Which SUVs Last the Longest?

SUVs are some of the longest-running model cars throughout history. The initial design of SUVs was to serve consumers for the longest time possible before purchasing another vehicle. If you look at the analysis of cars on the road, SUVs are always at the top of the list of the best SUVs you can buy to serve you for years, stretching up to several miles you could never imagine any car could reach and still maintain its life. Below is a comprehensive list of the top SUVs on the market today that have survived the longest than other vehicle brands.

Which SUVs Last the Longest?

There are a lot of factors that can keep your SUV running for decades or breakdown in a day, but the Toyota 4Runner, the Ford Expedition, the Chevy Suburban, Toyota Sequoia, and the Cadillac escalade are your best bets for keeping you on the road and retaining value as long as possible.

This article summarizes what makes the longest-lasting SUVs as well as some tips to keep your SUV on the road as long as possible.

Toyota 4Runner 2016 Model

You should expect the 2016 Toyota 4Runner to be on this list. All 4Runner models have received praise for their durability, but the 2016 model is more famous for how long it has proved to last all through the years. Even if you purchased it right after its launch or a few years after, you must have heard about one reason why it has gained many sales for the company. It is part of the firm’s catalog of 4Runner SUVs that have remained on the road for decades. 

The 2016 model is part of the TRD series giving it more features for longer mileage. The included underbody protection through the addition of a skid plate keeps the vehicle from faster degradation. The different terrain modes also make it ideal to be used for as long as you need, no matter where you are making your expeditions.

Ford Expedition 2016 Model

The 2016 Ford Expedition model has remained to use its steel frame as it always has to ensure the SUV has the most extended lifespan ever from their catalog. The Ford Expedition packs a lot of new features, including SYNC-3 entertainment and communication systems. Its integrated new technology is more advanced, making it more precise and faster than the previous models. These features give you a lot more convenience all through your driving lifetime.

It has a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. You also get additional cargo space with an extended length. As the Ford Expedition owner, you are sure to be proud of using a car you love for decades with no need of strenuous service to keep it running. 

2016 Chevrolet Suburban

Not all Chevrolet models are known to be super long-lasting, but the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban has proven promising. It has proven to keep up running for extra mileage from its launch than it was thought to be capable of all through the years. Previous Chevrolet Suburbans also had higher mileage capabilities, and so this 2016 model is not an exception. The mileage is more elevated than the highest you thought would have been made by the giant American manufacturer.

The body structure is more robust since it has high-strength steel. This structure boasts both durabilities and gives you a driving experience that is refined together with the calm cabin environment. IF you need a car for your entire family, this Suburban occupies up to nine people with more space left for all your gear. 

2016 Toyota Sequoia 

When it comes to a list of long-lasting SUVs, you are sure to find more than one Toyota model. The reputation of the firm for reliability seems to be running through many their SUVs. The Toyota Sequoia SUV is another model that can give you the most time on the road.

As part of the brand’s full-size entry, the Sequoia has a V8 engine with a lot more output power than the EcoBoost V6 of the 2016 Ford Expedition. Its Entune enhancements are similar to those found in the Toyota 4Runner with navigation systems and other reliable and convenient features.

f you prefer an SUV with a V8 engine but with significant enhancements, you can skip the Toyota 4Runner and opt to purchase the Sequoia instead. The car’s dimensions are much more meaningful, stretching to more than a foot after its midsize length. So with this, you have so much space to sit up to 9 people, including you as the driver, and enough space to pack all your essentials for your trips across the country. 

2016 Cadillac Escalade

The list cannot end without mentioning the most popular SUV in the market. The launch of the Cadillac Escalade in 2016 came with more features than you could imagine. Escalades are known for being versatile in so many ways and remaining intact for decades of use. The 2016 model comprises up to 75 percent of high-steel, making it robust in all kinds of environments. Its foundations make it last for much more miles than standard SUVs.

The interior cabin is laid out with wood trims and high-quality leather. The infotainment systems and safety technologies give you a desirable driving experience that you can only get from escalade SUV models. 

How Long do the SUVs Last and How Valuable is a Used SUV?

The top mentioned SUVs are known for maintaining their value even after use for more than five years after the initial purchase. Most of them last with their premium values, even for up to eight years.

It is possible to use the SUVs for even 20 years, depending on how you handle them. They last for a minimum of 15% to as high as 35% longer than average manufactured SUVs.

What are the maximum miles you think any of the above SUVs can go? You might be shocked since these SUVs can be pushed to up to 250,000 miles with no significant issues at all. This data is based on reliable research done on the brands from years of usage, pushing them to extreme levels. The vehicles’ ranking is based on various factors that make them distinct from one another to last longer, even with maximum use on the road.

According to iSeeCars, the above models that can reach up to 300,000 miles is only about 0.1 percent. In the future, these SUVs still retain their value just in case you decide you want to sell for an upgrade.

What Features make SUVs Last so Long?

All the listed SUVs have unique features that can make you choose one from the other. But they all have a couple of features that give them the power to last for as long as they can.

One feature is their body build. Most of them are made of high-strength steel, making it capable of maintaining the SUV’s structural integrity all through decades of use.

The engine types are also a key element that keeps the SUVs alive for a lot of mileages. These, together with other personalized features, you can never be disappointed in these top long-lasting SUVs.

Can Used SUVs Run as Long as New SUVs?

You might be thinking of buying one of the long-lasting used SUVs is worth it or if it is just better to buy a new one. Well, there are a few factors that you can look at before you rush into any decision. It is best to look at all the options.

First of all, you already know the mentioned SUVs can go for more than 250,000 miles. The chances are that a used SUV hasn’t even reached halfway through its maximum mileage. Purchasing such a model can be the right choice since you will have a lot more mileage to cover, and it will also be cheaper than a new model.

You should also check for damages. Most people who own these SUVs tend to take great care of them, which keeps them running for much longer on the road. You might only find minimal damages that are not costly to repair.

A used SUV will serve you just as well as a new one, so if you are on a budget, the above list is the best place to start. It is essential to check the history of any used SUV before any purchase. These 2016 models have proven to be reliable, with only minor issues that are quickly sorted out. Even with all the features, you still have much flexibility to add more features for yourself. As long as the SUV’s history is good, you have nothing more to worry about.


The market is not flooded with SUV’s that can run for years, but the few available are worth giving a shot. All the mentioned brands’ SUV models can be your top picks as you explore other models. The more research, the better the SUV you will get, whether used or new. The SUV’s are designed with the same longevity in mind and an outstanding driving experience for every driver. The choice now only depends on your budget and your preferences.

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