What Used SUVs Have Apple Carplay?

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Apple Carplay is a feature that can be found in a lot of newer cars and if we’re being honest, it’s a very handy feature as well. 

However, you may not be interested in buying a car brand new, and if that is the case, you don’t have to worry. 

There are plenty of used cars out there to look at and one of them might be just perfect for you. If you’re looking for a used SUV that also has Apple Carplay, though, you may be wondering which SUVs have this feature.

Many used SUVs come with Apple Carplay, including many years of the Buick LaCrosse, the Audi A4, BMW X5, Ford Explorer, Chevy Tahoe, and the Volvo XC90. Apple Carplay is a relatively new tech feature, so be sure to look for SUV models made in the year 2015 or later.

Below is a list of cars you can buy used that will still provide Apple Carplay for you. 

You will also be able to find a few pros and cons for each that might prove helpful in your decision. 

Hopefully, by the time you have finished, you will have a better idea of which one might suit you best.


Even used, BMWs have a certain level of luxury that is hard to find elsewhere. 

The BMW X5 is no exception to this. 

Not only is it accompanied by Apple Carplay, but it is also equipped with plush leather seats and a positively perfect grip on the road. 

The X5 hugs the road and will provide you with great ride quality wherever you go.

The only issue is that even used, an X5 might still have a shockingly high price tag for your liking. 

With all the comforts and features it brings, it makes sense that it would have a heft cost. 

Plus, as sporty and nice as it will look, the back seat will not have very much legroom for passengers which means that flawless as the ride quality might be, you could still experience some discomfort during a road trip.

Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosses can be bought (at least the models 2019 and newer) with Apple Carplay installed. 

These are usually a good choice because they have a pretty good fuel economy and a high level of reliability.

It has also been shown to be a safe vehicle with high scores in most of its safety tests.

It’s also an option that will give a powerful performance. 

The Buick LaCrosse is a very well-rounded vehicle with Apple Carplay, so you can’t go wrong here!

The only problem with getting a used Buick LaCrosse is that there are some features you can only find within certain trim packages. 

If you buy a used car, you will have no say in the features you’re getting. 

Luxury features are usually only available in higher-priced trim packages, so you are not likely to find cheaper cars with all the features you want. 

Plus, LaCrosse’s cargo space is limited.

Audi A4

If you’re looking for a used car with Apple Carplay and style, then an Audi A4 is the car for you. 

The Audi has a very updated look and gives off a sleek and stylish vibe.

The nice thing is, you could even use the A4 to haul your family around. 

It is generally classified as a small car, but it is, in fact, large enough to accommodate several people in comfort. 

You can have something stylish as well as practical.

The Audi A4 also comes equipped with a Quattro 4WD system, but sadly, this system drives the fuel economy into the ground a bit. 

Whether this is worth it or not is completely up to each individual, however. 

The 4WD system is very necessary for those who have to drive in rugged or especially snowy conditions. 

You will have to decide whether you’d rather have poor fuel economy and no 4WD or the other way around.

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Ford Explorer

One of the main reasons that people purchase Ford Explorers is because they can handle just about any terrain with ease, along with having Apple Carplay too. 

4WD is offered with this car along with seven drive models. 

You couldn’t ask for a stronger or more reliable vehicle that can take you off the road and onto the dirt. 

Explorers tend to have a certain strength to them that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

However, if you are finding yourself looking for a bit more bang in the infotainment and technology area, you may wind up being slightly disappointed. 

The Ford Explorer is tough and rugged, but it leaves quite a bit to be desired as far as fancy tech is concerned. 

The infotainment SmartScreen is only about eight inches long while the competition often has screens that are much larger and easier to use.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Anybody who knows Chevrolet knows that the Tahoe has quite the edge when it comes to size, and that is something that buying it used cannot change. 

Tahoes have plenty of cargo space as well as space for passengers. 

If you enjoy traveling and road-tripping, you can’t do any better than a Tahoe which will hold all the gear/luggage you could ever need.

Unfortunately, as with the Buick LaCrosse, the Tahoe’s luxury features only come in higher trim packages and those are quite a bit more expensive. 

Of course, if you are purchasing it used, you will not have nearly as much say with the kind of trim and features you’ll be getting. 

You will, of course, have the ability to make an informed and well-judged decision, but just know that you may not get to customize exactly as you may wish.

Volvo XC90

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Along with having Apple Carplay, the Volvo XC90 has plenty of features for you to choose from as well as a sharp, cutting-edge design and look. 

If a good style is something you’re after, you can’t go wrong here. 

You can trim up this look with some fancy features in a variety of trim packages. 

These might cost a bit more, of course, but many would consider that to be a small price to pay for such a stunning vehicle.

The XC90 has many strengths, but it also has many flaws, the chief among these being that the technology is often touchy and ill-mannered.

It also lacks many off-roading skills unlike the Tahoe and the Explorer. 

While this is not a problem for many, it might be a tough thing to get past if you are somebody who enjoys off-roading and rough riding.