The 6 Best Spark Plugs For A Toyota Sequoia (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3)

Spark plugs are a very important but understated part of your Toyota Sequoia’s engine. Which are the best ones for your vehicle?

Best Spark Plugs For A Toyota Sequoia 1 1 The 6 Best Spark Plugs For A Toyota Sequoia (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3)

What are the best spark plugs for a Sequoia?

Some of the best brands in spark plugs include Denso, NGK, Autolite, ACDelco, and Bosch. There are many other brands out there too. Your choice in spark plug depends on how long you want it to last – though there isn’t often a huge difference in performance – longevity matters!

We’ll review several kinds of spark plugs and discuss what each one does best. We’ll also talk about what spark plugs do and the importance of spark plugs.

What does a spark plug do for my Toyota Sequoia?

You can think of a spark plug as a battery that helps provide that extra charge needed to ignite an air and fuel mixture at just the right moment to keep your Toyota Sequoia moving.

To be a little more technical, the little gap in the spark plug is where electricity jumps through – and it is often rather small. The power drawn from one side of the gap to the other is what creates an artificial jolt that helps the carefully balanced mixture of air and fuel go.

It is hard to overstate the importance of good, working spark plugs. Without spark plugs, or with old, worn out, or just dirty spark plugs, your Sequoia might not start at all. 

You might even notice misfires or dragging performance when your spark plugs are slowly dying.

What are some of the best spark plugs for the Toyota Sequoia?

From the shelves of your local auto parts store to the Internet, there are lots of options for spark plugs for a Toyota Sequoia. Let’s review some of the best options out there:

First-generation spark plugs for a Toyota Sequoia

You might be aware that there are three generations of the Toyota Sequoia. We’ll start with the generation that started in 2000 and went to 2005.

To clarify, these vehicles tend to be a bit older – we are talking 18+ years old and are nearly ready to legally drink. They might need a little help from spark plugs.

Denso TT Iridium

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With the shortest spark plug gap available on a Sequoia at .4mm, a Denso TT spark plug is made to ensure you get efficiency and power every time you step on the pedal. They are also designed to make up for a potentially aging engine in an older Sequoia. 

While reading some reviews for the spark plugs, many owners of what are now “older vehicles” say that they can improve performance. Some even claim their vehicles run more smoothly, though if we are being honest – their previous spark plugs might have been rather old.

NGK Ruthenium HX

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Ruthenium is a unique kind of metal, a bit like iridium which you’ll see a lot when discussing spark plugs, which is meant to last even longer. 

For a little more money, ruthenium is meant to last a bit longer in older engines though according to reviews, these can make your Sequoia just a little faster compared to old spark plugs, so the reviewers say. 

With a copper insulated core, they are even easy to take out when you want to inspect or replace.

Find the NGK Ruthenium HX on Amazon.

NGK V-Power Copper

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Want a simple, cheap spark plug that will last a while but you won’t place too many demands on? NGK V-Power Copper has you covered. Noting that copper is the least expensive metal we will discuss in this article, it still does transmit the spark from the spark plug well. The biggest difference is that copper doesn’t handle the heat of the engine for as long, and you probably won’t see a big increase in performance – though to be fair, you really shouldn’t if the spark plugs are changed often enough.

Amazon has the NGK V-Power Copper in stock.

2nd and 3rd Generation Toyota Sequoia Spark Plugs

If your Toyota Sequoia was made between 2006 and 2023, you’ll want to check out this list. Some of the above spark plugs, with the exception of the NGK V-Power, could fit.

Autolite Iridium XP

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Autolite is a common brand, and this might be their best spark plug. Autolite says that with their platinum connections and nickel sore, their spark plugs will last up to 100,000 miles with good fuel efficiency and great performance. 

One small word of warning: While these come pre-gapped (the right measurement from the end of the spark plug gup to the beginning), some reviews indicate you might want to grease them up and check that the gap is correct. 

Another small advantage to Autolite’s spark plugs is a tapered plug which makes them easier to get out.

ACDelco Rapid Fire

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A newcomer to the list – but they make good spark plugs. Like many others, you get good platinum connectors to carry the charge, and a nickel center for a long lasting driver that is also easy to take out if you wish to replace them. These are also reasonably low priced compared to some others that have more advanced metals.

Buy the ACDelco Rapid Fire on Amazon

Bosch Double Iridium

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What do you get with double iridium? Bosch says that you get superior performance from using twice as much inert metal that can make your spark plug last even longer. They also have a patented process for a continuous double weld so that the wires sent to create the spark the spark plug is well known for remain intact for years.

Buy some Bosch Double Iridium spark plugs on Amazon

A word of warning on fake spark plugs

When people think about fakes and replicas, they might wander to fake rolexes, handbags, or high end sneakers. Believe it or not, the same problem happens with car parts, especially spark plugs, too.

NGK has a page dedicated to testing whether or not a spark plug is an official one – indicating how big of a problem they are dealing with, and the result of the problem.

Online sellers through Amazon and other websites can easily sell a spark plug that has some markings or a box from NGK, Bosch, or ACDelco, but the insides are made of much cheaper metal. It it very easy to make money off this because manufacturing the spark plug with less precious metal seriously cuts cost – and they can undercut real spark plugs in price.

So what’s so bad about fake spark plugs? They won’t deliver the same performance of longevity as real spark plugs, and they can cause real damage. A spark plug made with cheap metal, and not structured properly, as the potential to melt into your engine. A melted spark plug can then get stuck in the engine, and cause other problems if the melted metal moves – in addition to the high chance of stopping the engine entirely because combustion will become much harger.

What should I do to ensure I get real spark plugs?

If you do buy spark plugs online, make sure the seller has a good reputation. On places like Amazon, make sure the store is either direct from the brand, or has lots of solid reviews. Most any brick and mortal retail store will sell at least “good” spark plugs that aren’t actually fake.

What is the best metal for a spark plug?

The answer depends almost entirely on who you ask! There are a few types of metals used in spark plugs and we’ve mentioned many of the most common ones. 

Best Spark Plugs For A Toyota Sequoia 1 The 6 Best Spark Plugs For A Toyota Sequoia (Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3)


Iridium has only been around since the 1990s. Iridium is a great for spark plugs because it is very durable. The melting point is higher than platinum and it is more corrosion resistant in addition to being six times harder. These valuable properties make them a slightly lower risk, especially in a hot climate or where you intend to drive your Sequoia hard.


Platinum isn’t a bad choice for a spark plug. The metal can take high temperatures and lasts quite a while under stress in an engine. It also does a good job conducting and protecting copper internals. 


Fairly new to the spark plug market, Ruthenium has the advantage of being extremely hard and lasting longer than even the rather tough iridium or platinum. They also claim to offer a cleaner burn from your engine, giving slightly better performance and gas mileage.


Copper has been used in spark plugs forever. There really isn’t a major problem with using copper spark plugs – the only issue is that you’ll likely replace them more often and spend more time and money in the shop when a few dollars more per spark plug can upgrade you.

When should I change my spark plugs?

You can rely on a couple dates and schedules for changing spark plugs. First, look at the maintenance schedule for your Sequoia. You can use that info as a benchmark about when Toyota thinks your original spark plugs might be worn out. 

If and when you do replace the spark plugs (you should at least once or twice in the lifetime of your Sequoia) you can rely on how long those spark plugs are estimated to last.

The other “when” is when your Sequoia starts to run rough or get poor fuel mileage. You’ll notice this in a lack of acceleration or dropping miles per gallon.

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the best spark plug brands are Autolite, ACDelco, NGK, and Denso
  • Higher end metals, ranging from ruthenium to platinum or iridium can make plugs last longer
  • Spark plugs can make a difference in performance if worn out
  • Be sure to buy spark plugs from a reputable store if buying online – there are fakes out there
  • Replace spark plugs on the maintenance interval suggested by Toyota, or when your vehicle feels sluggish or makes unusual noises.

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