out its new and improved features. This model is considered a well-rounded SUV when it comes to performance and safety.

The Acura has recently been awarded a five-star rating for its safety features by NHTSA. With improved agility and superb finish, its safety features are an added advantage to Acura setting it apart from its peers.

Safety Features

  • The model has a blind spot information system with a rear cross-traffic alert that helps to smoothen night drives.
  • It also has Head-Up warning technology that alerts you on other vehicles and road users.
  • It also has rear parking sensors to help you park efficiently when on reverse gear. This rear parking is also efficient as it helps prevent rear collisions when parking.
  • It is also fitted with a rearview camera to help the driver navigate the vehicle when in reverse gear, with an adaptive cruise control system for smooth operation on the road.

Ford Edge

The spacious and competitive Ford Edge has earned a spot among the safest SUV options you can pick from. It has excellent acceleration, efficiency, and an outstanding safety feature performance. With an overall safety rating of five stars for its crashworthiness from NHTSA, the model definitely has the edge over its peers.

Ford Edge has also performed exemplarily at the IIHS crash tests, being awarded a review of Good for all its six tests. The model comes with upgraded standard safety features for all its versions.

Safety Features

  • The model comes with a front collision warning system that works well with an automatic emergency braking system fitted to it in case of imminent impact.
  • It has a rearview camera to help when driving in reverse gear. It is also fitted with a rear cross-traffic alert, rear parking sensors, and an automatic parking assist system.
  • The Ford Edge also has a post-collision braking system that activates impact to prevent the vehicle’s further movement.
  • The model also comes with a standard safety package under Ford’s MyKey safety setting system. These features include adaptive cruise control, lane centering assist, front parking system, and a 180-degree camera system.

Chevrolet Equinox

With outstanding safety features, the Equinox is definitely at the top of its game. The model boasts of advanced technology and improved engine performance to increase handling and horsepower. When shopping for a compact SUV with both safety and space, this could be your choice.

The model has been awarded a five-star rating for its crashworthiness by NHTSA. It has also undergone several crash tests at IIHS, scoring a good review for all the six tests carried out. This Chevrolet comes with standard safety features for all its model.

Safety Features

  • The Equinox has a forward collision warning system that performs effectively with the forward automatic emergency braking system to help prevent forward accidents.
  • It has both the rearview camera and the surround-view camera system to help when navigating tight spaces. It also features rear parking sensors for perfecting parking minimizing rear collisions when backing up.
  • The Chevy is equipped with a pedestrian detection system to alert drivers of pedestrians’ presence on the road.
  • It is equipped with a lane to keep assist system and lane departure warning software to help the driver maintain stable driving on the road. 
  • It has a rear cross-traffic alert system and blind-spot monitoring to assist the driver when driving during the night.

Choosing the safest vehicle for you involves many careful considerations, including browsing to see the various options you have on the market. Getting to know your options, you can search for dealerships offering your choice of an SUV and schedule a test drive.

Test drives will give you a chance to experience the vehicle firsthand and try out the specs and safety features promised by the manufacturer.

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