Why BMW X3 Is Bad? (Explained!)

BMWs are just about as nice as they come thanks to their quality of ride and luxury seating. However, like all other vehicles, BMWs have their fair share of issues and the BMW X3 is no exception to this. The only question, then, is what are those issues, can they be easily fixed, and is it worth it to purchase an X3?

The BMW X3 suffers from a variety of issues. A few of these include engine oil leaks, electrical problems, gauge malfunctions, sensor malfunctions, and a few other things. However, most problems can be fixed with a quick trip to the mechanic or dealership, many of which offer free inspections.

This probably seems like a big slew of problems and that might seem quite overwhelming at first, but they aren’t without their solutions. Read on to learn more about the problems with X3s as well as some solutions, maintenance tips, and pros and cons.

Common Problems and Solutions

Not unlike other cars, the X3 has plenty of issues. Luckily, most of the BMW X3’s problems are fixable. Before purchasing a BMW X3 of your own, it’s important to know what kind of problems and repairs your vehicle will face. Here are some issues you should be on the lookout for.

Engine oil leakage is prominent among certain X3 models. This is usually a result of worn-out valve cover gaskets or the valve cover itself. This common problem occurs with natural use of the car over time. While engine oil leaks are more common in older BMWs, newer ones won’t experience this problem as often.

Thankfully, an engine oil leak is one of the easier problems to fix. All you’ll have to do is purchase a new gasket or cover part for $20 to $40. So long as you’re familiar with cars, this repair should be simple to do yourself. However, if you are not confident in your repair skills. Factoring in the cost of time and labor, this may cost you $400.

According to Consumer Reports, BMW owners have reported several electrical problems with their X3. On several occasions, Apple CarPlay and the infotainment system have stopped working entirely. Updates proved especially irritating because they often would shut the entire system down.

If this happens, you can try rebooting your system. However, this is a much more finicky issue that will likely require a professional diagnosis. If you are seriously worried about it, the best thing you can do is take it to a shop or dealership to get it looked at. Most of the time, those inspections will come at no cost. However, the cost for a technician to reprogram the computer can get quite costly.

Why BMW X3 Is Bad?

BMW X3: The Pros and Cons

Before you go on to purchase a BMW X3, you should probably understand the kinds of pros and cons that come with it. This car certainly has its quirks and problems, but it also has plenty of strengths and good features that you will enjoy. Here are some important pros and cons to take into account:


First, you should know that BMWs of all kinds are labeled as luxury cars for a reason. One of the primary reasons is the comfort you will enjoy. The X3 is upholstered with SensaTech leather that will prove to be both durable and plush. No matter how long your road trip is, you and your passengers will be riding in both style and comfort.

The BMW X3 has excellent handling and steering. No matter where you’re driving, you will be able to appreciate a smooth, non-jolting ride quality. With tight steering controls, you can drive confidently and safely down the road.

Another lovely feature in the name of luxury is the quiet cabin. The quiet cabin silences external road noise. Not only will you be able to appreciate a smooth ride, but you’ll have a quiet and relaxing one as well. This is especially nice when you’re going off-roading and driving on the freeway. You won’t have to deal with any loud noises or roaring wind that might distract you.

The BMW X3 is also quite user-friendly. The controls and infotainment systems are easy to use and understand, meaning you won’t have to fumble around with the controls while you’re driving. This little fact has been enough to put many drivers’ minds at perfect ease.


Sadly, there are a few issues you need to take into account as well. First, you have each of the aforementioned issues, such as oil leaks and a glitch in the infotainment center. While these are also problems that can be found with other BMW vehicles, they occur more frequently in X3s. There have been at least nine instances of vehicle recalls with the X3. Again, this isn’t an uncommon problem with other vehicles as well, but if you’re worried about it, another car may be the better option.

Another irritation with the X3 is the often intrusive driving aids. While these are quite helpful most of the time (especially the safety features) there are often moments when they will go off incessantly and for no good reason. You can, of course, take the car to the shop to get it fixed. Be prepared to complete this fix if you purchase a BMW X3.

Not all of the X3’s trim packages are created equally. There are a few that come with Dynamic Handling features that can sometimes impact the usually smooth ride quality of the X3. It may turn out that you still end up experiencing quite a few bumps and jolts on the road. While this is normal for most other cars, many customers buy the X3 because of it promises a smooth ride.

As mentioned above, you’re paying for a luxury vehicle. While you get absolute luxury in the BMW X3, it comes with a very high price tag. Starting price for a basic BMW X3 is $43,700. Meanwhile, the full-loaded trim package brings the price up to $69,900. Before purchasing a BMW X3, remember, it could cost just as much as a downpayment on a house.