Why is the Tacoma so Popular?

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Trucks need to be reliable for a variety of purposes, including traveling and moving equipment. When shopping, finding the best truck for your needs can be difficult because opinions can become biased due to a company’s reputation instead of how the car functions. With this in mind, does the Toyota Tacoma live up to the hype?

Tacoma trucks cause few problems when traveling, which has made them popular. The car also has great endurance when traveling over tough terrain. Lastly, if there’s a need for money more than transportation, the Tacoma does give a good resale value in the car market.

In this article, we’ll be answering questions on what makes the Tacoma popular, what types of Tacoma are out there, and lastly what Tacoma may be best for you. We’ve got a lot of research and information that prospective Tacoma customers might appreciate!

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck in five categories: dependability, resale, reliability, toughness, and performance.

Dependability: The Tacoma can travel up to 400,000 miles in its lifetime if the engine is properly cared for. This is what also makes their resale value so good because even older models still have a lot left to give.

Resale: As mentioned above, because a Tacoma has such a long lifespan, they have a pretty decent resale. They hold their value well despite depreciation. An example of the resale value is if the car is 5 years old with 28% depreciation, it can still be sold for $27,149 (Source).

Reliability: The Tacoma doesn’t break down compared to a lot of other cars and trucks. Generally, your maintenance will only involve standard things like oil changes, switching tires out, and reinstalling new batteries.

Toughness: The Tacoma can lift and haul 3,500 pounds and tow 6,800 pounds. It also has excellent gas mileage as it can go up to 21 miles per gallon. This also helps the truck go for 20 mpg in the city and only steps up to 23 mpg on the highway. They are sturdy, efficient, and powerful vehicles.

Performance: The performance of the Toyota Tacoma, especially in the 2021 TRD Sport model, comes down to the two strong V6 engines. The engines can provide 159 horsepower and a torque of 180 pounds. The Tacoma comes with features like blindspot monitoring on the highway, rear cross-traffic alerts in case someone is too close behind you, and rear parking sensors that help with parking. During changes in the weather, the Tacoma provides heated seats during the winter, a sunroof for nice summer days, and gives an overall comfortable interior setup with its leather upholstering.

To make traveling safer, there are also LED headlights that can help when you’re traveling at night or dealing with foggy conditions. You can also use the built-in navigation settings instead of using a phone’s data. Entertainment is also available through the music surround sound on the JBL sound system.

When off-roading, there is an advanced feature for the TRD Sport Tacoma tires. The tires can be controlled with different settings as the truck handles different difficult terrains. There is also the aid of the Multi-Terrain Monitor which monitors the front and sides of the vehicles when traveling so the driver can navigate where to go without hitting anything.

There’s also the perk of a 6-foot bed in this midsize truck, so you’ve got a lot of room for storage. Up to five people can be seated, including those who have wheelchairs. The spacing makes it easier so no one is squished in the back. Plus the multiple-door design helps everyone to exit in different locations (Source).

When you look at all of these features together, it’s easy to see why the Tacoma has been popular with customers!

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Different Types Of Tacoma Cars: Pros & Cons

2007 Toyota Tacoma: $6,132-$14,256

Includes great powertrainsSuspension does retract
Can handle off-roading terrain challengesBackseat isn’t comfortable for all passengers
Received positive crash test results
Has an overall positive history of resilience

Extra features of this model include the driving changes from 4WD and RWD. Up to 3-5 people can be seated inside while traveling with 159-236 horsepower. Gas mileage ranges from 16-23 when in the city and on the highway uses 20-28 mpg.

Below is a table featuring other model price ranges to expect when purchasing the popular Tacoma. Newer models obviously cost more, but there should be a Tacoma for every budget. Each model listed has similar features as the aforementioned 2007 edition:

2009$9, 755-$17,551
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What Type of Tacoma Is Best

According to the research, the second generation of Tacoma models 2013-2015 have been a great popular choice for anyone’s needs. With the offroading capabilities, they process the same 4WD workings to travel through mud, hills, and even steep cliffs. There’s even solid rear control for 4×4 and pre-running to lock into place when going down slanted surfaces.

The wheels have firm traction and always turn with the speed the truck is going. These model years also provide strong brakes and comfortable space for passengers and storage. Maintenance and repairs are not often needed, making the lifespan of the car last longer.

If you are specifically looking for an outdoor-type Tacoma, 2015 is the best choice even if you end up with a medium-size or small-size truck. The horsepower in the same V6 engine runs up to 236 and 266 ft in torque power. Even for everyday commutes, 2015 can run 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. For older drivers, the UI is friendly to those who struggle with technology and provides tutorials that are easy to process when operating the vehicle (Source).

Each of these models (2013-15) has updated technology for smoother operation while keeping previous features. This includes side cameras on terrains to safety features when dealing with traffic/parking. The Tacoma still possesses the V8 engine and uses only 15 miles per gallon as well as receiving the same reliability awards for America’s Best-Selling Midsized Pickup (15 years worth), Best Retained Value from Edmunds, and 50 Year Cost To Own Award from Kelley Blue Book in 2019 (Source).

Closing Thoughts

You honestly cannot go wrong with a Tacoma as the reliability presented can make any driver feel safe when dealing with harsh weather. When dealing with stubborn and reckless traffic drivers, you can easily navigate away with the side camera and alerts. Those who have bigger families can feel more comfortable and have less tension by spreading out across the large and comfortable seating area.

If you’re someone who likes to travel and needs a car with lots of space, the storage in the bed provides all the best needs for various camping supplies. The Tacoma can also suit a variety of budgets while still providing top-quality features.