What SUV Does Toyota Make? (Take a look!)

One of the most popular new and used car brands for every kind of driver out there is Toyota. They build their vehicles to be affordable, practical, and reliable, which keeps their customers coming back. For SUV-lovers, they have some incredible options that meet nearly everyone’s needs.

Toyota makes five SUVs: the Toyota Highlander, RAV4, 4Runner, Venza, and the Sequoia. Each model has multiple different types of the original model beneath them, which are made to provide different safety, comfort, and driving features to suit each buyer’s individual needs and preferences.

Some of Toyota’s SUVs are made with better fuel economy for longer road trips or are built with more seats and storage for larger families. Some are made for luxury rather than for adventure. Keep reading to find out which Toyota SUV suits your needs the best.

Toyota Highlander

The Highlander has been a popular SUV selection from Toyota throughout the years. The new 2022 model comes with impressive and luxurious feeling details and features. It has third-row seating, All Wheel Drive, Multi-Terrain Select for different driving conditions (normal, sand, rock/dirt, and snow), and offers different Driving Modes (Sport, Eco, and Normal) to suit your preferred feel of the vehicle when driving.

On IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), the Toyota Highlander earned the highest safety rating of Safety Pick+ in 2021, as well as 2017-2014. It earned the next highest safety rating of Safety Pick from 2020-2018 and 2013-2008.

Pricing for the Highlander will depend on how new or used each particular vehicle is and the kind of trim it has. The 2022 Highlander L has a starting cost of $35,205. It gets about 21/29 miles per gallon.

The Highlander LE begins at $37,405 and gets the same gas mileage. The Hybrid LE starts at $38,855, getting 36/35 miles per gallon. The XLE has a starting price of $40,405 and gets 21/29 miles per gallon.

There are other models available that are more unique, but these are the most common and popular models out there. Each model provides a different driving experience with different features for comfort and safety and will vary when it comes to pricing.

What SUV Does Toyota Make? #toyota #suv

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is another popular and practical vehicle commonly chosen from Toyota. The 2021 RAV4 also provides five seats, All Wheel Drive, as well as Multi-Terrain Select. It also has TRD Off-Road capability for safer and better protected off-road or rough terrain driving, a hands-free powerlifting tailgate, a digital rearview mirror, and many safety features to prevent wrecks and accidents.

The Toyota RAV4 was awarded by IIHS with the Top Safety Pick+ in 2019, 2017, and 2016. It was given the Top Safety Pick in 2021, 2020, 2018, 2015, and 2013. Future buyers of a 2014 model may want to be cautious. The 2014 model was rated with Poor crashworthiness that year. Although the 2011 and 2012 models did not earn the higher official ratings, testing results showed good rates in overall crashworthiness. So maybe just steer clear of the 2014 model.

For pricing, the 2021 RAV4 LE has a starting price of $26,350, getting an impressive 28/35 miles per gallon, while the LE Hybrid starts at $28,900, and gets 41/38 miles per gallon. The XLE has a starting price of $27,645 with 28/35 miles to the gallon, and the XLE Hybrid begins at $30,195, getting 41/38 miles per gallon.

What SUV Does Toyota Make?

Toyota 4Runner

The 4Runner is the perfect adventure vehicle. The 2022 model has Locking Rear Differential, Multi-Terrain Select, as well as Crawl Control technology designed to stay steady and strong during steep or uneven paths. The interior provides a sliding rear cargo deck that gives a flat surface for loading and unloading, third-row seating to make room for two more people, USB ports in the front and back, as well as a sunroof to enjoy the outdoors during the ride.

The main downside that can be a concern for some drivers is the safety rating of the Toyota 4Runner. The only model to earn a Top Safety Pick rating was in 2013. Models from 2021 down to 2014 were given a Marginal crashworthiness grading, and the 2011 and 2012 models were given a better but not perfect Good grade in crashworthiness. If you are looking to purchase this vehicle, it’s probably best to stick to the 2011-2013 models.

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner SR5 begins at $37,305 and gets around 16/19 miles per gallon while the SR5 Premium starts at $40,715, with the same gas mileage. The TRD Sport has a starting price of $40,150, with the same gas mileage of 16/19 miles per gallon. The Trail Special Edition has a beginning price of $39,275, again, with the same gas mileage.

What SUV Does Toyota Make?

Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza is not as popular as other SUVs but is perfect for any family out there. It has heated front seats, a luxurious feeling interior, WiFi connectivity, remote connection through smart devices, bird’s eye view, front and rear cameras, has five seats, and of course, the important safety features that protect those inside and outside the vehicle.

IIHS has not awarded any Toyota Venza models with the Top Safety Pick+ rating but has given the 2021 and 2013-2009 models a Top Safety Pick rating. The 2015 and 2014 models did not get a top rating but did achieve a Good rating on crashworthiness.

The 2021 Toyota Venza LE has a starting price of $32,670 and gets 40/37 miles to the gallon. The XLE model begins at $36,200, getting the same gas mileage, and the Limited Edition starting cost is $40,000, again, with the same gas mileage.

What SUV Does Toyota Make?

Toyota Sequoia

One of the more luxurious Toyota SUVs is the Sequoia. The 2022 model comes with many higher-end features that make a more enjoyable ride such as a moonroof, heated and ventilated front seats, backseat climate and heat control and entertainment system, a second-row center console, LED lights, Push Start button, navigation, and many media options to make each drive more fun for everyone.

Unfortunately, the Sequoia does not currently have any safety ratings posted on the IIHS site.

The 2022 Sequoia SR5 has a beginning price of $50,500 and gets 13/17 miles per gallon. The TRD Sport begins at $53,215, while the TRD Pro pricing starts at $64,625, both getting the 13/17 miles to the gallon. The Limited Edition starts at $59,520 and gets the same gas mileage.

What SUV Does Toyota Make?